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IT System Development Failure

IT System Development Failure. I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.

This is a very brief assignment where you are to identify an IT system development failure that happened within the last 2 years. Analyze which project management concepts were not respected by the project managers and where in the SDLC these lapses occurred. Describe how you might have spoken up had you been on the steering committee. Your response should be a minimum of 250 words and include 2 references. There is no cover page needed as this is simply a discussion question.
IT System Development Failure

Santa Monica College Examining Art Across Cultures and Time Periods Essay.

We have been examining art across cultures and time periods. Pick 3 different and distinct examples of art from the entire course to demonstrate that art is a product of its context and show how each culture/time period utilized specific conventions of representation and a method of delivering them. This is a broad question and will require you to narrow your ideas into a specific thesis. 3-5 pagesartwork examples should be chosen from:ancient near east ancient egypt Ancient Greece Etruscan and Roman art late antiquity and Byzantium early medieval and romanesque art or gothic art and architecture pdf for book:
Santa Monica College Examining Art Across Cultures and Time Periods Essay

Expatriate Remuneration Literature Review Management Essay

The selection of managers to serve overseas has been an area of intense interest for practitioners as well as academicians in their efforts to determine predictors of success during foreign assignments (Doyle, 1990). Some experts are predicting that one issue may affect the selection and ultimately the success of expatriate managers more than any of the variables examined in the past, namely, the remuneration of expatriate (Harvey, 1985). As important as the topic of expatriate remuneration appears to be, very little research has been conducted on the remuneration of expatriate who have been relocated internationally relative to that on expatriate managers. A vast majority of the previous research on remuneration of expatriate has been concerned with domestic relocations and the resulting conflict, stress and adjustment for the remuneration of expatriate. The first objective of this study is to examine theories that relate to the effectiveness of expatriate remuneration to glean insights into how to adapt these approaches in multinational like Royal Dutch Shell. A second goal is to examine previous researchers’ efforts relative to the remuneration package itself. The primary focus of this study is to gain insights into the unique problems associated with the expatriate remuneration. In today’s global environment economy, providing equitable remuneration for expatriates is a challenge for many employers. Viewing the package as a whole rather than the sum of its parts, often facilitates a more effective design. Companies that have successfully designed packages for expatriates have developed plans that satisfy their own financial requirements while still remaining flexible enough to adopt to individual needs and changes in a global environment. In order to review the remuneration package of expatriates there must be certain element or components should be considered like the component of cash which includes basic salary, premium for the specific assignments, cost differential allowances, employee benefit, medical coverage etc. Most multinational company packages for expatriate include at least some of the a) an allowance or salary increase to maintain the expatriate’s standard of living at least at the level enjoyed at home b) foreign service allowance c) a hardship allowance (for certain places) d) contribution towards, or provision of, accommodation e) inducement or incentive factor f) education allowances g) paid local leave h) additional leave i) compensation from distance from home j) promotion k) terminal bonus l) insurance and medical care. International benefits and compensation are calculated to reflect the special status of the international managers. In addition to salary, taxes and benefits, international managers also receive different allowances as part of their overall compensation to accept an overseas position. The Foreign Service premium is based on the expatriate’s level in the company, the family size, and the location. Expatriate compensation programs are an important issue in managing reward systems. Compensation plans for expatriate managers must be competitive, cost effective, motivating, fair and easy to understand, consistent with international financial management, easy to administer, and simple to communicate (Sherman, 1998). Expatriate Remuneration Literature Review There has been little theoretical research and few empirical studies related to remuneration package of expatriate. However, the expatriate literature on remuneration provides a starting point for examining the stress/ conflict associated with remuneration package in general and, from that, to anticipate the stress for expatriate pay. Initially, I carried out brief literature review to continue my research on expatriate remuneration in Royal Dutch Shell Group. It provided me a critical look at company’s HR strategies regarding expatriate remuneration and benefits in practice. I went through the existing theories about remuneration and benefits and deeply reviewed the current trends in the global Oil and Gas industry analysed various issues to find out why industry is facing lack of implementation of effective remuneration for the expatriate and to find out the possible strategic solutions for this issue. The importance of HR policies for recruitment and retention of expatriates is evident as the company is facing intense competition. According to Remuneration

Drama – the Relevance of the Oldest Plays Reflective Essay

online homework help Table of Contents The Valdez play and US national leaders Concept of marriage in ‘A Doll’s house’ Proposal for ‘The glass menagerie’ Prior to commencement of this course, I thought drama was disconnected from present day experiences, but I was surprised to find that even some of the oldest plays are still relevant today. I expected to learn about particular components of the social and cultural backgrounds of the plays by simply looking through their scripts. After completion of this course, I found that those expectations were met. It is indeed possible to deduce the social and cultural values of a certain society simply from the plays written at that time. Lastly, I did not expect to become more analytical about my own society as a result of studying drama. However, after doing this course, I have realized that ideologies are prevalent in almost all spheres of life; politics, education and entertainment are just some of the many examples. Through this course, I have learnt how to distinguish between useful and harmful ideas. Since some plays can be rich and meaningful while others can be shallow and unbalanced, it is always best to assess them first. The same analysis can be applied in the above mentioned spheres of life. The Valdez play and US national leaders The aspect I found most convincing about the play was the commoditization of Hispanics and other minority groups in the US. Miss Jimenez came to purchase a brown Mexican who would be used in Governor Reagan’s campaign to appeal to a larger crowd. In other words, ethnic minorities were seen as a platform for advancing Caucasian Americans’ political or social goals. They were treated as nothing more than a means-towards-an-end rather than genuine individuals. In this regard, one can say that the stereotypes prevalent within the country are reducing ethnic minorities to commodities. US national leaders would find this component quite useful as they would refrain from using ethnic minorities for political aims. Instead, they would focus on each and everyone’s strong points. People would get appointed or promoted on the basis of their merits rather than their ethnic identity. Another aspect of the play that would be useful to US administrators that are dealing with immigration is the aspect of seasonal immigrants. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the play, the first model represents the typical farm worker that comes in once in a year, works the fields and goes back home. This kind of worker requires special policy provisions that can allow him to make such seasonal trips in and out of the country. He renders a great service to the nation, but still wants to maintain links with his native home. Concept of marriage in ‘A Doll’s house’ I was quite surprised that the idea of terminating a marriage was unheard of in those times. Women had very few rights in that society if they were expected to stay in marriages irrespective of how fulfilling or unfulfilling they were. I think this play illustrates just how different societal values have become. In the 19th Century, women were not allowed to pursue freedom, independence and happiness (especially at the expense of marriage). Nora is a woman who struggles to break free; her choice to leave her husband becomes a symbol of rebelliousness against her own society. This was the reason why the play caused a lot of unrest in western literature at the time. Fortunately, these challenges no longer exist in modern western societies. Women now have the ability to make choices in their marriages. Proposal for ‘The glass menagerie’ The topic of the proposal will be “How the glass menagerie illustrates the breakup of family structures.” Through the main characters in the play, it will be explained that family structures in modern societies are quite fragile and can be easily broken. The work will focus on Tom and his struggles, Amanda’s maternal failures and Laura’s unfulfilled expectations. In the article “Nightingale Benedict “This Menagerie is Much Too Cosy.” New York Times, 11 December 1983”, the author argues that at face value, Amanda seems like a well-meaning and concerned parent. Many mothers have nudged their children to stop smoking and worried about them when life seemed too hard for them. However, Amanda crosses the line when she stretches these good intentions to the limit. She starts intruding into her children’s lives and uses words like to ‘we’ and ‘I’ to talk about their behavior. We will write a custom Essay on Drama – the Relevance of the Oldest Plays specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Furthermore, Amanda assumes that what was good for her is good for her daughter too. She manipulates and controls her children and thus ends up destroying the very same people she had hoped to fix. The proposal will look at more of these arguments concerning Amanda’s character so as to relate them to the breakdown of family structures. In another book, “Bloom, Harold. The Glass Menagerie. NY: Infobase publishing. 2006. Print”, the author talks about the shattered faith of Amanda’s only daughter Laura. Upon learning about Jim’s engagement, Laura goes through an emotional storm. The event took away her innocence and destroyed the faith she had in love. All these unfulfilled expectations were brought on by her mother’s pressures and her brother’s lack of support. This line of argument will be explored further in the proposal.

China Overpopulation Solutions

Over population is one of the serious issue that today’s world is facing. China is known as the country with the highest population (CIA). In order to prevent their massive population growth, China introduced the “One-Child Policy”. It is a policy implemented by the Chinese government with the purpose of controlling the enormous population in People’s Republic Of China. With the establishment of One-Child Policy, there are a lot of benefits and impacts to Chinese society and family. Regarding this topic, this essay will illustrate the positive and negative effects of this policy. After the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, China’s population was approaching one billion-mark, which concerned the new Chinese government. Because of the overwhelmed population growth, Chinese citizens were encouraged to have only two children per family in late 1978. The policy helped to decline almost half of population growth in China during that time but it did not reach their expectation. Later in 1979, China’s leader Deng Xiaoping introduced the One-Child Policy, requiring a family to have only one child. The Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party formally instituted One-Child Policy on September 25th, 1980 (Pletcher, 2014). Along with this burdensome policy, it comes with two main positive effects, social and family. As for the boon social effect, the most obvious effect is that it limits the population growth efficiently. It is seen that the population was decreased by over a half. Since 1979, experts at the national Population and Family Planning Commission of China said, the policy has prevented more than four hundred million births in the country (Jaime FlorCruz, 2011). After the introduction of the One-Child Policy, the fertility rate in China fell down from over three births per woman in 1980 to approximately 1.54 in 2011 (Data from World Bank, 2014). Moreover, the reduction in the rapid growth has reduced some serious issues that cause by overpopulation like health, education, law enforcement, and other destructions. Another social consequence is the economic growth. When there is higher in the birth rate, the slower of the economic growth occurs, thus One-Child Policy could have contributed to the increase of economic growth. With the lower population, the bureau could provide their people with a high living standard. They might get a high level of schooling, perfect healthcare as well as other accessibility. Then people will lead to be the high quality, which are very crucial for innovations and creations, to develop their country for sustained economic growth. Obviously, China is one of the World’s largest economic in term of the population, but in fact, the GDP per capital still low in some area. According to Prof. Zhang’s research during 1978-1998, 28 Chinese provinces, found that the lower the birth rate, the faster the economic growth. The annual growth rate of the real per capital income in that period was as high as 8.1 percent. At the same time, the birth rate was very low—at only 2 percent (Louisa Wah Hansen, 2013). Simultaneously, the policy has positively effect the family as well. The first thing is the high responsibility in the family. This mean that the parents are able to focus on their only one child and allow them to live in a more safety and wealthy environment under their heedfulness, thus the child would receive much love and warmth from them. To add on, this policy leads to less expense in the family budget. With fewer members, family could settle better in the prosperous life, and won’t get into hardship because of carrying so many children. Along with those benefits the essay has mentioned, One-Child policy also scatters a lot of negative effects to the Chinese society and family. Since One-child policy has been established, the population growth rate in China has been declined from 0.9 percent in 2000 to 0.48 percent in 2012, which is leaded to the lack of human resources (World Bank). Recently, the government is very concern about the lack of human resources, that’s why they ease one-child policy and allows couples to have two children if they were both born without siblings (BBC, 2013). Moreover China is the country, which has a high preference for son, rather than daughter that is the cause of sex imbalances. One-Child policy has made China become the country, which has male population, more than female. According to Business Insider, there were 51 million men more than women in China 2010. In every 100 newborns girls, there are 120 boys, which is the highest sex ratio in the world (Sam, 2013). In addition because of the One-Child policy, the birth population is decreasing while the aging is continuing on increasing from day to day that lead to age dependency. The age of group of people from 0-14 decreased 6.29 percent, from 15-59 increased 3.36 percent, group of 60 and over increased 2.93 percent and group of 65 and over increased to 1.91 percent (National Bureau of Statistics of China, 2011). Age dependency will put more pressure to the son of the family to earn more money to support the family and also make the economics of country goes down since the decreasing of the workers. Moreover, female infanticide has happened in China for a long time; Chinese girls are twice as likely to die in their first year of life as boys (“Infanticide in china,”). Despite the democratic nature of Chinese community, many parents consider that having a son is a crucial element of providing for their old age. Therefore in severe cases, a baby is killed if it is not of the preferred sex, because of the pressure not to have more than one child (BBC). In addition, the absence of a sibling does not define the outcome of a child’s social growth. For the single-child, the nature and structure of his or her family organization can be the adaptation factor for his or her lack of sibling contact. Children with siblings often exchange amongst each other their respective academic and social backgrounds – an advantage that single-children don’t have. Single-children tend to be influenced more by self-absorbed instincts, commanding more attention in their personal homes. Because parents tend to treat their single-child the way standard parents treat their first-born (with more attention and care due to lack of experience), single-children will generally be more relying on their parents and less independent (Xuefeng). As a result of the one-child policy, a single person can be supporting both their parents and their four grandparents. This forces the parents and grandparents to depend more on retirement savings or pensions, which many people don’t have. If those fail, everything depends on the one child. If that child can’t support their family, or if the only one child dies, the parents and grandparents will have no one to help them, and no money to support them. So when they lose their only hope, they will full of depression and no one will be look after them when they get older (rhee71, 2009). As the essay has analyzed, we can see that this policy had contributed a lot of benefits to the society as well as the family in this past few decades. From my perspective, I think China should maintains this One-Child policy because it will helps China to become more advanced, not only in the economic nor social field, but also to promote the human rights. At the same time, there need to have some changes to this policy such as reformation or ease this policy and allow some family to have their second child regarding their family condition like what Two-Child Policy has adopted in late 2013, by letting the family having their second child if one of their parents is an only child. References: CIA. (n.d.). East

Affordable Care Act Presentation

Affordable Care Act Presentation.

Health care changes rapidly. This assignment is designed to help you understand how health care is organized and financed. In your assignment:Explain the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 on health care organization and finance.Explain how the ACA incorporated social determinants of health into health policy.Summarize the proposed changes to the health care system under the current administration.Cite at least three peer-reviewed sources published within the last five years that support your assignment. Include an APA-formatted reference page.Format your assignment as one of the following:18- to 20-slide presentation
Affordable Care Act Presentation