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The project objective In our project, we are going to study the legendary instant messaging computer program ICQ in the users’ point of view. We will study the history of the ICQ, including how it was developed in 1996, how it evolved and how it was gradually replaced by other programs and become less popular nowadays. We will use some of the other instant messaging computer programs to compare with ICQ on the aspect of information transfer but still the main focus will be on ICQ.

We find that it is interesting to acquire unfamiliar knowledge about Information System through taking a closer look of ICQ—the once hottest software in our computers with which we grew. Also, ICQ surpassed email in providing a platform for us to exchange information instantly, however, the one which was phased out when time passed was ICQ, not email. It is tricky and we would like to discover what kinds of factors leading to this particular result. Being the pioneer of instant messaging computer program, ICQ’s rapid disappearance, compared to others, seems ironic and interesting to us.

There are two focal questions in our project. The first question we aim to address is why ICQ would be so successful and popular at the very beginning among the other earliest instant messaging computer programs. The second is to explain the reason why ICQ failed at last and replaced by many other programs, like MSN or QQ. This requires us to find out the drawback of ICQ. On the other hand, what are the comparative advantages MSN or QQ have over ICQ can also be the answer to our question. Research paper outline In our research paper, we will first introduce ICQ by discussing what it is, what people can do with it.

Then, we will talk about what kinds of technology are being used in ICQ. By understanding the working principles involved behind, we can know more about how information is distributed among people. In the second part of the research paper, we will analyze the reason of diminishing number of ICQ users by consulting different parties. At the end, we will explain the implication of the failure of ICQ and what people can learn from that. Data acquiring – (a) Basic information about ICQ For conducting the research, our group plan to use both primary and secondary data.

To know more about the background of the development and the change in popularity of ICQ, we think that using secondary data is the most reliable method. Information provided on the Internet like Wikipedia, Yahoo and Google will be our sources and also we will try to contact with the ICQ company see if we can get any information from them – the number of ICQ frequent users, their distribution among the world and their current marketing strategy for example. Data acquiring – (b) Users’ thoughts In addition, we will conduct a survey to see the instant messaging computer program users’ feelings about ICQ.

We plan to deliver 200 questionnaires to them. In our questionnaire, we will ask our respondents about what instant messaging computer program they are using and to see if they have used ICQ before. If they have changed from ICQ to other instant messaging program, we will ask their reasons for that and how do they feel about ICQ. After conducting the survey, we will analyze the data and derive implication from the result. We hope that we can find out the reasons for the failure of ICQ and the criteria of maintaining popularity of an instant messaging computer program.

Environmental Factors on Children’s Motor Development

Environmental Factors on Children’s Motor Development.


Weighting: 45% Length: 1800 words (includes in-text citations, does not include reference list). Topic: Environmental Influences on Motor Development From birth to 3 years of age, rapid progress is made in the mastery of motor skills from initial rudimentary skills of sitting, rolling over, reaching, grasping, crawling, walking to coordinating the movements of the body in a more advanced skilled and efficient way as a range of fundamental movement skills are acquired and refined. The development of motor competence during infancy and childhood is dependent upon and influenced by the growth and maturity characteristics of the child interacting with the environment in which a child is reared. With reference to at least 5 scholarly sources (including at least 4 empirical research studies) published between 2009 and 2019, discuss environmental factors identified in the research that influence young children’s motor competence. Selected research studies should reflect different methods researchers have used to study early motor development in children age birth – 3 years. Note: Your selected research articles need to focus on children aged 3 years and under. The participants in the studies you locate may range beyond this but must include children in the specified age range. E.g. a study with children aged 2 – 5 years would be acceptable but a study with only children aged 4 – 5 years would not. Suggested Reading: The reference below is provided as a starting point and background to the topic. You are not required to use this reference, but you must use references of similar quality in your essay. Venetsanou, F., & Kambas, A. (2010). Environmental factors affecting preschoolers’ motor development. Early Childhood Education Journal, 37, 319-327. Doi: 10.1007/s10643-009-0350-z This article can be accessed through the University library Multisearch function. Marking Criteria You will be awarded marks for each of the following components of your essay: 1. Use of at least 5 high quality sources (including a minimum of 4 empirical research articles) published no earlier than 2009. You may include the recommended reference in your list of references. Your textbook is considered a secondary source for most material (i.e. the author is discussing other people’s research) so you may use your textbook for understanding concepts, but find the original sources for your essay. Selected research articles must be relevant to the age focus of the unit (i.e. birth – 3 years) (5 marks) 2. Detailed discussion of how the research has been conducted. Clear identification of important factors and key findings. (20 marks) 3. Identification of two suggestions for early childhood practice based on the research findings (5 marks) 4. A demonstration that you understand the material you are citing in your essay. This includes clear explanations, no/minimal use of quotes in your explanations, definitions of key terms. (5 marks) 5. Use of an introduction and conclusion that helps the reader to understand your essay. Your introduction should make clear the importance of the topic you are discussing. Your conclusion should sum up the evidence. Presentation of well-integrated essay with an evidence based argument. In other words, these marks are for the logical structure and coherence of your essay as well as your ability to use evidence to construct your argument. Essay demonstrates appropriate academic literacy with no major difficulties with spelling and grammar. (5 marks) 6. The reference list and the entire essay are consistent with APA Style (6th edition). (5 marks)

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