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ISSC 341 AMU Networking IP Addressing Table and Subnetting Strategy Essay

ISSC 341 AMU Networking IP Addressing Table and Subnetting Strategy Essay.

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Below are the instructions and attached is the document the question is referring to as the physical aspect of the network. The question is built around the physical aspect of the attached document and the answer should be done on a separate Word Document. InstructionsAssignment Instructions: You have completed building out the physical aspect of your network in the new ACME, Inc. facility. Now let’s get it up and running.You will need to provide a plan for how to bring the network online.Note: There are 5 departments moving into the facilityAccounts ReceivablesAccounts PayablesHuman ResourcesLegalOutside SalesYour plan should include the following, this is not the entire list.Network Switch ConfigurationsIP Addressing table and assignments/Subnetting strategyRouting Tables (3 minimum routes/remember this is a remote office)Remember to justify your choicesAll of this should be contained in a Word document
ISSC 341 AMU Networking IP Addressing Table and Subnetting Strategy Essay

Table of Contents Introduction History of Chinese Art Social Aspect of Ancient Chinese Paintings Painting as Fine Art Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Anthropologists strive to understand the lives of people in various regions. Therefore, they may use various tools to understand the lives of these people. Art is one of the major tools that anthropologists use to understand the lives of people in various regions. Generally, people use art for aesthetic purposes. However, art may have also have hidden information about the culture or life of the artist. This is because artists usually use art to express their feelings and emotions. In so doing, they usually create artworks that strive to capture their lives and surroundings. Different artists use different styles to express their ideas using their artworks. The study of ancient art may help in providing insights into the lives of people during the periods. China is one of the countries that have a distinct ancient artwork. The color and pattern that the Chinese used in their ancient artworks was very distinct. In addition, the ancient Chinese artists ensured that their artworks had an element of elegance and simplicity. The simplicity of the artworks may help in providing insights into the lives of people during various ancient Chinese dynasties. In addition, the artworks may provide insights into the life of the royal society of the ancient Chinese dynasties. Artists may use their artworks to express their feelings and emotions. Therefore, a study of various artworks by a certain artists may help in providing insights into the life of the artist. The study of ancient Chinese art may help in providing insights into the culture of people during the ancient Chinese dynasties. In addition, it would help in determining the social norms of people during the ancient period. History of Chinese Art Archaeological sources show that China started practicing art many centuries ago. The Chinese used different media to practice their painting. During the early period of China’s history, most artists used wall paintings to express their feelings and emotions. However, since very little ancient Chinese architecture has survived, the wall paintings have greatly reduced over time. In addition, in ancient China, most artists did their paintings on screens. The screens acted as portable walls. However, very few screens have survived. During the Song dynasty, artists started painting in more portable mediums. These included the hanging scrolls and hand scrolls. These artworks were very durable. In fact, these artworks are some of the major ancient Chinese artworks that exist to date. These paintings usually provide vital information about the customs and details of the life of people in the ancient Chinese society. Various texts from the ancient Chinese periods are usually unable to capture these details. Therefore, the study of the paintings may provide invaluable insights into the lives of people during the early periods. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More During the ancient periods, most people valued the aesthetic aspect of the paintings. Paintings acted as one of the highest cultural achievements. Therefore, the study of the ancient Chinese paintings would help in determining the aesthetic values and tastes of people during the ancient periods. During the Song dynasty, painting developed greatly. The Song dynasty was the high point of the development of China’s fine art. During this period, landscape themes started becoming a dominant form of painting. Social Aspect of Ancient Chinese Paintings During the Song dynasty, there was a significant expansion of the acceptable forms of paintings. Painters started using their artworks to depict the daily life of people more frequently. One may decipher more information from the paintings than from the texts from this period. The study of the paintings would help in understanding the dressing, social interaction, and trade of people during this period. The study of the paintings from the Song dynasty shows the differences between the urban and rural life. From the paintings during this period, it is clear that trade was the major economic activity of people living in urban areas. People sold their wares in shops or open markets. A sophisticated transport network helped in the economic expansion of the urban areas. Movement by land was one of the major methods that goods moved from one location to another. On the other hand, large-scale merchants and itinerant peddlers moved various goods via the Grand Canal. Paintings during the Song dynasty show that fortunetellers were prominent personalities in the society. People sought fortunetellers to determine the right time to undertake various activities that were important in their lives. These included when to start a business or hold a funeral. When couples wanted to get married, they usually requested the services of fortunetellers. Fortunetellers used the characters of their names to determine whether the match was favorable. The study of ancient Chinese art would help in determining the means of transportation that people used during the ancient periods. From various ancient Chinese artworks, it is clear that donkeys and oxen were the main beasts of burden in ancient China. During the ancient period, donkeys and oxen were the main beasts of burden that helped in the transit of goods to various locations. We will write a custom Essay on Demystifying Chinese Art and Its Relation to Culture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More People used different types of carts to transport their goods using the beasts of burden. Generally, oxen carried heavier loads than donkeys. People carried smaller goods using pole baskets. This enabled them to avoid the expenses of maintaining a beast of burden. Sedan chairs, donkeys, and horses helped in the transportation of people. Women usually moved around using covered sedan chairs. On the other hand, officials or scholars usually rode on horsebacks. Therefore, horses were a sign of royalty. They were more expensive than other beasts of burden. Ancient Chinese art provides insights into the street life of people during this period. From various paintings, it is clear that women were not a common feature of the street life. Women joined members of the public during holidays or various special events. Men were the dominant figures in most streets. Most merchants or street traders were men. The huge presence of men in the streets necessitated the establishment of places where men could relax. This offered the men with a cool environment away from the hassles of the streets. Teahouses were some of the major establishments that provided men with a place to relax. Teahouses were a place where friends could gather as they take refreshments. In addition, they provided people with entertainment. This helped to relax the nerves of people after a busy day. During the Song dynasty, domestic life started becoming a common feature of most paintings. Women and children were the major specialty of most artists who depicted domestic life in their paintings. Artist from this period usually used artistic effects to depict the personality or class of an individual. The artists used clothing to portray the social status of people in the society. In addition, artists used paintings to depict the social interaction of people during this period. Paintings of children were some of the most popular paintings during this period. People considered paintings of children as an appropriate theme for New Year’s pictures. Throughout the history of China, there is very little information on the lives, habits, and appearance of various women. However, during the Song and Yuan dynasties various artists depicted women in various social functions. Therefore, these pictures may provide insights into the lives of women during this period. Most paintings did not depict women in close proximity to men. Not sure if you can write a paper on Demystifying Chinese Art and Its Relation to Culture by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Women could only interact with men in very few social functions. Most artists did not depict women from lower social classes (Huang and Zürcher 239). In addition, they restricted the views of people from lower social classes. This is a clear example of the social segregation that was present in ancient China. Funerary art was one of the major forms of art in ancient China. Tomb murals were very common. Artists usually used the funerary art to idealize various subjects. In addition, the artists used funerary art to express their views on various issues facing the society. These included materialism, royalty, and honesty. A study of the paintings of a certain artist may provide insights into the life of the artist. Usually when artists were in a sad period of their lives, they painted paintings that depicted the sad situations. On the other hand, when they were joyous, they painted paintings that depicted the joy in their lives. Use of poetry in the paintings enabled the artists to express their views more clearly (Elkins 80). Supporting positive behaviors enabled the artists to help in improving the welfare of the society. Painting as Fine Art During the Song dynasty, landscape painting started becoming popular among various artists. Mountains were the major feature of most landscape paintings. This is because the Chinese considered mountains as sacred features. According to the Chinese, mountains were the homes of the immortals. This is because they were very close to the heavens. Landscape paintings provided people with a view that was different from their urban or official life. In addition, landscape paintings depicted various types of trees that existed during the period. Most landscape paintings did not give more emphasis to life in the paintings. In addition, there was very little emphasis on the manmade structures in the landscape paintings. Landscape paintings that depicted various manmade structures strived to show how the manmade structures fit with their natural surroundings. Most artists who painted landscape paintings were court painters. Scholars accounted for the largest percentage of the court painters. These painters included poems in their paintings. The poems helped in providing information about the paintings. This enabled the artists to express their ideas more clearly. Landscape painting is the major form of painting that incorporates poems. Various artists used the poems in the paintings to provide moral teachings to the society. The poems helped in reinforcing various positive behaviors. Therefore, a study of the paintings from this period may show the norms of the society. In addition, it may show the beliefs of people during this period. Confucianism is the major factor that affected the behaviors of people in ancient China. Therefore, the study of the paintings may provide insights into the beliefs of Confucianism during this period. Rulers in various ancient Chinese dynasties valued paintings. These rulers sponsored various paintings. In addition, they commissioned paintings in various locations. Court artists created various decorative patterns in palaces. This helped in improving the appearance of the palaces. The paintings depicted the grandeur of the palaces. In addition, certain paintings depicted the leadership style of the rulers. Various rulers ensured that court painters possessed exemplary painting skills. Therefore, they ensured that painters received training. Training enabled the artists to improve the technical finesse of their artworks. In addition, it enabled them to use different styles to improve the quality of their paintings (Ebrey 165). Court painters had tests and ranks. Copying old masterpieces enabled court painters to improve their painting skills. In addition, it enabled them to preserve the old masterpieces. Conclusion A study of ancient Chinese paintings may provide insights into the culture of the people during this period. According to ancient Chinese paintings, donkeys and oxen were the main beasts of burden. In ancient China, women appeared in public on very few occasions. Men crowded the streets of various urban centers. Ancient Chinese paintings also had an aesthetic value. Various ancient rulers commissioned paintings in their palaces. The paintings helped in improving the physical appearance of the palaces. Incorporation of poetry into paintings enabled artists to express their views clearly. Artists used poetry to reinforce various positive behaviors. The study of ancient Chinese paintings may help in providing insights into the social norms of people during this period. Works Cited Ebrey, Patricia Buckley. The Cambridge illustrated history of China. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Print. Elkins, James. Chinese landscape painting as Western art history. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2010. Print. Huang, Junjie and Erik Zürcher. Time and space in Chinese culture. Danvers, MA: BRILL, 1995. Print.

NUR 3894 Rasmussen Mod 5 Ethical Issues in Nursing & Medical Practice Discussion

NUR 3894 Rasmussen Mod 5 Ethical Issues in Nursing & Medical Practice Discussion.

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You recently discovered that a group of nurses from your community meet once a month to discuss current issues in nursing. Recognizing the value of collaborating with other nursing professionals, you’ve inquired about joining the group. The group’s leader has asked you to write an essay for the group to discuss in next month’s meeting.Instructions:The group leader has asked that your submission address the following:Locate an article/resource related to a current ethical issue in nursing or healthcare. You may use any of the items described below:news articlejournal articlepending legislation at the state or federal levelinformation from national nursing or specialty organizationsSummarize the article/resource.Discuss how the ethical issue featured in the article/resource may impact nursing practice or healthcare.Describe how the influence of nurses could help address the issue.Provide an APA formatted reference for the article/resource.
NUR 3894 Rasmussen Mod 5 Ethical Issues in Nursing & Medical Practice Discussion

Strategic Operations Management- MBA FP 6022- Process Identification

java assignment help Strategic Operations Management- MBA FP 6022- Process Identification.

Toggle DrawerOverviewToggle DrawerContextProcess ImprovementMost organizations today fall into one of two distinct industry segments: manufacturing or service. The strategic operations management processes suitable for an organization depend greatly on which industry segment the organization is a part of. Today, most jobs in the United States are in the service segment; the manufacturing segment has declined rapidly as labor-intensive manufacturing jobs have been transferred overseas.SHOW MOREToggle DrawerQuestions to ConsiderTo deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of the business community.SHOW MOREToggle DrawerResourcesSuggested ResourcesThe resources provided here are optional and support the assessment. You may use other resources of your choice to prepare for this assessment; However, you will need to ensure that they are appropriate, credible, and valid. They provide helpful information about the topics in this unit. The MBA-FP6022 – Strategic Operations Management Library Guide can help direct your research. The Supplemental Resources and Research Resources, both linked from the left navigation menu in your courseroom, provide additional resources to help support you.NBC Archives on Demand Toyota Takes Hit from Transportation SecretaryNBC Video purchased for use in this Capella course through NBC Archives on Demand.Transcript NASA Experts Brought In to Study Toyota Acceleration MysteryNBC Video purchased for use in this Capella course through NBC Archives on Demand.Transcript Toyota Hearings Begin in WashingtonNBC Video purchased for use in this Capella course through NBC Archives on Demand.TranscriptNBC Archives on DemandClick Toyota Takes Hit from Transportation Secretary to view a video from NBC Learn.Click NASA Experts Brought in to Study Toyota Acceleration Mystery to view a video from NBC Learn.Click Toyota Hearings Begin in Washington to view a video from NBC Learn.Toyota Specific ResourcesChiweshe, J. (2016). Five lessons of wow to react to crisis – The Toyota way to lean leadership. Retrieved from…Parrish, M. (2016). The 2009 Toyota accelerator scandal that wasn’t what it seemed. Retrieved from…Toyota Motor Corporation. (n.d.). The origin of the Toyota production system. Retrieved from…Trudell, C., & Yuki, H. (2014). Toyota recalls more than 6 million vehicles worldwide. Retrieved from…SHOW MOREAssessment InstructionsPreparationBefore beginning this assessment, you should spend time reviewing key information and beginning your research on the 2010 Toyota accelerator crisis. First, take time to read each of the assessments in this course. The first five assessments each represent a component of a typical operations improvement plan (OIP). The final assessment requires that you use the work you did in Assessments 1–5 to build a complete, cohesive OIP. The work you do in Assessment 1 will be the foundation for the first part of your OIP for Toyota’s organizational practices at the time of the accelerator crisis.Next, research what OIPs can look like. Search online for examples that can help inform your thinking and research throughout this course. You may want to select a few examples to refer back to for ideas about structure and organization as you pull together your own information. Consult the Resources as you begin your research.Finally, begin to research the case that is the focus of this and future assessments. In 2010, the Toyota Motor Corporation issued a product recall on thousands of vehicles with dangerously malfunctioning accelerators. The Toyota recall crisis was well documented in popular as well as professional publications. Using the Resources in this course, the Capella University Library, professional and news sites and publications, and the Internet, begin researching and gathering information on the following topics:Toyota accelerator recall crisis.The state of Toyota’s organizational processes prior to the recall crisis.The organizational changes Toyota made in the months/years after the malfunctioning accelerators were discovered.InstructionsFor this assessment, write a report that addresses the following.Identify several (at least 3) of Toyota’s existing organizational processes at the time of the accelerator crisis. Any process within the organization can be considered. For each process you identify, write a short summary addressing the following specific topics. Be as thorough as possible, and cite your resources for the information you provide.Description: Provide a brief description of the process.Importance: What is the importance of the process to the Toyota organization?Scope: What is the scope of this process (what is the breadth of its reach)?Parties involved: What customers, as well as internal and external suppliers, are affected by this process?Priority: What is the timeliness or urgency for resolving the issues involved in this process?Benefits: What is the overall impact or benefit for Toyota in improving this process?Cost: What are the costs to Toyota if the process is not improved?Select one of the processes you identified to use as the basis for the OIP you will construct in this course. Select a process that lends itself to an in-depth analysis and that is important to the Toyota corporation, and one for which information is readily available. Consider your own interests, as well. Then explain the following in your report:Why you think this process should be addressed, focusing on the process’s particular importance to the organization.Some of the innovative and sustainable solutions that could be developed to improve this process.The work you do for this assessment will inform your work in future assessments. You will also draw on it for the final, comprehensive OIP that you will submit in Assessment 6.Additional RequirementsLength of assessment: 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.APA formatting: Format resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and formatting.Process Identification Scoring GuideVIEW SCORING GUIDEUse the scoring guide to enhance your learning.How to use the scoring guideSUBMIT ASSESSMENTThis button will take you to the next available assessment attempt tab, where you will be able to submit your assessment.
Strategic Operations Management- MBA FP 6022- Process Identification

Worshipping During COVID 19 Essay

Worshipping During COVID 19 Essay.

Your ethnography paper should take a big picture look at a people group you know little about. This assignment should stretch you; perhaps it will even make you feel a bit uncomfortable. That’s OK. Your paper will will be graded based on the following criteria: 1. Subject matter. Did the student go above and beyond to observe a group the student does not currently understand. Did the author observe for no less than two hours? 2. Interpretation. Did the student think critically to develop a “big picture” interpretation about the subject based solely on the observation. 3. Illustration. Did the student back up their interpretation through vivid and coherent illustrations? 4. Organization. Is the paper written with an “attention-getting” hook? Does the paper have a clear thesis that lays out the paper. Are the body paragraphs written using the topic sentence format? Is the paper grammatically and mechanically correct? *The topic would be observing people in a worship place during covid-195. paper should be MLA format6. if any sources are used then cite them7. at least 2 pages
Worshipping During COVID 19 Essay

People Suffering Mental Disorder Nursing Essay

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Introduction Auditory hallucinations for some people suffering mental disorder are frequently experienced as alien and under the influence of some external force. These are often experienced as voices that are distressing to the individual and can cause social withdrawal and isolation. Although auditory hallucinations are linked with major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, it also occurs in people who have not been diagnosed with any mental illness (Coffey and Hewitt 2008). The annual incidence is estimated between 4-5 percent (Tien 1991), with those experiencing voices at least once, estimated between 10-25 percent (Slade

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