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ITN 101 MCCEMCC Computer Networking Web Browsers & Server Problems Research Paper

ITN 101 MCCEMCC Computer Networking Web Browsers & Server Problems Research Paper.

Write a research paper (750-1250 words in the body, plus a cover sheet, citations, and appendicies) describing how data gets from web browser to webserver and back, what can go wrong, and how to troubleshoot it. Be sure to incorporate information from assignments and discussions from both Topics 3 and 4. Charts and diagrams are highly encouraged, but must be in the appendix area. Include client/server, routing, and other appropriate information.Cite your research, as well as the tools you used to perform actions related to the research. The tools need only be listed by name, the manufacturer and website where they were obtainedPrepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. Note: This paper will require a cover page, no extract, body, citations and appendicies.This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
ITN 101 MCCEMCC Computer Networking Web Browsers & Server Problems Research Paper

Purchasing management. I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

this is a report assignment of 3000 words for a negotation video that was done earlier by two parties.
Buyers and sellers. we are representing the buyers party : representing Morrison.
the report aims to discuss the video mainly, and to figure out what went wrong, or what could have been added to enhance the negotiation of a product.

please read the following documents carefully where it explains all the criteria for the report..
plus i have added the video criteria for you to understand the background of the video.
(PM-Buyers-Transcript) contains the negotiation transcript + Video URL in the end.

please contact me if you got any questions.
Purchasing management

Table of Contents Introduction Background Impacts of the Restriction Solutions and Recommendations Works Cited Introduction Relationships amongst countries are governed by rules that ensure there is a fair, healthy, and legal interaction business environment. Political and social-economic factors also affect how countries interact and conduct their businesses. All nations are supposed to respect laws that govern their interactions to ensure international relations are promoted. However, those that do not respect the rules set by international bodies like the United Nations, European Union, and African Union are usually subjected to harsh penalties to ensure they conform to the required standards or stop participating in international trade. This paper examines the trade sanctions imposed on North Korea by the USA in January 2013. Background Sanctions are political trade restrictions imposed by countries on nations that engage in practices that threaten international peace, development, and security. It is important to explain that nations must not violate international treaties or the sovereignty of other countries. The United States imposed trade sanctions on the Republic of Korea in January 2013 after the PRK decided to launch a rocket carrying a satellite into orbit (Klingner par. 3). The United Nations condemned this act because it believed that it violated international treaties that required nations to refrain from activities that were perceived to threaten global peace. The economic restrictions imposed on the People’s Republic of Korea ensured some individuals, companies, and government agencies were blacklisted by the United States and the United Nations. This means that North Korea was not free to do its business activities with other countries because of the trade restrictions imposed. Impacts of the Restriction International trade ensures there is a healthy interaction between different countries. However, the economic restriction imposed on North Korea meant that it was not free to interact with other nations. The international trade agreements stipulate that a country that has been earned restrictions cannot freely import or export goods and services from and to other countries respectively (Klingner par. 7). Its interactions with other nations are minimized. However, North Korea and other countries located in the Hermit Kingdom can transact their businesses because the United Nations has no power over this group. Therefore, trade activities between North Korea and these countries will take place, but not with other nations that are governed by international trade organization agreements. Secondly, the role of a trade restriction is to ensure the victim realizes his mistakes and corrects them. Therefore, North Korea was wrong in launching its rocket into orbit yet it knew that this was against the laws of the United Nations. However, this country is not yet ready to be steered by international treaties it believes are subjective and give impartial treatment to countries. The argument presented by North Korea was that America had launched unmanned aircraft into space and nobody questioned this move (Richelson 13). There was no reason for the United States and the United Nations to ask it to stop launching its rocket. The sanction proved that North Korea was not ready to cede its ground and let America or the United Nations dictate what it should do. Therefore, the sanction did not achieve its objective because North Korea did not apologize or backtrack. Thirdly, the economic sanction was placed by the United States, but this had an enormous impact on the relationship with North Korea and its European friends. Most western nations achieve their missions because they work together to advance their course. They unite and form a strong force that helps them to achieve their objectives, unlike Asian, Arab and African countries. It is necessary to explain that the United Kingdom, France, the United States, and other western countries backtracked and minimized their association with North Korea after the economic restriction was imposed on it. This means that North Korea had minimal contacts with the rest of the world and this affected its social, economic, and political development. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Trading with North Korea is a nightmare for other countries due to the economic restrictions imposed on it by the United Nations and America. The United States facilitates trading activities with other countries through the loans offered by the Export-Import Bank of the United States to traders. It ensures their businesses in foreign countries as a way of supporting them. However, the economic sanctions imposed on North Korea do not allow the United States to promote any business activity in this country (Palmer par. 4). This means that there are no loans offered to traders wishing to export or import goods and services to and from North Korea respectively. North Korea is henceforth considered to be a Marxist-Leninist state and thus the Export-Import Bank cannot support any trader wishing to do his business with this country (Palmer par. 3). In addition, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation cannot offer loans for industrial investments to build a plant in North Korea because it is considered to be a hermit region. Moreover, trade restrictions are aimed at ensuring there is an imbalance between the imports and exports of a country. North Korea has faced several trade restrictions from the United States and the United Nations, but it seems this country is not ready to stop investing in nuclear operations (Richelson 32). The United Nations wants to ensure that North Korea has limited capital to finance its recurrent expenditure so that it can stop investing in nuclear weapons. It is necessary to explain that the last economic restriction imposed on North Korea by the United States means that it could import as much as it could but its exports were minimized. For instance, the value of North Korea’s imports from America in 2012 was less than $12 million, while it traded with South Korea for more than $39 billion worth of goods (Palmer par. 5). In addition, there was no trade between America and North Korea in some months and this means that the economy of this country was stagnating. However, the success of the trade sanctions imposed on North Korea by the United States seems to have no major impacts as far as other countries are concerned. The United Nations has vague resolutions that do not define the extent of economic and social interactions between North Korea and other countries (Palmer par. 6). Therefore, some countries continue exporting and importing luxury goods from and to North Korea and this gives it the impetus to continue ignoring the orders issued by the United Nations and America. U. N. member states do not file reports about their trade with North Korea and this makes the sanctions irrelevant. North Korea uses shell companies to circumvent the economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations and this makes the restrictions irrelevant because this country continues to participate in international trade just like other nations. Solutions and Recommendations The United Nations should ensure it imposes tougher economic restrictions on North Korea to ensure it stops its nuclear activities. In addition, the United Nations member states should speak with one voice and ensure they follow the restrictions imposed on this country to show it the importance of international peace. Thirdly, the United States should not work alone in fighting the production of nuclear weapons; instead, it should seek the assistance of other countries to ensure this issue is given adequate attention. Lastly, there is a need for the United Nations to ensure it applies equal treatment to all countries and stop giving America unnecessary attention and special preferences. We will write a custom Essay on US Trade Sanctions for North Korea in 2013 specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Klingner, Bruce. Time to Get North Korean Sanctions Right. 2013. Web. Palmer, Brian. Is There Anything Left To Sanction in North Korea? A Guide to Doing Business Legally With the Hermit Kingdom. 2013. Web. Richelson, Jeffrey. Spying on the Bomb: American Nuclear Intelligence from Nazi Germany to Iran and North Korea. New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 2007. Print.
Read the follwoing article create a powerpoint presentation on global health/public health systems.

There are six building blocks in the health system, focus more on the health workforce (human resource). our presentation will be graded using the following rubric:



Presentation summarizes the week’s readings, highlights key concepts associated with the readings, and define key terms associated with the concepts.


Presentation provides at least one relevant current event (news item, research report) related to topic/content covered in the readings.


Presentation connects the topic/content to life experience e.g., current or future job.


Presentation has approximately 20 slides.


Presentation poses two open-ended questions that will guide class discussion for the week.

Read the follwoing article create a powerpoint presentation on global health/public health systems

UNO Globalization of Healthcare Supply Chains Case Study

UNO Globalization of Healthcare Supply Chains Case Study.

(((((You are not going to do the whole assignment just the two topics I included.))))))The specific topics I need you to do for this assignment is the following:- Explain why supply chain redundancy would be more effective than reshoring for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, protective gear, and medical equipment in the future.(Take a look into the Rubric Table for more instructions Page3 in the pdf file)-Discuss how healthcare organizations could use supplier diversity and sustainability to manage new healthcare product innovations in the future.(Take a look into the Rubric Table for more instructions Page3)I will attach the guidelines file of the assignment and the book of the course.(((((You are not going to do the whole assignment just the two topics I chosen above.))))))I need you to include at least 4 different sources(The book counts).
UNO Globalization of Healthcare Supply Chains Case Study

Mental Disorders

essay writing help Mental Disorders. I need an explanation for this Psychology question to help me study.

Find a recent, full-text article in which the author or authors used biological research to study a particular disorder or behavior. Select an article that addresses a disorder or behavior you likely will encounter in your particular area of specialization. The study should utilize one or more of the research techniques of behavioral genetics (such as twin studies, adoption studies, targeted mutations, or psychophysiological techniques not related to genetics).
Summarize the article and outline the problem and the hypotheses of the study. Which research techniques did the study use?
Analyze and explain how these techniques were helpful in answering the research questions.
Cite and reference your article using APA formatting.

Please use the book and 3 additional resources

Carlson, N. R. (2014). Foundations of behavioral neuroscience (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.
Mental Disorders

Walmart Efficient Operator Or Neglectful Employer Management Essay

This case study is to discuss the issues that affect Wal-Mart and its Associates and whether the Wal-Mart Corporation is an efficient operator or a neglectful employer of their employees. Based on the facts presented in this case study, Wal-mart is more about economic issues A.K.A money vice their employees and is a neglectful employer. Wal-Mart and Its Associates: Efficient Operator or Neglectful Employer When a consumer thinks of low prices, they usually think of the Wal-Mart Corporation. Sam Walton, a entrepreneur and founder of Wal-Mart, envisioned a society where people could do their shopping for the low prices and while ensuring that a variety of products were US made. His effort and innovation have made the discount retail store into the leading retail chain store in the world. Wal-Mart is one of the biggest companies in the U.S. with approximately 9000 retail stores under 55 different names in 15 countries. Facts show that Wal-Mart employs more personnel except the Federal government in the United States, while a majority of its employees have children and live in poverty. (Store Wars: When Wal-mart comes to Town, 2001). While Wal-Mart portrays itself as a seller of only U.S. manufactured goods but the company stocks the shelves with products manufactured in foreign countries. They have forced numerous home-grown stores and companies out of business due to their low prices on products whether US or foreign made. A significant amount of controversy for Wal-Mart has arisen due to various unethical business practices used by the company. Here are some unethical business practices I would like to discuss. Wal-Mart is considered a non-union organization which is defined as a company that does not need third party intervention for wages and insurance. Wal-Mart encourages open door policy which allows employees to take their complaints beyond management. , This open door policy has done little to help the employees but has given Wal-Mart the power to terminate unwanted non-compliant help. Since Wal-Mart is a non-union organization, the employees will start out at lower wages and end up quitting since these wage are not high enough to meet the standards of living. In comparison, unionized corporation’s start their employees out at medium to high wage which in return the employee remains with the company longer. Under the National Labor Relations Act, an employer is not allowed to discourage an employee from forming a union, a right in which they have. A complaint was filed with the National Labor Relations Board under the National Labor Relations Act against Wal-Mart in 2005 by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. This complaint states that federal labor laws were violated by Wal-Mart when employees were bribed into reporting co-workers who favored a union. (Barbaro

FU Main Quantitative Research Variables & Research Questions Discussion

FU Main Quantitative Research Variables & Research Questions Discussion.

Discussion Forum 1 ‐ Main Thread (250-300 words) Respond to the following short answer questions: D1.1 Variables. What kind of independent variable (active or attribute) is necessary to infer cause? Can one always infer cause from this type of independent variable? If so, why? If not, when can one infer cause and when might causal inferences be more questionable? D1.2 Research Questions I. Compare and contrast associational, difference, and descriptive types of research questions. D1.3 Research Questions II. Using one or more of the following HSB variables; religion, mosaic pattern test, or visualization score: Write an association questionWrite a difference questionWrite a descriptive question D1.4 Data Coding I. Are there any other rules about data coding of questionnaires that you think should be added to what you have studied? Are there any rules that you think should be modified? If so, which ones, how should they be modified, and why? D1.5 Data Coding II. If you identified other problems with the completed questionnaires in Chapter 2 problem 2.1, what were they? How did you decide to handle the problems and why? D1.6 Data Coding III. Why is it important to check your raw (questionnaire) data before and after entering them into the data editor? What are ways to check the data before entering them? What are ways to check the data after entering them? Discussion Forum 2 ‐ Main Thread (250-300 words) Respond to the following short answer questions: D2.1 Working with Variables. a) Compare and contrast nominal, dichotomous, ordinal, and normal variables. B) In social science research, why isn’t it important to distinguish between interval and ratio data? D2.2 z scores and the population. a) How do z scores relate to the normal curve? b) How would you interpret a z score of ‐3.0? c) What percentage of scores is between a z of ‐2 and a z of +2? Why is this important? D2.3 Interpreting Output 4.1b. a) For which variables identified as scale is the skewness statistic more than 1.00 or less than ‐1.00? b) Why is this answer important? C) Does this agree with the boxplot in Output 4.2? Explain your answer. D2.4 Interpreting Output 4.4. a) Can you interpret the means? Explain your answer. b) How many participants are there all together? c) How many have complete data (nothing missing)? d) What percentage are male? e) What percentage took algebra? Discussion Forum 3 ‐ Main Thread (250-300 words) Respond to the following short answer questions: D3.1 Recoding Variables. Why did you recode ‘father’s education’ and ‘mother’s education’? When would you not want to recode normal/scale level variables into two or three categories? D3.2 Computing Variables. Why did you compute parent’s education? D3.3 Evaluating Data. In Output 5.5, do the ‘pleasure scale’ scores differ markedly from the normal distribution? How do you know? Is ‘math courses taken’ normally distributed? D3.4 Interpreting Statistics. When p < 0.05 what does this signify? D3.5 Choosing Statistics I. What information about variables, levels, and design should you keep in mind in order to choose an appropriate statistic? D3.6 Choosing Statistics II. What statistic would you use if you wanted to see if there was a difference between three ethnic groups on math achievement? Explain why. D3.7 Choosing Statistics III. What statistic would you use if you had one independent variable ‘geographic location’ (North, South, East, West), and one dependent variable ‘satisfaction with living environment’ (Yes, No)? Explain why. Discussion Forum 4 ‐ Main Thread(250-300 words) Respond to the following short answer questions: D4.1 Interpreting Reliability. Interpret the interrater reliability and paired t test results for the ‘visualization test’ and visualization’ scores using Output 7.2. What might be another reason for the pattern of findings obtained besides those already discussed in Chapter 7? D4.2 Interpreting Validity. If one were to delete one of the 14 items in Output 7.3 based on factor analysis which one would it be? Explain your answer. D4.3 Interpreting Internal Consistency. Interpret the Chronbach alphas in Output 7.4 a, b, and c. What is the internal consistency reliability? Explain your answer. Discussion Forum 5 ‐ Main Thread(250-300 words) Respond to the following short answer questions: D5.1 Interpreting Chi‐Square. In Output 8.1 is the (Pearson) chi‐square statistically significant? Explain your answer and what it means. Are the expected values in at least 80% of the cells greater than or equal to 5? Explain how you know and why it is important. D5.2 Measure Strength of the Relationship. Because ‘father’s education revised’ and ‘mother’s education revised’ are at least ordinal data, which of the statistics used in Problem 8.3 is the most appropriate to measure the strength of the relationship; phi, Cramer’s V, or Kendall’s tau‐b? Explain your choice. Why are the Kendall’s tau‐b and Cramer’s V different? Discussion Forum 6 ‐ Main Thread(250-300 words) Respond to the following short answer questions: D5.1 Interpreting Correlations. In Output 9.2, what do the correlation coefficients tell us? What is the r^2 for the Pearson correlation and what does it mean? Compare the Pearson and Spearman correlations on both correlation size and significance level and explain your comparison. Explain when you should use which type of correlation in this case. D5.2 Interpreting Regressions. Using Output 9.4, find the regression coefficient (weight) and the standardized regression (Beta) coefficient. How do these compare to the correlation between the same variables in Output 9.3? What does the regression coefficient (weight) tell you? Using the variables in Problem 9.4, develop a research question in which the Pearson correlation would be more appropriate than the bivariate regression. Using the variables in Problem 9.4, develop a research question in which the bivariate regression would be more appropriate than the Pearson correlation. Discussion Forum 7 ‐ Main Thread (250-300 words) Respond to the following short answer questions: D7.1 Interpreting Independent Samples t Test. In Output 10.2, are the variances equal or significantly different for the three dependent variables? Explain your answer. Write the appropriate t, df, and p (significance level) for each t test as you would in a dissertation. Which t tests are statistically significant? Explain your answer. Write sentences interpreting the gender difference between the means of ‘grades in high school’ and ‘visualization’. Interpret the 95% confidence interval for these two variables. Discuss the effect sizes as you would in a dissertation. D7.2 Interpreting Paired Samples t Test. In Output 10.4, what does the paired samples correlation for ‘mother’s education’ and ‘father’s education’ mean? Interpret and explain the results of the t test. Explain how the correlation and the t test differ in what information they provide. Describe the results if the r was 0.90 and the t was 0.00. Describe the results if the r was 0.00 and the t test was 5.0. Discussion Forum 8 ‐ Main Thread (200-250 words) Respond to the following short answer questions: D8.1 Interpreting One‐Way ANOVA. For Output 11.1, write the F, df, and p values for each dependent variable as you would in a dissertation. In Outputs 11.2a and 11.2b, what pairs of means were significantly different. Explain your answer. D8.1 Interpreting One‐Way ANOVA with Post Hoc test. Compare Outputs 11.1 and 11.3 with regard to ‘math achievement’. What are the most important differences and similarities? Explain your answer. Integrating Faith and Learning ‐ Main Thread (650-700 words) Integrating Faith and Learning. Reflect on the entire course content and think about the level of knowledge and skill required to effectively conduct meaningful and accurate quantitative analysis. Reflect on the Keller book “Every Good Endeavor” and think about God’s plan for how we should handle challenging work, the problems we can face at work, and better ways to honor God with our work. Develop and post a 600-word discussion: IntroductionDiscuss the work required to conduct meaningful and accurate quantitative analysis in dissertation.Discuss God’s perspective on that work to include how we should manage it and potential problems we might face.Discusses better ways to honor God as we accomplish this work.Conclusion BOOKS SPSS GradPack (Standard) 25 6 Months LATEST Author: ISBN-13: ISBN-10 Edition/Copyright: LATEST Publisher: Kivuto Solutions, Inc. (cc) Returns: Non-returnable once opened IBM SPSS for Introductory Statistics 5TH 13 EBBOK ISBN-13: 9781848729827 Authors:George A MorganNancy L LeechGene W GloecknerKaren C Barrett
FU Main Quantitative Research Variables & Research Questions Discussion

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