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ITEC 6040 Walden University Week 4 Completing Process Successfully Discussion

ITEC 6040 Walden University Week 4 Completing Process Successfully Discussion.

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When designing a system, it is critical that the system is analyzed from the user’s perspective. There are numerous pieces of information that will be required to ensure that the new system will meet the organization’s needs. To prepare:Review this week’s resources. Available here:… Search the Internet for information on creating use cases. Write a discussion in APA 7 formatExplain the best practices in creating system use cases.Provide an example of a use case, and:Explain the parts of a use case.Describe the important information that should be included in a use case. Does your use case include all the information?Justify the information included in your example.
ITEC 6040 Walden University Week 4 Completing Process Successfully Discussion

python code.

Project 3 Draft: ATMIntroductionYour task for this project is to create a very simple ATM. The project is broken into three sections:Collect customer inputCalculate the ending balanceDisplay the results to the customerYour final output should look like this:Beginning Balance: 500.50Deposit Amount: 200Withdrawal Amount: 100Collect Customer InputIf the action is Balance ‘B’, use a print balance function to return and print an account balance. You will need to write a function called printbalance.The opening balance has been assigned to a variable called account_balance equal to $500.25. Notice the use of the ‘float’ method in order to ensure that ‘account_balance’ is a float value.Request the action to be taken on the account.a. Create a prompt for the user to input the account action. There are three possible actions:CodeActionFunctionDDepositdeposit_amountWWithdrawalwithdrawal_amountBAccount Balanceaccount_balanceWrite a print balance function that returns the account balance.Create the action for selection ‘B’, Account Balance, to call the print balance function then print the account balance once the value is returned from the function.Test your code.Create a function to print the account_balance, print the account actions and create the action for outputting the account balance outputting.Input InformationThe following data will be used as input in the test:<code>userchoice = input (<span class=”hljs-string”>”What would you like to do?”</span>)
userchoice = <span class=”hljs-string”>’B'</span>
</code>Output Information<code>Your current balance:
<span class=”hljs-number”>500.25</span></code>Calculate the Balance – DepositIf the action is Deposit ‘D’, use a deposit function to add funds to the accountWrite a function called `deposit`.Request from the user the amount to be deposited. This value should be stored in a variable called `deposit_amount`. Use both the `input` and `float` methods in order to ensure the `deposit_amount` is a float value.Calculate a new account balance.The calculation for depositing funds into the account is `account_balance = account_balance + deposit_amount`.Print the new account balance.Deposit Input<code>userchoice = input (<span class=”hljs-string”>”What would you like to do?n”</span>)
userchoice = <span class=”hljs-string”>’B'</span>
deposit_amount = <span class=”hljs-number”>200</span>
</code>Deposit Output<code>What would you like to do?
How much would you like to deposit today?
Deposit was $200, current balance is $700.25

</code>Calculate the Balance – WithdrawalIf the action is Withdrawal ‘W’, use the withdrawal function to remove funds from the accountYou will need to define a function called withdrawal.Request from the user the amount to be withdrawn. This value should be stored in a variable called withdrawal_amount. Use both the input and float methods in order to ensure the withdrawal_amount is a float valueEnsure the withdrawal_amount is not greater than the account_balance.If the withdrawal_amount is greater than the `account_balance`, print the following message:withdrawal_amount is greater than your account balance of account_balanceEnsure you display the withdrawal amount and the account balance with the ‘$’ and two decimal points.If the withdrawal amount is less than or equal to the account_balance then calculate a new account balance.The calculation for withdrawing funds from the account is account_balance = account_balance – withdrawal_amountPrint print the following message:Withdrawal amount was withdrawal_amount, current balance is account_balanceHint – The formatter for a float value in Python is %f. With the formatter %.2f, you format the float to have 2 decimal places. For example:print(“Account balance: $%.2f” % account_balance)Withdrawal InformationWithdraw Input<code>userchoice = input (<span class=”hljs-string”>”What would you like to do?n”</span>)
userchoice = <span class=”hljs-string”>’W'</span>
withdrawal_amount = <span class=”hljs-number”>100</span>
</code>Withdraw Output<code>What would you like to do?
How much would you like to withdraw today?
Withdrawal amount was $100, current balance is $600.25

</code>ATM SummaryYour final function in the ATM Script is the Print the Customer summary as follows:Final Input<code>userchoice = input (<span class=”hljs-string”>”What would you like to do?n”</span>)
userchoice = <span class=”hljs-string”>’Q'</span>
</code>Final Output<code>What would you like to do?
Thank you for banking with us.


Two paragraphs on the below prompt:II. Reflection – Applying Your Experience
Making mistakes when you learn to write code is common. It is part of learning. What is important is developing the skill of learning how to understand
your errors and then fix them (debugging). For this part of your final project, you will respond to the following:
A. Reflecting on your experience with this activity, explain the importance of knowing how and when to use and modify custom functions, inputs
(parameters) within functions, and functions to return the correct output. Support your response with examples from the activity of the types of
errors and your method for fixing them.
python code

HSN 376 LAVC The Role of Informatics in Patient Care Outcomes Discussion

HSN 376 LAVC The Role of Informatics in Patient Care Outcomes Discussion.

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Respond to the following in a minimum of 200 words: Informatics combines many technological and personal components. Please reflect, based on your readings this week, how your impression of informatics has changed over time. Do you remember when you were you first introduced to the concept of informatics? Did you believe informatics was here to stay? Why or why not? Provide examples from your own clinical practice, current events, or professional journals. Define the role of information technology in improving patient care outcomes and creating a safe care environment.
HSN 376 LAVC The Role of Informatics in Patient Care Outcomes Discussion

Theme of Survival in The Painted Bird, The Death of Dolgushov, and Slumdog Millionaire Compare and Contrast Essay

assignment helper According to Hal Lindsey: “Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope”. The reading of Jerzy Kosinski’s novel The Painted Bird (which tells the ‘survivalist’ story, on the part of a Jewish boy, stuck in Eastern Europe during the course of WW2), of Isaac Babel’s story The Death of Dolgushov (which provides readers with a better understanding of what accounted for the realities of Civil War in Russia), and the watching of 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire (which portrays two Indian boys trying to survive in the hostile poverty-stricken environment) do confirm the soundness of Linsey’s idea. At the same time, however, there are good reasons to think that readers/viewers’ exposure to the earlier mentioned novel, the short story and the movie, helps them realize that people’s strive to survive, despite the impossible odds, does result in altering the very workings of their psyche. This partially explains why; whereas, in the novel and the movie characters seem to be endowed with a strong desire to survive, the character of Dolgushev in Babel’s story is being presented as someone who had lost its will to live. Apparently, the very nature of Dolgushev’s injury did in fact deprive him of his sense of existential optimism. People, who get to be exposed to the suffering of others for a long time, eventually come to realize a simple fact that, despite the claims of monotheistic religions, there is no ‘all-loving deity’ up in the sky. The reason for this is simple – it is not only that the God does not seem to care about executing his ‘divine duty’ of providing protection to the abused individuals, but he also appears to be always siding with the abusers. Therefore, there is nothing odd about the fact that, throughout the entirety of The Painted Bird, the narrator never skips a chance of exposing readers to what appears to be his strongly defined hatred of God, as someone indistinguishable from Devil: “Above me, God Himself stretched, suspended in space, timing the horrendous spectacle with His perpetual clock” (58). If God does not help a particular individual trying to survive, than it does not make any sense for such an individual to be continually invoking his name, as it would result in lessening his or her chances to survive in the hostile environment even further. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The realization of God’s absence also appears to define the existential mode of growing up Jamal and Salim in the Slumdog Millionaire. Apparently, as both characters were dealing with the realities of a Third World’s living, they were becoming increasingly aware of a simple fact that the best way to go about protecting themselves from abuses, on the part of immoral adults, is to act towards these adults in even less moral manner. There is a memorable scene in the movie when Salim pulls out his gun, robs Maman of his money and shoots him: “Salim: Maman never forgets, isn’t it right? Maman: I can make an exception… Salim: Sorry (shoots)” (00.58.17). In his particular scene, Salim acted in full accordance with the foremost law of nature, which implies that it is absolutely natural for the living organisms to go about expanding their environmental niches at the expense of eliminating competitors. In The Death of Dolgushov, the theme of atheism defines story’s semiotics, as well. After all, according to Christianity’s convention, one’s life represents a ‘sanctified value’. Nevertheless, during the time of war, the value of people’s lives drops considerably. After all, unlike what it is being the case with natural resources, ‘human resources’ are fully renewable: “Why all the proposals and marriages, and having fun at the weddings?” In its turn, this explains the ease with which wounded Dolgushev asks to for a mercy-shot: “You’ll have to waste a cartridge on me” and the ease with which platoon commander shoots him: “Afonka hid the papers in his boot and shot Dolgushov in the mouth”. Nevertheless, it would be inappropriate to discuss Dolgushev’s weakened desire to survive in regards to merely ideological considerations, on his part. He simply knew that the injury he had sustained was not compatible with life – pure and simple. In this respect, Dolgushev differs rather considerably from the survivalists in Kosinski’s novel and in Babel’s short story. Another common psychological feature about the people, who deal with the impossible odds, while trying to survive physically, is their reduced sensitivity to pain. Apparently, while striving to survive, the mind ‘turns off’ a number of pain-receptors on survivalist’s body. This is the reason why, on many occasions, Kosinski novel’s narrator seems to have grown mentally adjusted to dealing with an acute physical pain: “The muscles of my arms became conditioned by the hanging and I could endure it for hours without much effort” (133). The same applies to the character of Jamal in the Slumdog Millionaire. After all, despite the fact that in the film’s initial scene, police officers subject him to torturing, Jamal never ceases to act in a particularly stoic manner – hence, causing his tormenters to wonder about why Jamal’s exposure to the artificially induced sensation of an extreme physical pain did not cause him to come up with the ‘confession’: “Police Inspector: You’ve been here a whole bloody night, what have you been doing? Head Constable: He (Jamal) is a tough guy” (00.04.10). This once again points out to the fact that ‘suffering’ is an essentially relativist notion. We will write a custom Essay on Theme of Survival in The Painted Bird, The Death of Dolgushov, and Slumdog Millionaire specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The earlier suggestion also pertains within the context of analyzing the scene in The Death of Dolgushov, in which Babel provides readers with the graphic details of Dolgushov’s injury: “He (Dolgushov) sat leaning against a tree… Without lowering his eyes from my gaze, he carefully pulled back his shirt. His stomach had been ripped open, his intestines were hanging on his knees, and you could see the beating of his heart”. Even though that, given the nature of Dolgushov’s injury, he should have been unable to talk, due to experiencing an unbearable pain, he nevertheless addresses Red Army’s soldiers in a strikingly calm manner. Nevertheless, unlike what it is being the case with novel and movie’s characters, Dolgushev’s lessened sensitivity to physical pain did not increase his chances to survive. It appears that the actual reason why Dolgushev’s mind had switched off pain-receptors on his body was to ease up the process of dying, on his part. Given the fact that the majority of today’s Westerners never get to experience any real hardships in their lives, it does not come as a particular surprise that they often tend to adopt a morally-judgmental stance, when it comes to reflecting upon what they consider people’s ‘socially inappropriate’ behavior. Yet, just as it is being the case with the value of human life, the value of a number of ethical conventions appears highly circumstantial. The reading of Babel’s novel substantiates the full validity of an earlier suggestion. The reason for this is apparent – in The Painted Bird, author does not refer to the notion of evil as something ‘intrinsic’ but rather as something ‘instrumental’: “I also began to understand the extraordinary suc­cess of the Germans… They pre­ferred attacking other tribes and taking crops from them… That is why they were endowed with all their splendid abilities and talents” (153). Apparently, as time went on, it was becoming increasingly clear to novel’s narrator that ‘evil’ is being as much of an integral part of people’s lives as ‘good’ is – a rather ethically unconventional idea. In its turn, this helped the narrator to adequately assess the surrounding reality – hence, increasing his chances for survival. Essentially the same idea defines the philosophical sounding of the Slumdog Millionaire movie. After all, in this particular movie, the director had made a point in exposing the acts of stealing, on the part of main characters, as being rather morally ambivalent. In the scene where American tourists end up having their car ruined by the underage members of a street-gang, Jamal comes up with the statement: “You wanted to see the piece of real India? There it is!” (00.46.23) – hence, implying that there were no objective reasons for the perceptionally arrogant Westerners to think of emanations of India’s ‘cultural richness’ as something necessarily positive, in the first place. This, of course, helped the American tourists to snap out of their arrogance and consequently – to expand their intellectual horizons. Not sure if you can write a paper on Theme of Survival in The Painted Bird, The Death of Dolgushov, and Slumdog Millionaire by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The theme of moral unconventionalness is being prominent in The Death of Dolgushev, as well. In the scene, following the mercy-killing of Dolgushev, platoon commander Afonka reflects upon the narrator’s unwillingness to finish off his wounded comrade in the following manner: “You guys in glasses have as much pity for our boys as a cat does for a mouse”. Nevertheless, there is a substantial difference between how the motif of moral unconventionalness extrapolates itself in the novel/movie, on the one hand, and in Babel’s story, on the other. Whereas, by distancing themselves from the virtues of conventional morality, the character of ‘gypsy boy’ in Kosinski’s novel and the characters of Jamal and Salim from the film, were gaining an additional strength to survive, Dolgushev’s clearly defined moral unconventionalness resulted in speeding up his ultimate demise. Apparently, one’s desire to survive weakens considerably when he or she gets to realize that the price for its temporal survival would be his or her deprivation of much of its ‘original’ humanity (in case with Dolgushev – due to physical incapacitation). Despite the fact that the earlier mentioned novel, the short story and the film deal with spatially unrelated subject matters, they nevertheless do provide readers/viewers with the in-depth insight into the very essence of ‘survival’, as a mind-affecting process. This conclusion is being fully consistent with paper’s initial thesis. Bibliography Babel, Isaac. “The Death of Dolgushov.” Filesonic. 2010. Web. Jerzy Kosinski. The Painted Bird. New York: Grove Press, 1976. Print. Slumdog Millionaire. Dir. Danny Boyle. Perfs. Dev Patel, Madhur Mittal, Irrfan. Khan. Celador Films/Film4 Productions, 2008.

MVC Unemployment Completion of Education & Employment Opportunities Essay

MVC Unemployment Completion of Education & Employment Opportunities Essay.

paper should be in MLA format, including the headers, page numbers, and
in-text citations and Works Cited page. It needs to have at least four
sources. You
should pick a topic that has a direct impact on your life. Think of an
issue that you are deeply interested in and that affects your daily
living. The best research papers are about something that interests you.
Do not forget that this is a persuasive paper, your primary purpose is
to convince your readers that your proposed solution to the problem is
the best one for the given situation. Avoid
the words “you” and “your” and if you use the word “I” make sure that
it is in connection with a personal example. Avoid phrases like “I
think,” “I feel,” or “I believe.” The following parts need to be addressed in the essay: 1. The identification of a problem 2. A proposal for action that will help alleviate the problem 3. A justification of your solution In order to receive full points your writing must demonstrate the following: Explanation of issues:
Issue/problem to be considered critically is stated clearly and
described comprehensively, delivering all relevant information necessary
for full understandingEvidence:
Information is taken from source(s) with enough
interpretation/evaluation to develop a comprehensive analysis or
synthesis. Viewpoints of experts are questioned thoroughly.Influence of context and assumptions: Thoroughly analyzes own and others’ assumptions and carefully evaluates the relevance of contexts when presenting a position.Your position:
Specific position is imaginative, taking into account the complexities
of an issue. Limits of position are acknowledged. Others’ points of view
are synthesized within position.Conclusions and related outcomes:
Conclusions and related outcomes are logical and reflect your informed
evaluation and ability to place evidence and perspectives discussed in
priority order. As well, your paper needs to illustrate the following:

Understanding Ethical Choices – Students thoroughly discuss at least two sides of an ethical choice to be made;Decision-Making – Student
states a position on the issue with more detailed explanation and/or
reasons for the position and addresses objections to their positionConsequences –
Student identifies consequences and demonstrates a sophisticated
understanding of the scope, complexity and/or magnitude of the
MVC Unemployment Completion of Education & Employment Opportunities Essay

VIT University Non Verbal Communication Discussion

VIT University Non Verbal Communication Discussion.

Question 1 : Students are to observe two or more adults unknown to the observer. The student must not be able to hear the subjects being observed and those being observed must not be wearing a uniform of any kind as this would provide information about their occupation to the observer. Students must describe the environment and the people being observed, i.e., age, gender, dress, etc. Discuss the nonverbal communication, i.e. eye contact, body position and any other nonverbal behavior. Provide your interpretation of the relationship between those being observed. Be very discrete and do not have a conversation with those being observed.All references in APA Format. Need 300-350 words.Question 2 : Need 150 words with how non-verbal communication impacts in organizations with all references in APA format.
VIT University Non Verbal Communication Discussion