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Issues and Ideas of Polygamy by Aisha B. Lemu custom essay help Management homework help

Issues and ideas of Polygamy by Aisha B. Lemu In the essay of “Defense of Polygamy” by the british, feminist, activist and writer Aisha B. Lemu, explains why polygamy could be a great solution for many women without partners or for many women with partners but with difficulties in their relations. She explain why because of the large numbers of men dying in war, and others violent confrontation groups, a huge group of widows, fiances, and women in general, have left alone without any protection for themselves or their children.

The quantities in general of men in these days are low and have left a large group of women alone with no or difficult chances to get married or have a partner. ?Therefore, she states that most of women rather believe in sharing a man that not having any at all. And even more if the political laws of the country establish an obligation toward the second, third or fourth wife and their respective children, making a responsible way of supporting the rights of the woman.

For me this first demonstration makes a logical reason, but not the answer for a truly right solution. I don’t think polygamy is the true unique solution for the uniformity of our era. I think the true problem here is the violence and misunderstanding that we had made with each other and that has lead us to unnecessary wars and undesirable misbalance of the masses of the gender. Not attacking the real problem but rather settling ourselves to the problem, content to leave the wrong things we have done as they are and conforming to live with it.

It’s like the problem of deforestation; we know that the problem is there but we don’t resolve it, we prefer to put on oxygen masks in the future than to attack the real problem now. So then I believe that her reason of polygamy because of the “war issue” is not a true solution but a momentary accordance to “survival”, not attacking or giving a real answer (which is to me the increase of violence of everyday that has made us left with a sex misbalance). But it doesn’t end there, a big question is about to expose, at it is…

What will happen then in the future or into a few more years where the disorder of sexes will may be so dramatic that for every man twelve women will be shared? Then what? Polygamy will maybe not be a truth solution and then maybe we will have to attack the true problems of violence and deaths of men. Another point that the author exposed is the circumstances where the wives are sick and the husbands can’t manage it or where “wives are unable to have children while the husband very much wants them”. This argument represents a more logical thought, although not entirely correct in my opinion and own personal believes. I just can’t still understand why it is necessary to go get another partner just for the benefit of a baby, when you could solve it “renting a belly” without resorting to commitments with other woman. But even if it happens or not, I think that the choices of a couple are personal choices and if the wife agrees then is her own personal choice. ? The other point that exposes is the cases where a marriage has not been very successful and the husband loves another woman.

The author also express some things about when a husband need to divorce from the first wife to be with the second wife, but the first wife doesn’t want to be divorce for the “secure of the marriage, for herself and their children”. Before starting to explain anything else I do think is quite understandable the worry that a wife could have for the economical and physical securities that a man provides (especially on these countries were most of the woman depends economically in the husband), but for the secure of the marriage? What secure?

Now, the author needs to explain this in more details, because if the concept of “secure marriage” is to cover up from the society the very truth status of a relationship because of the judgments that this could bring, then I have very poor understanding the meaning of the term “marriage”, it seems that this definition doesn’t involucrate then a “covenant of love with a partner” but a “commitment with cultural society”. Whatever of all the case is, we must keep in mind that it is obvious that we will some how disapprove these ideals and thoughts, at least, obvious, if you are part of that kind of cultures and believes.

Each culture is different and the analysis that we give others incorporating it into our own is simply wrong and insignificant. We just can’t measure the same cultures with the same tool; every culture it’s unique. And the differences that demonstrate each one of them with the others doesn’t gave us the right to classify them as less or more. Having said that, it was obvious that my answers were not going to be that much of acceptable. References Aisha B. Lemu, “In Defense of Polygamy” 2007; http://moodle. oss. cayey. upr. edu/dev/mod/resource/view. php? inpopup=true&id=4434 (all ideas and references were taking of this)