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Jackie Robinson, remembered in story as a civil rights activist and the first African-American man in the Ignited States to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball, showed his character and black and whites equality. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 31, 191 9 in Cairo, Georgia to a family of sharecroppers. The youngest of five children, Robinson was raised in poverty by a single mother. His father, Jerry Robinson, left the family six months after Jackie was born with another woman. After his father left, his mother, Millie Robinson decided to move the family out to California.

Jackie as only six months old at the time. Before they arrived in California, his mother had made arrangements to find other living conditions because her brother’s house would have became overcrowded. They were the only black family on their block and the discrimination they endured only strengthened their bond. Jackie had three older brothers named Edgar, Frank, and Mack Robinson. His older brother Mack, also an outstanding track runner, finished second to Jesse Owens in the 100;meter race in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Jackie only had one older sister named is Will Mae Robinson.While Jackass’s other worked, his sister Will Mae would take care of him.

Jackie went to school with Will Mae, but too young for enrollment in the school so his mother asked the teacher to allow Will Mae to leave him in the sandbox in the yard while classes continued. While a senior in college, Jackie would end up meeting his future wife, Rachel Sum, a freshman nursing student who became familiar with Robinsons athletic career, at UCLA in 1 941. Robinson would marry Rachel Sum in 1946. They had sons and one daughter together. Jack Jar. , born in 1946, struggled with drug addiction after theVietnam War. On June 17, 1971 , at the age of 24, he died in a car accident.

Sharon Robinson came about in 1 950, became a director of educational programming for ML, and the author of two books about her father. His youngest son David Robinson came about in 1 952, who has ten children, and grew coffee and a social activist in Tanzania. Jackie attended Washington Junior High School in 1935. He would achieve a four-letterman status attach Technical High School. He would graduate from John Technical High School in 1937. Jackie enrolled in Pasadena Junior College from 1938-1939.He would lead the Pasadena basketball team to the Junior College Championship in 1938 and also named Most Valuable Junior College Player in Southern California in 1938.

Robinson held the National Junior College broad jump record for track in 1939. Jackie transferred to the University of California, Los Angels (UCLA) from 1939-1940. He won the NCAA broad jump title with a jump of 25 feet and 6. 5 inches. He also became Class first four letterman. When asked by the university board to stay, and even offered financial support, he only went to college for two years because he had used up all his athletic eligibility.After college, Jackie signed up to play baseball for the Honolulu Bears, a minor league team.

After the season, Jackie made plans to go back to California and visit his mother and his bride-to-be. The ship that he occupied on left the dock at Pearl Harbor on December 5, 1941, two days before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. After he arrived in California, he heard that the Army had begun to draft so he went to go sign up. When he got the call to join the Army, they sent him to Fort Riley, Kansas for Basic Training. Later, he applied to Officers Candidate School along with omen other black candidates.

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