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But before I answer the questions and must let my reader know what groupware systems is; Groupware systems are computer-based systems that support two or more users engaged in a common task, and that provide an interface to a shared environment. These systems frequently require fine-granularity sharing of data and fast response times. Groupware can be divided into three categories; electronic communication tools, electronic conferencing tools and collaborative management tools. Groupware in general in strongly related to the research domain of Computer Support Cooperative Work.

For companies to implement and use groupware systems effectively, the three most important things a company can implement is; the type of system and availability of system to users, data sharing and communications, and security. 1. First management must implement a groupware system that is tailor specify to that organization. Select a system that each employees can access, can share documents, information, ideas and directly interact with each others in a synchronous fashion. It is important to implement a system that is available to a wide audience, which meant making information is available to a range of jobs functions within the company.

Select other types of features the systems users will required, such as email, share calendars, public folders and basic internet access. Implement a systems that limits access to some individual and giving more access to system administrators and directors. This is important because this limits the access to restricted folder and individual mail box and grant permission to individual a with the appropriate level clearances. 2. In order to achieve an effective cooperation, data sharing and communication between various groups and efficient groupware systems must be in place.

For this to materialize and various groupware software or applications as to be developed and implement. Groupware systems and software applications support new ways of work by providing tools to solve tasks and manage collaborations between different locations and personals on the same task. They can share the document, information and idea and work efficiently. Groupware facilitates a much faster and clearer communication between various group where in would not otherwise be possible if system was not implemented.

This benefits everyone; also users can share the same information, allowing multiple perspectives, expertise and assistances with solving organization issues. This is important because it allows employees to assists or collaborates on information, ideas, and numerous facets of work and allows them to be more effective solving issues, and increase productivity. And, managers can use groupware to increase revenue, reduce meeting times and boost customers satisfaction and minimize operational cost. Implementing security systems is vital to effectively managing information. Information, Communication and Technology security can be defined by strategic role in business performance, its potential in enhancing the protection of information assets while enabling proper access to them, and the resource components that must be engaged to ensure its effectiveness”. When using groupware systems, some information needs to be shared. But not all information need to be share to all users; some information needs to remain private and that critical information need to be secure against attempts to obtain them.

To solve this issue management must implement a security system that secures privacy and information. I believe that it’s important to implement a security systems that as multi levels. What is a multi-level security system? “It’s the application of a computer system to process information with different sensitivities, (i. e, at different security levels), permit simultaneous access by users with different and needs-to-know, and prevent users from obtaining access to information for which they lack authorization”.

Also, Anti-Virus software that can check email before users downloads read and sends to other users. According to Wikipedia. com, “anti-virus software is used to prevent, detect, and remove computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses. It may also prevent and remove adware, spyware and other forms of malware”. Why is Antivirus important? Antivirus remove virus, and provide complete virus protection for the e-mail databases, document databases and discussion session that reside in groupware systems.

Because viruses can spread rapidly groupware systems, Antivirus software are very important to groupware system operating effectively. In conclusion when planning to implement groupware successfully, the three most important things a company can implement is; the type of system and availability of systems to users, data sharing and communications, and security. Typically a groupware will not succeed unless most or all users is willing to use it and adopt the system as their own.

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