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He won numerous awards for participating in many athletic activities excelling in all of them and winning other medals and honors. In his years at PC he witnessed racism from the police and school authorities. He would often oppose those authorities and Was known to be combative in the face of racism. After graduating PC he transferred to university of California in Los Angels (UCLA) where Jackie met his future wife Rachel Sum and once again shined as an athlete. In 1 941 he left UCLA a year short of graduation in order to work as an athletic erector with the government’s National Youth Administration.

Once the government ceased ANY operations, Robinson moved to Hawaii in the fall of 1941 to play football for the semi-professional, racially integrated Honolulu Bears. After a short season, Robinson returned to California in December 1941 to pursue a career playing football in the Pacific Coast Football League. However, following the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor, Robinson was drafted in to the military as a second lieutenant in 1942. But in 1944 racism struck again when Robinson boarded an army bus.Although this was not a segregated bus, the bus driver ordered him to move to the back seats. Robinson refused and the driver backed down. At the end of ride the bus driver called the military police who took Robinson into custody.

The military court found him guilty of several charges, including public drunkenness, even though Robinson was known to stay away from alcohol and would never drink. In a second court hearing all the charges were dismissed. He spent his last months in the military as a coach for army athletics until he received an Norway discharge.While serving as a coach in the army, Robinson met a baseball player from the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro Baseball League who encouraged Jackie to try out for the team. Jackie did and in early 1945 the Monarchs sent him an offer to play professional baseball for $400 a month (equivalent to $5,000 in 2012). Robinson was frustrated by the Negro League’s disorientation, embrace of gambling and tough travel schedule. He had a strong desire to play in the ML, the top professional league in the LISA.

However, at the time, no black layer had ever been allowed to play there since its creation in the sass’s. Robinson was finally given a chance in 1 947 by the Mil’s Brooklyn Dodgers and their general manager Branch Rickety. Rickety had an interest to add the first black player in the MEAL to his team. He scouted many black players in the Negro League and wanted to make sure that this player would not just be talented but would be able to withstand racism and abuse from the fans, other teams and even from his own teammates.In a famous three hour meeting on August 1 945, Rickety asked Robinson if he loud face the racial hostility without fighting back -? a concern he had because of Robinsons prior arguments with law officials in PC and the military. Robinson then replied: “Are you looking for a negro afraid to fight back? ” Rickety famously answered: “Robinson, I’m looking for a ballplayer with guts enough not to fight back. ” Rickety knew that Robinson would not only represent himself but his whole race.

Baseball itself is just a game but in the mind of the American people it is the American pastime and something that presents America.Robinson had to be accepted over time in order for African Americans to integrate in America. Robinson did what he was asked to do; he answered the insults and violence with silence. Jackie Robinson will always be considered a hero because Of his actions. He fought racism the best way he could and won. Jackie paved the way for other African American athletes and even non-athletes to integrate in America. During his career every Major League ball club signed African Americans to its team.

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