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Jacobs Strongest Motivation Evils of Slavery Essay

Jacobs Strongest Motivation Evils of Slavery Essay.

What we learned from the preface of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, is that Jacobs for one did not believe that she was capable of sharing her story from the standpoint of her literary abilities (“I wish I were more competent to the task I have undertaken”), and second that it was by no means an effort to gain publicity ( “I have not written my experiences in order to attract attention to myself”) for herself. So why would she choose to share her traumatic experience with the world?She’s on to SomethingThe first thing to consider in order to answer this question is the time that her story was brought into the world, which was 1861. This is roughly two years prior to the Emancipation Proclamation being signed into law by president Lincoln. Although the Emancipation Proclamation did not actually guarantee freedom for all of those enslaved, it was a major step in the right direction. But the important thing to consider here is that the talk of abolishing slavery was in the air around the time of Jacobs publication. With that being so i would say that joint the fight in support of this social problem was a main motivator for Jacobs.Girl PowerThen we have the matter of understanding not only slave suffrage but also women suffrage. As Stated in the Preface, “But I do earnestly desire to arouse the women of the North to a realizing sense of the condition of two millions of women at the South, still in bondage, suffering what i suffered, and most of them far worse.”, this tells us that Jacobs believed that if she was able to reach out to the hearts and minds of other women, then she would be able to help them understand the true suffrage that existed in this world. This can be seen as an attempt to make a connection between the commonality of women in hope of gaining support in the fighter against slavery. This can be especially powerful due to the graphic nature of events that we saw in just the first three chapters. Between rape and the taking/separation of children from mothers, this story should touch a part of any mother or woman for that matter. I suppose you could say a, woman to woman, kind of reach out.Joining the FightLastly we have the idea of Jacobs joining the fight since the fight had already begun. As we also see in the preface “I want to add my testimony to that of alber pens…”, this is Jacobs tell us that she understands not only her reasoning for writing about her experience, but she also want to support others who have already began to voice their options and stories. This tells us that Jacobs understood and respected others that have contributed to unveiling the dark side of America, and she wanted to stand with them. This was her way of contributing and supporting the cause at hand, and understood that if they were strong enough to tell their story, then so was she.ConclusionAlthough we can not necessarily understand Jacobs complete motivation behind sharing her story, we are able to gain some valuable insight on her possible ideals and reasonings behind her writing. She understood that her story was necessary to help her people and those still fighting for her freedom. Even in doubt of her own abilities she choose to stand up and share her horrific experiences not for her own attention but to bring attention to the problem as a whole for the possibility of change. The powerful messages that Jacobs was able to share through her writing is still being used today, and I am sure of she was here to see it she would be even more proud of herself and her people for being able to share this story.Discussion Questions….1. I listed three of the major motivators that I found for Jacobs telling her story; are there anymore that you have found?2. What would you say is Jacobs strongest motivation for sharing her story? What are some examples in the text?3. How’s important do you believe Jacobs contribution to the movement at the time was?
Jacobs Strongest Motivation Evils of Slavery Essay

CU Youth Empowerment Program Student Scholarship Project Letter of Interest Example.

I’m working on a business Discussion and need a sample draft to help me study.

Writing a Letter of Intent or a Letter of Interest (LOI) (Childrens Home Of Poughkeepsie- unaccompanied children)Most grants require a letter of intent (LOI), a letter of inquiry (LOI), or a letter of interest (LOI). This initial contact or cover page introduces you to the funder. It serves much like a cover page for a job application. You want it to be precise, but detailed enough to gain the reader’s interest.For your initial post to this discussion, write a one-page letter of interest that meets the following criteria:Use the format you would use for a formal letter.Address the letter to a specific funder.In the first paragraph: Introduce who you are as an organization, what grant you are applying for, and the amount of money you are requesting. Provide a short description of your project and how it is a good fit for the funding and the funder.In the second paragraph: Include a short history of your organization, the target population you serve, your geographic location, and some information or statistics about the successes of your programs.In the third paragraph: Identify objectives and outcomes for the program the grant will fund. Describe the primary activities that will be conducted. Explain how your organization or partners will support the initiative.Finally, include your program goal along with your contact information.End with a formal signature.Response GuidelinesRead the posts of your peers and respond to the initial posts of two other learners. In each response, suggest ways the learner could improve his or her letter and explain the reasoning behind your suggestions.Learning ComponentsThis activity will help you achieve the following learning components:Analyze grant applications that have successfully obtained grants.Identify criteria grant makers use to select candidates for a particular grant.
CU Youth Empowerment Program Student Scholarship Project Letter of Interest Example

I need a hypotheses, introduction, Significance of Proposed Study​, Purpose of the Proposed Study​, method section complete, complete powerpoint..

The purpose of this study is to explore the different barriers to green card naturalization that make immigrants in the United States Virgin Islands to keep their green cards as they are rather than naturalizing them to gain permanent American citizenship. The study will be conducted through the use of interviews and questionnaires, with its main goal being to increase the amount of knowledge on the existing as well as the emerging barriers to green card naturalization that Caribbean immigrants in the US Virgin Islands face on a daily basis whenever they attempt to acquire permanent American citizenship through naturalization. Research Topic: (Barriers to Naturalization for green-cardholders in the United States virgin islands who desire to naturalize)I will be focusing on persons who have their green cards for 5-10 year green-card holders and would not naturalize. find out what their barriers are. perhaps education, low income etc. (what are the reasons people do not naturalize, and what are most common barriers. Have you applied, do you want to naturalize, what is preventing you from naturalizing)I need a hypotheses, Significance of Proposed Study, Purpose of the Proposed Study, method section complete.the powerpoint attached needs to be completed as well. I am going to be investigating a population of green card holders from the US Virgin Islands. The participants will come from the Virgin Islands because most of the population in these regions consist of green card holders looking to achieve permanent US citizenship after the naturalization of their green cards (“United States Virgin Islands – Citizenship, Emigration, Immigration & Nationality,” 2018). The participant age range will be between 18-60 years. They will include different ethnicities, especially the immigrants, who don’t have English as their primary language, with a middle class economic status and a high school education level; and have moved to the US Virgin Islands from their home countries seeking permanent residence and US citizenship. Those immigrants who have English as their primary language and higher education levels will be left out because they might have lived in the US for more than five years, achieved enough education to climb the economic ladder and therefore avoid some of the major barriers to Green Cards naturalization.
I need a hypotheses, introduction, Significance of Proposed Study​, Purpose of the Proposed Study​, method section complete, complete powerpoint.

University of Utah Seismology Plane Wave Propagation Python Coding.

In the case of plane-wave propagation in the x direction within a uniform medium, the homogeneous momentum equation (3.9) for shear waves can be expressed as∂ 2 u ∂ t 2 = β 2 ∂ 2 u ∂ x 2 ,where u is the displacement. Write a computer program that uses finite differences to solve this equation for a bar 100 km in length, assuming β = 4 km/s. Use dx = 1 km for the length spacing and dt = 0.1 s for the time spacing. Assume a source-time function at u(50 km) of the formu 50 ( t ) = sin 2 ⁡ ( π t 5 ) , 0 < t < 5 s .Apply a stress-free boundary condition at u(0 km) and a fixed boundary condition at u(100 km). Approximate the second derivatives using the finite difference scheme:∂ 2 u ∂ x 2 = u i + 1 − 2 u i + u i − 1 d x 2 .Plot u(x) at 4 s intervals from 1 to 33 s. Verify that the pulses travel at velocities of 4 km/s. What happens to the reflected pulse at each endpoint? What happens when the pulses cross?Create an animation of your seismic pulse and show me how it and your code works in a short video submission created with Kaltura capture.Hint: Examples of part of the code to do this problem in MATLAB and Python are provided
University of Utah Seismology Plane Wave Propagation Python Coding

Quick Essay Global Media Industry _ Study Tour 350-400 words

Quick Essay Global Media Industry _ Study Tour 350-400 words. I need support with this Communications question so I can learn better.

This section requires you to reference outside research. You will need to research, evaluate, and synthesize key disciplinary literature, both academic and contextual, to make a case for the tour’s strategic benefit to students, drawing especially from lessons learned in this unit.
Your audience for this section is university administrators and other decision makers. They are smart readers but not subject area experts.
You must describe the media & entertainment industries that constitute your international study tour. Consider: What background information does the reader need to know about your proposed activity? For instance, the proposal for the Bollywood study tour needed to briefly explain some of the basic features of the Bombay film industry: its history, location, size, and other notable characteristics.
You also must demonstrate how the study tour aligns with key disciplinary debates and learning outcomes. Consider: How does your proposed activity illustrate or expand upon key concepts or critical issues from CYB106? How does it underscore some of the broader principles of this unit (e.g., critical thinking, global awareness, etc.) or larger teaching and learning strategies at the university (e.g., curiosity, resilience, etc.)? How does your proposed activity prepare students to become effective practitioners in a global industry?
Make it professional, authoritative, and convincing. Remember your audience.
How does your proposed activity prepare students to become effective practitioners in a global industry?
the activists :
Day 1- expo
Day 2-expo
Day 3 expo
Day 4- free day (las Vegas strip, night walk group activity)
Day 5- Mg studio
Day 6- free day (half) meet up for Bellagio Conservatory (team building), fountains, Stratosphere
Day 7- Nevada Film Office visit (talk with experts/ intern for a day)
Day 8- Grand Canyon/hoover dam
Day 9- Free day
Day 10- University of Nevada (art walkthrough/ meet industry partners/sit in on a lecture)
Day 11- Free day (half) last part of the day meet up for Cirque du Soleil
Day 12- Film Festival
Quick Essay Global Media Industry _ Study Tour 350-400 words

Evaluating Feedback – EDUCATION MAJOR, English homework help

help me with my homework Evaluating Feedback – EDUCATION MAJOR, English homework help.

Please watch the following video (its only 1.5 min long) on feedback and answer the four questions I have listed. Each questioned must be answered in 100-150 words EACH. (I know that questions 2 and 3 are the same question but this is how the instructor wrote the assignment. please provide two different responses here.) does the feedback describe the student’s work in light of the criteria for success on the learning target? Explain your thinking.2)Was the format of the feedback appropriate and effective in this situation? Explain your reasoning. 3)Was the format of the feedback appropriate and effective in this situation? Explain your reasoning. 4)Was the timing of the feedback effective in this situation? Explain your answer.
Evaluating Feedback – EDUCATION MAJOR, English homework help

Woodhaven High School Diabetic Chronic Disease Management Essay

Woodhaven High School Diabetic Chronic Disease Management Essay.

I’m working on a nursing question and need guidance to help me study.

Activity 2Chronic Disease ManagementChoose one of the following chronic diseases to address in this component: HypertensionChronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseDiabetes Mellitus type 2Childhood AsthmaComplete the following:Detail the population including who the members are, contributing causes, past medical history, family/genetic components.Evaluate the population including size, seriousness of disease, special needs, etc.Assess the need for formal case management.Argue the potential benefits to implementing a case management model including economics, quality of life/care, social disruption, etc.Analyze why nursing should be a part of this plan. What can they bring to the table?Identify other team members who should be included on a case management team. Why should they be on this team and what is their role?Reading and ResourcesChapter 2 pages 44-47 in Fundamentals of Case Management PracticeDe Regge, M., Pourcq, K. D., Meijboom, B., Trybou, J., Mortier, E., & Eeckloo, K. (2017). The role of hospitals in bridging the care continuum: A systematic review of coordination of care and follow-up for adults with chronic conditions. BMC Health Services Research, 17Davis, M. M., Devoe, M., Kansagara, D., Nicolaidis, C., & Englander, H. (2012). “Did I do as best as the system would let me?” healthcare professional views on hospital to home care transitions. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 27(12), 1649-56.Additional Instructions:All submissions should have a title page and reference page.Utilize a minimum of two scholarly resources.Adhere to grammar, spelling and punctuation criteria.Adhere to APA compliance guidelines.Adhere to the chosen Submission Option for Delivery of Activity guidelines.Submission Options:Choose One:Instructions:Paper4 to 6-page paper. Include title and reference pages.Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation8 to 10 slides. Add title and reference slides.Follow Rules of 7.Other media (Prezi, etc.) presentation8 to 10 slides with speaker notes. Add title and reference slides.Follow Rules of 7.Video Presentation5 to 8-minute video presentation.Attach reference page or include in video.Professional appearance and background.Video submissions must include a script in Word format, submitted through Turnitin for an Originality Report.TableTable with appropriate columns and headers.Include title and reference pages.Graphs or other illustrationsGraphs or illustrations with appropriate labels. Include title and reference pages.PosterPoster utilizing any applicable poster template. Include visual graphics/images/other formats for visual appeal. Include appropriate title and references on poster
Woodhaven High School Diabetic Chronic Disease Management Essay

Marketing Of Hilton Hotel Corporation

The concept of marketing is not limited in the recent years to just promoting the products or services of a company; instead it has developed into a full-fledged art or a science of creating a long lasting brand image in the competitive world. The simplest definition of marketing is to devise strategies while anticipating the needs of customers in order to keep and retain them. The marketing process include a series of activities related to promotion, making marketing strategies, broadcasting, online promotions, giving good customer service and many more. Marketing management can be termed as using the marketing resources of an organization in order to meet the objectives of the company. This report explores various concepts of marketing and discusses about the one year marketing plan of a company called as Hilton Hotels Corporation. The one year marketing plan discussed in this report includes various stages of marketing management including SWOT analysis, marketing objectives, different strategies, estimating the results of the plan and so on. This report is intended to be used for further academic research and to give an insight into the key concepts of marketing to the reader. Thus we shall now discuss about the marketing plan step by step. But before starting, we shall have a small discussion on the Hilton Hotels. Hilton Hotel Corporation is one of the leading hospitality chains of luxury hotels founded by Conrad Hilton. Currently the Hilton chain consists of more than 3,500 hotels spread across more than 80 countries of the world. In 2002, the revenues of the hotel increased from USD 3.8 billion to 8.3 billion with a growth rate of 16% which is higher than that of Marriott (7%) and Starwood (5%). More analysis on the hotel including Porters analysis, PEST analysis and SWOT analysis is discussed below. Macro Environment Political: The Hilton brand itself puts the company into a leading position in the hospitality industry. Over the years, Hilton has matured enough from its political support and has expanded its business to more than 80 countries across the world. The company has corporate policies that support different governments by using more and more environment friendly products in order to please its customers. Hilton pays a lot of import duties on various products and thus adds a small amount to the GDP of various governments. Economic: The acquisition of various chains of hotels made the company more strong economically in recent years. The company gives part of its business units or hotels as franchisees and thus adding more to its revenues. The Hilton London hotel is positioned in a very posh market of the city that covers both business as well as leisure. Thus markets like these makes Hilton’s economical position very strong as compared to its rivals. Social: The hotel provides hospitality to both business as well as leisure seeking guests. Thus the type of services provided in the Hilton hotels depends on the particular needs of the customers. Hilton contributes lot of revenues to the Hilton Community Foundation that serves the community in need and thus adding more value to its social responsibility. Technology: All the Hilton Hotels are equipped with the latest technological instruments and facilities. The main intention of using updated technological devices is to enhance the lifestyle of its guests. As far as information technology is concerned, the whole system is monitored by a dedicated team and thus all the data related to customer information is used to know more about its customers. Porters forces Analysis Threat of new entry There are already big players existing in the hospitality industry like Marriot and Choice International and thus the competition is intense. In these circumstances, the new entrant has to face lot of difficulties in surviving in the highly competitive global market. But if the new entrant is powerful enough to make an impression then it can cause some problems to the existing players as their market share can be decreased. This is a world of technology and the new entrant can bring different technologies in order to impress customers. Thus there is indeed a threat of the new entry. Power of Buyers The customer as a buyer of the products or user of the services has lot of power as any company cannot make money unless its products are sold or services being used. There are millions of guests that use the services of Hilton Hotel and thus if something ever goes wrong, then the customer can easily switch into a different Hotel. Thus consumer taste and preferences is the biggest power the customer community has got. Power of Suppliers Hilton hotels have lot of suppliers all over the world including the ones that provide hospitality products along with the travel agents and the cab service companies. All these suppliers are really powerful in terms of the rates given to a particular company. The rivalry between the hospitality companies pose a big threat of increase in the rates of supplied materials and services. Thus indeed the power of suppliers is a very key issue for the company and can hinder the performance if something goes wrong. Competitive Rivalry Rivalry refers to the idea of struggle between hospitality companies in order to increase the market share. Hilton did various mergers and acquisitions in order to gain competitive advantage. Most of the companies give loyalty rewards and membership privileges in order to retain customers and also to have an edge over their rivals. Hilton provides exceptional services to business guests and also to other class of travellers and thus this makes Hilton highly competitive. Threat of Substitutes The products and services of different industries which can satisfy the needs of customers in a similar manner is the biggest threat of the substitute products. For example, Hilton charges its customers for the cab services they use for sight-seeing and travelling and thus this can be affected if the traveller chooses local public transport for travelling. Thus there are many substitute products out there in the market that can affect the performance of the hotels. SWOT Analysis Strength: The biggest strength of Hilton Hotels is the location of their hotels. Every hotel is carefully opened in the location easily accessible via public transport and near famous tourist places that ensures constant flow of guests. The quality of services provided is also a big strength of the company through which it has created a successful brand image. Moreover the company have a huge investment budget reserved for marketing its products and thus this can help in reaching more customers. Weaknesses: The biggest weakness of Hilton is the interior designing of the hotel and which needs to be improved. Apart from it, huge amount of debts can give a lot of financial problems to the company. Finally, apart from hospitality, there are other partner businesses that the company needs to concentrate otherwise it can hinder the overall performance of the company. Opportunities: The hotel has a big opportunity to offer a wide range of executive services to its customers so that it helps in their retention. They can also have personal interaction with the customers and can know about their likes and dislikes. The hotel is trying to buy a cruise line so that it can attract the guest preferring to travel by sea. Finally there is a huge scope for the company in the gaming industry. Threats: The biggest threat for the company is over expansion and mixing gaming with hospitality. Moreover the 9/11 attacks gave a massive blow to the hospitality industry and thus a similar event can lead into a loss for the company. Finally, there is intense competition in the industry due to which Hilton has to revise its old strategies and make long term strategies that are sustainable. Corporate and Marketing Objectives “To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality” is the main motto of the Hilton Hotel. The key marketing objective of the hotel chain is to build a sustainable market leadership worldwide with the thriving hospitality industry and strong future forecasts. With the mission to become the supreme hospitality corporation and the first preference of its guests, the company has achieved a strong presence in the international hospitality community. It has become successful in consistently delivering high quality services to its customers and thus it thrives hard to achieve its corporate and marketing objectives. Marketing Strategies and Analysis Segmentation: Market segmentation is a process of dividing a large segment of market or an industry into smaller segments having the same needs or having similar characteristics. Figure 1 shows the market share in USA stating a strong position held by Hilton Hotels. The product range of the hotels include different facilities and amenities, online services, rewards and benefits and the products that come under the global Hilton brand. The price of one night per person depends on the location of the hotel. For example, the Hilton hotel in London would be more expensive as compared to the hotel in South Africa. As far as promotion is concerned, Hilton spends considerable amount of money on online promotions and advertisements and also supports annual social events. Figure 1: US Hotels Market share Targeting: Target marketing is a process of dividing a huge market in smaller segments and concentrating into a particular segment. In this process, all the marketing efforts and resources are applied into that particular segment of the market. For example, the hospitality industry witnesses different types of travellers including business, leisure, and family holidays and so on. Hilton targets all types of customers and makes sure that all the needs of these different customers are fulfilled. For example, for business travellers Hilton provides conference facilities, meeting rooms, teleconferencing and so on. Thus as per targeting, Hilton develops different products and facilities as per the needs of the target market. Positioning: Market positioning can be termed as a process in which the company creates an impression in the minds of its customers. As discussed earlier, the two programs initiated by the hotel got positive feedback from the customers and also a lot of appreciation. Hilton knows what its customer’s demands are and thus the hotel management makes strategies to fulfil those demands. Market positioning also involves regularly monitoring the products and services and their performance in the market. For this, Hilton regularly monitors the feedbacks from its customers and thus if a change is suggested by a customer, it is readily being made. Ansoff Matrix Figure 2: Ansoff Matrix Igor Ansoff presented the Ansoff Matrix (Figure 2) that concentrated on the company’s current situation and its products and markets. The matrix considers different ways to grow via the existing products and market and the new products and market. Thus based on these combinations, Hilton Hotels seems to penetrate the different markets by giving wide range of products and services in an affordable price. The products include the rewards and benefits and also the facilities provided in all the hotels. After penetration, the company started to develop new facilities and also improved its performance in the market. Having increased popularity and being a choice of millions of customers, Hilton has a big opportunity to further penetrate into the existing market and reach newer markets and also develop their products for the new and existing markets. Thus being a clear market leader in terms of hospitality, Hilton has major acquisitions under its brand. These include Homewood Suites, Promus Hotel Corporation and many more. In 2007, the company became one of the biggest hospitality companies in the world with around 3,500 hotels across 80 countries. But as far as competitors are concerned, Starwood, Marriot, Sheraton and Wyndhan are giving tough competition. The main marketing strategy of the company is to differentiate itself among its competitors in terms of giving exceptional customer service. Apart from it, building an effective rand image and increasing the communication with the customers is also a part of its marketing strategies. Finally, Hilton launched two important marketing programs in order to attract more and more customers and keep existing customers. These programs are guest loyalty program and the Hilton membership privileges. These programs were designed to give rewards to loyal customers for using the hotel services again and again. The important features of these programs include discounts and rewards, earning points and miles at same time, VIP treatment and many more. Thus these are the main marketing strategies of Hilton Hotels. We shall now discuss about the hospitality market in more detail for the marketing plan. Marketing Mix Place: The key channels of marketing are direct, advertisements and the internet. Customer preference also depends on the location of the hotels. Any customer would prefer locations near to public transport or near to the local tourist places. The hotel management believes that the key to the success of a hotel is its location Product: The Company gives exceptional services and facilities to its guests. Apart from it, they also give various rewards and benefits to the members of the hotels. All these services are carefully implemented in order to attract and retain customers. The product range includes honeymoon packages, bars, conference facilities and many more room amenities that are provided. Price: Hilton Hotels acts as cost differentiator in the hospitality industry. The hotel has very competitive prices compared to its competitors and also gives attractive facilities. The rates of room include all the applicable taxes and are per night and also vary according to location. For example in London, the price of room of Hilton hotel at canary Warf starts from £99 per night whereas in Wembley, the price starts from £46 per night. Promotion: Hilton hotels spends considerable amount of money on promotions and online marketing. Public relations are very important for the company and hence, it offers lot of sponsorships to various community programs to reach more customers. Finally the facility of web check-in helps the customers to save their time and also updates them with latest offers and promotions. Thus after the marketing analysis of Hilton Hotels, we shall now have a look at the one year estimated budget for marketing. This budget will help the company to have an insight on the marketing expenses for one year and also will assist to monitor its performance. Marketing Budget Estimated Marketing Budget in £ Advertising in Television £1.2 million for 12 months Radio Promotions, Marketing Companies, sponsorships £3 million for 12 months Website Maintenance £50,000 for 12 months Other Promotions £160,000 Community programs £240,000 Field Marketing £0 Business Guests seminars £100,000 Marketing staff Training £50,000 Other Miscellaneous Expenses £200,000 Total Marketing Expenses £5.05 million Evaluation, Assumptions and Plans Thus after the discussion of the marketing plan, we shall now evaluate the plan and make further assumptions. The two marketing programs initiated by the hotel were very successful and also received positive feedback. But likewise, all other hospitality companies have started to follow the similar programs and practices and thus Hilton needs to device another innovative and sustainable plan to attract the customers. Further assumptions can be made that there can be new entrants and the current competitors can decrease their process in order to gain competitive advantage. Moreover further assumptions can be made regarding the VAT increase and its effects on the customer response. Finally, Hilton needs to have a backup plan so that if the designed plan fails then it doesn’t have to waste time and resources to start from the scratch. One backup plan can be designed by investing into new venture like the gaming industry so that both the industries can be merged and used collectively to attract different customers. Conclusion Thus as we have discussed the marketing plan for Hilton hotel, one can clearly say that Hilton indeed has lot of potential to become the leading hospitality company in the world. Marketing is the biggest medium to reach customers and convey the brand value to them and thus if used in a proper way, it can help in achieving milestones. Finally, I would like to state that this art of marketing can help Hilton hotels in all possible means and also to increase its market share. Thus with these discussions and theories, I conclude the marketing plan for Hilton Hotels Corporation.

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