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It may come as no surprise that advances in technology have had a dramatic impact on healthcare delivery. Advances

It may come as no surprise that advances in technology have had a dramatic impact on healthcare delivery. Advances in health information technology, such as patient portals; electronic health records (EHRs) or electronic medical records (EMRs); and real-time coordination of patient care, etc., all have greatly contributed to enhancements in healthcare delivery. However, they too presented several challenges to healthcare administration leaders and clinical staff in how to best orient and implement such technology to enhance healthcare delivery.
One such advancement in healthcare technology concerns the use of telemedicine to provide patient care and treatment. While delivery of patient care is usually a direct transaction, interfacing with patients and physicians virtually, or at a distance, could greatly enhance how healthcare services are delivered for certain situations, such as disaster events or in rural locales.

review the resources for this week. Reflect on the Torabi et al. (2016) article in the resources for this week, and consider the distributions the authors selected for the given simulation

. Post a descriiption of the distributions selected by the authors in the Torabi et al. (2016) article, and then explain whether the distributions selected are appropriate for practice, and why. Explain what was done well in the study, as well as areas of weakness for the considerations described by the authors. Be specific, and provide examples.

Albright, S. C.,

Incivility within the healthcare metaparadigm

Incivility within the healthcare metaparadigm.

A paragraph introducing incivility within healthcare meta paradigm * Few paragraphs identifying how incivility impact an individual nurse ability to use clinical judgment * few paragraphs analyzing and identifying the issues that occur with workplace or clinical sites civility *Few paragraphs discussing how the clinical site or workplace was affected due to incivility * Few paragraphs identifying current initiatives to decrease incivility within the workplace *Conclusion paragraph including references

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History and System of Psychology

It may come as no surprise that advances in technology have had a dramatic impact on healthcare delivery. Advances History and System of Psychology.

 Using the CSU Online Library, locate two articles, one discussing structuralism and one discussing functionalism. Compare and contrast what you learned from the textbook with the information you found in your chosen articles. For example, does finding an analysis from a functional perspective make the concept clearer to you? Does reading more about Titchener’s background convince you that structuralism is a more solid methodology? Be sure to include a summary of the major tenets of both schools of thought in your discussion. Your essay should be a minimum of two pages in length; in addition to the two pages of content, include a title page and a reference page. You are required to use your textbook and at least two other sources. Please consider the following as you compose your article critique:  The article should be clearly related to the course topics.  You should identify the significant points of the article, and explain how the article relates to the course concepts.  You should present a thorough analysis and strong argument to support your interpretation of the course concepts.  The organization of the paper should clearly present logically arranged points.  Your writing should be clear and concise with no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.  The number of sources should meet or exceed any expressed assignment requirements, and the sources should be peer-reviewed or academic in nature.  APA formatting guidelines should be used for reference entries and in-text citation

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