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ITC 4010 Columbia Southern University 4 System Analysis and Design Questions

ITC 4010 Columbia Southern University 4 System Analysis and Design Questions.

System Analysis and Design Unit Assessment: Identify three modeling tools, and explain their significance to systems analysis. The response should be at least 200 words in length.Describe joint application development in your own words. In your answer, include key terms, advantages, and disadvantages. The response should be at least 200 words in length.Describe agile methods in your own words. In your answer, include key terms, advantages, and disadvantages. The response should be at least 200 words in length.Describe rapid application development in your own words. In your answer, include key terms, advantages, and disadvantages. The response should be at least 200 words in length.
ITC 4010 Columbia Southern University 4 System Analysis and Design Questions

Michigan State University Nursing Family Assessment Discussion.

The purpose of writing a Family Assessment Paper is to gather one’s thoughts, ideas and insights from our various readings and discussions in order to analyze one family. The media may have given us the idea that a family consists of two parents (of opposite sexes), a stay-at-home Mom (Dad is the breadwinner) and two or three children (seldom adopted). Meeting with the families each of you chose to visit may have provided a view very different from the “idealized” family of radio and television. Change has been part of the evolution of families from the first coming together of individuals in a shared group setting. The Family Assessment Paper will provide an opportunity to examine one family in light of the many aspects of family systems the textbook has brought to light. The paper also considers the energy exchange between the numerous environmental forces that come to bear on families. Placing the family in its community is thought provoking, as well. You are required to choose a family (not your own) and meet with them for three sessions/visits during the semester in order to complete a thorough family nursing assessment. In Appendix A of your textbook is the Family Systems Stressor-Strength Inventory which should be used to complete your assessment. Chapters 1, 3, 4 and 14 (pp.453-471), along with Appendix A & B in your textbook will assist you with your paper, assessment and evaluation. Please refer to your Family Assessment Grading Rubric
Make sure to address the following content in your assessment and paper:Description of family as a whole and members List the members of the family using initials and agesComplete a genogram of at least three generations starting with parent/child dyad*Complete an eco-map with energy going in both directionsIdentify the subsystems of this family system by roles, interconnection and dimension including generation, sex, interests/abilities and function using Family Systems TheoryEvaluate the boundaries of this family system on a continuum ranging from open (1) to closed (10) including a score and rationale using Family Systems TheoryIdentify the family members according to their formal/assigned roles and their informal/ascribed roles. Define the culture and evaluate cultural influence. Reference content on culture.Consider if family roles are congruent with social norms of the community such as where they live or in the United States as a whole. Evaluate cultural influence.Identify family’s life cycle stage and development task. Describe how this family is carrying out their developmental stage task. Describe changes in family that are required to proceed developmentally. Include theory used. Identify strengths and stressors based upon results of all family members who completed the inventory (See textbook p.596). Describe impact of stressors. Identify one Family diagnosis & related interventions*The genogram can be completed using Microsoft Word tools or on-line at No handwritten drawings are accepted. If you use the Genopro software program, you must save in an adobe or PDF file. If I can’t open it, I will not be able to grade it.*Requirements: Word count to be a minimum of 1000 wordsUse APA (sixth edition) style of writingo Site at least 2 sources (one regarding content on culture)
Michigan State University Nursing Family Assessment Discussion

MSC 521 ECPI University Fortune 500 Company Innovative Success Apple Inc Case Study.

Over the next five weeks, you will develop a comprehensive method for describing the current enterprise security architecture of a company and then create a detailed, strategic security architecture for the future of the company. The architecture should cover the eleven (11) functional areas listed in Chapter 3 (fig. 3.1) and Appendix C of your textbook, as well as aligning with the organization’s core goals and strategic vision. You are also strongly encouraged to use NIST, ISO27001, and any other cybersecurity frameworks or scholarly sources to develop your comprehensive enterprise cybersecurity architecture.InstructionsSelect a Fortune 500 Company or a company with which you are familiar (e.g. your current employer or a fictitious company) that you will use for your Course Project.Write a 4-5 page summary about your chosen company. Include the following in your summary:A description of the company and its industryYour reasons for choosing this companyAt a high level, briefly describe the assets of the company that must be protected (think this in terms of equipment, people, facility, data), why the company needs to protect those assets, and from your perspective, who should be involved in protecting those assets. The paper must be written in APA format with proper APA in-text citations and references; including proper spelling, grammar, and mechanicsInclude your submission in a Microsoft Word document named Lastname_U1_Project.doc. Submit your file using the upload instructions below.
MSC 521 ECPI University Fortune 500 Company Innovative Success Apple Inc Case Study

CIS 590.

Project Deliverable 2: Business RequirementsDue Week 4 and worth 120 pointsThis assignment consists of two (2) sections: a business requirements document and a project plan. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment it is written for. Additionally, you may create and / or assume all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.Documenting the existing IT network and system is an important first step, but you, the CIO, know that capturing the needed changes can be critical to your success as an executive. You know that procuring and documenting quality business requirements is an important step toward the design of quality information systems. Completion of a quality requirements document allows user needs and expectations to be captured, so that infrastructure and information systems can be designed properly. Using the requirements document provided in the course shell as a part of the requirements gathering process, you are to assess the needs of the company as it prepares to become a multinational organization. You must consider current and future trends and requirements; however, assumptions should be realistic and carefully considered. The needs of the organization should be documented. Later deliverables will focus on specifics of all requirements.  Section 1: Business Requirements DocumentWrite a four to six (4-6) page original business requirements document for the project plan using the template provided here. Note: The template can also be found in the Student Center of the online course shell. Describe the project needs, including the following: Describe the scope and analyze how to control the scope.Speculate and give justifications for how to control scope.Identify possible risks, constraints, and assumptions.Describe the needed integration with other systems and infrastructure. Note: Database and Data Warehousing, Cloud Technology and Virtualization, and Network Infrastructure and Security.Assess the human capital that may be needed to complete the project, ensuring that necessary skill sets are identified.Speculate on possible outsourcing or offshoring needs that may be required to accomplish project.Define relevant terms that will be used throughout the project.Include cost projections for staffing, infrastructure, and other resources.Use at least two (2) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.Section 2: Revised Project PlanUse Microsoft Project to:Update the project plan (summary and detail) template, from Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception, with three to five (3-5) new project tasks, each consisting of five to ten (5-10) subtasks.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Describe the integrative functions and activities within the information systems area, including the role of the CIO and technologies managed within the organization. Evaluate how information technology (IT) is aligned with the strategy of the organization, and how to make appropriate choices about architecture in relationship to overall organization goals. Use technology and information resources to research issues in information systems.Write clearly and concisely about leadership issues and strategic insight of the Information systems domain using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions. 
CIS 590

SU Value and Functions of Polite Speech Among the Native Americans Essay

SU Value and Functions of Polite Speech Among the Native Americans Essay.

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In a well-written essay, develop your position on the value or function of polite speech in a culture or community with which you are familiar. Use appropriate evidence from your reading, experience, or observations to support your argument.
SU Value and Functions of Polite Speech Among the Native Americans Essay

Budget Hotels In Malaysia

custom essay Budget Hotels In Malaysia. Abstract: The contribution of tourism sector to the economic development is pretty significant in Malaysia. And budget hotels play important role in tourism industry. Budget hotel is defined as a small hotel that is financed by one individual or a small group of individuals, and it is mangers are the same time its owner. Generally the characteristics of those budget hotels are that the managers do not operate through a formalized management structure. At present budget hotels are relatively few in Malaysia. This study tries to find the reason why there are so few budget hotels in Malaysia. We find that the shortage of budget hotels in Malaysia is due to the reason that positive externalities of budget hotels have not been effectively internalized. Externalities of budget hotels means that the development of budget hotels will attract more tourists and those tourists will bring more value to other sectors. When a positive externality exists in a market, the private marginal benefit curve is less than the society’s marginal benefit curve. With positive externalities, the production and consumption are less than the optimal production to the society. Because the positive externalities of budget hotels have not been effectively internalized, the stimulation for budget hotel owners to supply more budget hotel services is not high enough. Through secondary research, we find that the hotel industry has important influence on the whole tourism industry and the externalities of hotel industry also have significant impacts on the tourism industry. This results means that there is possibility that the budget hotel or other hotels cooperates with firms from other industries and produce more value for customers and for themselves. Furthermore we discuss the needs and wants of budget hotel customers based on Maslow’s theory of human needs, which he named the Hierarchy of Needs. We classify the needs of budget hotel customers into three levels. The first level is safety, the second level is necessary facilities and the third level is the pursuit of happiness. Then we discuss how budget hotels should perform according to the three levels of needs. At last we discuss how a budget hotel is able to control its service quality so as to attract customers and establish customer loyalty. We argue that one characteristic of hotel industry is that the monitoring cost is very high and many behaviors of the servants cannot be easily observed. It indicates that stimulation may be much more important than penalty. Under such a situation, the sense of responsibility is of great importance in the hospitality industry. We argue that the sense of responsibility may arise from good communication between employees. Keywords: Budget Hotel; Externality; Tourism Industry; Cooperation Contents 2 1. Introduction 3 2. Objectives of this paper: 5 3. Literature Review 6 3.1 Price Theory 6 3.2 Determinants of tourism demand 8 3.3 Externalities of hospitality industry 9 4. Theoretical Framework 10 4.1 Classical Price Theory and Hotel Price 10 4.2 Externalities of Hotel Price and Cooperation between Industries 11 5. Research Methodology 13 1. Introduction Tourism is important for the economic development of many countries including Malaysia. The contribution of this sector to the economic development of Malaysia was 37% of GDP in 1970, and increased to 43% in 1980, 47% in 1990 and 53% in 2007 (Abdullah et al. 2011). In addition, the growth rate of this sector has been pretty rapid. The average annual growth rate was 9% during the 1970s, close to 7% in the 1980’s, and 8.5% during the most recently. Figure 1.1 shows this trend with concrete data of arrivals and receipts of tourism industry in Malaysia. The significant importance and the rapid growth rate of tourism industry imply a much greater contribution of tourism to the economic growth of Malaysia. It is expected that the contribution of the services sector to GDP will increase up to 60% by 2020. The Malaysian government has recognized the importance of tourism industry and has placed the development of tourism industry at a very important place. At present, tourism has been designated as a priority sector in the Ninth Malaysia Plan. Figure 1.1 the Arrivals and Receipts of Malaysian Tourism The Malaysia government tries to promote the development of this industry. But how could we improve the development of tourism industry? The first attention may be focused on the development of hotels or hospitality industry. The reason is that accommodation fee takes a very important weight in the expenditure of tourists, which implies that the development of hotels will pose great influence of tourism industry. The second consideration is that hospitality industry is related with many other industries. Hospitality industry is a huge industry, including not only hotels but also transportation, restaurants and so on. Without any hesitation, the hospitality industry is related to every aspects of people’s daily life. The correlation between hotels and other tourism sectors indicates that the whole tourism may benefit more if the hospitality industry could cooperate well with other related sectors. Therefore we hold the opinion that to promote the development of hotels and to make innovation in strategies of hospitality industry is fairly important to promoting the development of tourism in Malaysia. In this study, we focus on issues related to budget hotels, because budget hotels play important role in tourism industry and the budget hotel industry has not developed very well in Malaysia [1] . According to the existing research, small and mediate enterprises, including budget hotels, are very important in tourism industry and all the business industries. For example, Abdullah (2011) find that firms with less than fifteen employees account for around 79% of all Irish tourism businesses, which is a characteristic of the tourism sector in many other countries recently. Sheldon (1993) find that over 90% of tourist accommodation establishments are represented by small firms in the world. And a similar dominance is reflected within Malaysia where owner operators account for the majority of all hotels. Morrison (1996) argues that the tourism industry has been dominated by the small business traditionally and this is still the fact in 1990s. There are several reasons leading to the popularity of small hotels. The first reason is the low benchmark of entering into the budget hotel sector. It is not difficult to start up a small hotel business and the professional requirements related to this sector are relatively low in with regard to other industries (LernerBudget Hotels In Malaysia

University of Colorado Boulder The Restaurant Context and Perspectives Case Study

University of Colorado Boulder The Restaurant Context and Perspectives Case Study.

InstructionsOur lesson today focused on communication, particularly dealing with improving our listening skills and reframing. For your post, you are going to take those insights and apply them to conflict scenario: The Restaurant – Context and Perspectives.Discussion PromptPlease select one character (Nate, David, or Maria) to focus on. I want you to imagine that you are the manger and you’ve sat down with one of these characters to hear their side of the story. For your post you should:Identify a difficult or problematic statement made by the character;Please be sure to explain why you think this is a difficult or problematic statement.Next, I want you to identify how the character might be feeling in this moment (it’s ok to speculate) and what the major concern is carried in their message;Finally, I want you to practice reframing;If you were to respond directly to what has been said by the character, how might you reframe it?First, you want to acknowledge how they are feeling and the major concern.Second, what follow up question would you ask to get more information?
University of Colorado Boulder The Restaurant Context and Perspectives Case Study

Logistics management

Logistics management. I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

Critical Thinking
The purpose of this assignment is to identify and apply Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools to suggest logistics performance priorities. To this purpose, you should review about these companies through secondary available information. Think about how you can apply the concepts/tools that you learned in this course.
Suggest logistics performance priorities for any ONE of the following, explaining why you have come to your conclusions:
Logistics management

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