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it infrastructure

Using the prescribed syntax of an Internet Protocol packet, construct an IP Version 4 TCP/IP transmission packet using the follow particulars: Packet is sent from IP address (MAC address 4c:79:6e:86:b0:2d) to IP address (MAC address 8c:3b:ad:f0:dc:e0) with the following fields (You don’t have to convert these values to binary, but realize that the packet will be a binary encoding of these. A bit is a digital 0 or 1. 0x00 is hexadecimal notation, where each digit 0 – F represents 4 bits. 0 = 0000, 1 = 0001 up to 9 = 1001 where we run out of decimal digits so continue with A=1010 through F=1111. A byte = 8 bits = 1 ASCII character):
IP Header Length is counted as the number of 32-bit words from Diff Serv through the end of the checksum
Differentiated Services: 0x00 (equals 00000000 in binary bits)
Total Length is the number of bytes in the payload (data field)
Identification: 0xe0f9
Flags: 010 (First bit is always 0, Second bit is set to not fragment packet, Third bit is fragments)
Fragment Offset: 0x00
Time to Live: 0x80 (=128 hops)
Protocol: 0x06 (TCP)
Header Checksum: 0x0000
Source Port: 0xd19d (=53661 in decimal)
Destination Port: 0x01bb (=443 in decimal)
Sequence Number: 0x4066faf8
Acknowledgment Number: 0x6993afc2
Data Offset: 0x5
TCP Flags: 0X010 (5th flag bit = Acknowledgment)
Window Size: 0x01fd (=509 in decimal)
Checksum: 0X1146
Urgent Pointer: 0x0000