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This was because Webster had discredited the South in the eyes of the western patriots and artsy because the plants of South Carolina and Georgia, feared the competition of the fertile cotton lands in the West, opposed rapid exploitation of the West. When the tariff of 1832 was passed, the South began the talk of nullification.

Jackson realized that if States can nullify laws Of Congress, the Union would not exist. So he gave a warning to the South Carolina representative, but the representative did not take it seriously.The convention passed ordinance of nullification prohibiting the collection of tariff duties in states. Then the state legislature authorized the raising of an army an approved money to supply weapons. In response, Jackson began military preparations. He also tried to resolve this peacefully by trying to lower the tariff even more. On December 10, Jackson told the people of South Carolina that disunion by armed forces would be an act of treason and if they do that, he would resort to use force.

South Carolina finally backed down when the new tariff and the force bill was approved.Jackson did the right thing by trying to resolve the nullification, but he took it too far. He made threats that weren’t necessary, he even threatened his Vice President, Calhoun. Even the followers of Jackson thought we was acting too rash. Those threats weren’t needed since South Carolina ended up backing down once they got something they wanted. The actions of Jackson during the bank wars were unbelievable. Jackson is one of the ignorant enemies of this institution.

He did not understand the banking system and he still took actions against it.He believed the bank that the bank was trying to kill him, so he decided to kill it. Determined to destroy the Second Bank of the united States, he vetoed the renewal of the charter. Him destroying the bank was not beneficial for our country. Jackson insisted that banks were unconstitutional and a dangerous monopoly that is only beneficial for the rich man. The banking system was working for 20 years. Jackson was barely educated, so of course he wouldn’t understand the system.

He had people that worked for him who understood that system, but those people were elitist, he wanted to get rid of it no matter what.His dislike or the elite class was so strong, that it led to the destruction of the bank. Jackson reason for removing the Indians was for the expansion Of our country he believed that they were in the way of white settlement. He thought they were savages, since they were incapable of self-government. Even though Jackson paid for the prices of their lands and their resettlement, it is still horrible to remove them from their land. The Cherokee inhabited the land that was suitable for growing cotton. Jackson wanted that land, but the Indians didn’t want to move.

So they adapted our ways just to stay on our and.The Indians even established their own state, but Georgia didn’t want that. Indians were being murdered and this was brought to the supreme court. John Marshall said that these acts were unconstitutional. However, Jackson supported Georgians position, independent nations can’t exist in the United States. Eventually they were forced to leave their land. These are some of the thing Jackson did during his presidency.

We believe most of his actions were wrong, however, we do have to commend him for certain actions. They only thing we applaud him for is his response to the nullification crisis.