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India Policy Foundation Urdu Media is a Victim of Reactionism Secularism and democracy have been accepted by the collective consciousness of India. Both these things are associated with civilizational tradition, which is their strength and identity too. In all ups and downs; in favorable and not so favorable circumstances, historical community of India neither allowed commitment to go down for secularism and freedom of expression nor allowed any harm to them. There is a need to be cautious so that this side of civilization is not weaken and does not become victim of internal disruptions.

Also there is a need to know, understand and analyze those propensities, forces and ideologies, which are making them hollow, by taking the help of secularism and provisions of Constitution. Obviously, the national media is expected to play a constructive role. The language and script of newspapers don’t change their national responsibility. Unfortunately a big group of Urdu media is attacking the collective consciousness. In this edition of analysis by the India Policy Foundation, four main issues emerged and came forward.

The first is the uproar in Kashmir and Europe over conversion. Hindu society is facing aggressive posture of extremist forces for centuries. Before independence, when Mahatma Gandhi’s eldest son was converted to Islam, Gandhi did not call it as change of heart but termed it as deception and use of money. In 1922-23, there was forced conversion in Malabar. After independence, role of petro doller was revealed in the conversion of the weak, poor and downtrodden in Meenakshipuram. Christian missionaries have been continuously indulging in conversion activities.

During Nehru’s era, Niogi Commission was constituted to stop conversions but the report was put on back-burner under pressure from Christian missionaries. O. P. Tyagi had presented a bill in the Parliament, in 1978, to stop religious conversions, which was termed as an attack on the freedom of minorities. Even the Minority Commission, in one of its report, condemned religious conversion. But a section of intellectuals in the country supported conversion of poor and illiterate people as exercising freedom of religion.

Opposition to conversion has been termed by so-called minority as ‘Hindu Fascism’, ‘Hindu Communalism’ and ‘minority opposition’. But just one incident in Kashmir exposed the real face of the so-called liberals. The valley is in a kind of crusade after Christian missionaries converted some India Policy Foundation 1 of the Muslims to Christianity. Sharia court has issued fatwa against Christian priests and Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah has declared conversion as anti-secular. Considering this, there is a need to revive O. P. Tyagi’s bill on conversion.

Is the conversion of Hindus secular and conversion of others anti-secular? How long will the double standard in India continue? The second issue that Urdu newspapers have taken up vociferously is Salman Rushdie’s invitation to the Jaipur Literary Festival. Libya, Turkey and some other countries have lifted the ban on Satanic Verses but judging by the way, Urdu media have opposed it, they are standing separately from the national media. Does this kind of movement strengthen secularism or weaken it? This is the question posed before the intellectuals of the country.

Rushdie’s case is just an extension of the way in which the government surrendered before radicals in Shah Bano case. Last year, there was a similar hue and cry by Deoband against Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi -the then liberal rector of Darul Uloom. This year, the demand to stop Rushdie’s entry to India also came from Deoband. The third issue is the success of Islamic extremism in elections of the Arab countries. Several newspapers have shown it as victory of Islamic forces over secular forces and expressed happiness by welcoming it.

What does it indicate? What kind of mentality does it show? The fourth question is the game of percentage of reservation for Muslims just before the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections. All Urdu newspapers have shown disagreement, anger and discontentment at just 4. 5 percent reservation for Muslims, under the OBC quota. They feel that reservation on the basis of religion and in proportion to population is the only right approach. Those who have the knowledge of history very well know what the end result of such demand is.

There is a need to adopt progressive outlook and strengthen the country’s secularism and democracy. This is not possible by dreams, image politics or escapism but rather by strong intellectualism, political activism and ease. Prof. Rakesh Sinha India Policy Foundation 2 I Urdu media’s tirade against Rushdie The Urdu media extensively covered Salman Rushdie’s proposed visit to India for more than two weeks. During this time, there was not a single Urdu newspaper that did not publish 10-15 news reports daily against Rushdie.

This movement was started with the statement of Darul Uloom, Deoband’s rector Abul Qasim Naumani. He had threatened the government that if Rushdie is allowed to enter the country, results are going to be dangerous. This news report was prominently displayed in Urdu Times of Mumbai and Akhbar Mashriq of Delhi. Lucknow edition of Urdu Times, in its January 14 issue, prominently published fatwa of Darul Uloom Firangi Mahal in which Muslims were instructed to vehemently oppose Rushdie’s visit.

Dainik Inquilab, in its January 14 issue, published news attributing Maharashtra’s Minister of Minority Affairs, Arif Nasheem Khan’s request to the Central government that Rushdie’s PIO card should be cancelled and he should be banned in India permanently. Urdu Times, in its special editorial on January 11, said that whether the government is the BJP or the Congress, everyone is using Israel’s intelligence agency, Mosad, to deal with Indian Muslims and it is a shameful reality. Rushdie has always been the enemy of Islam and the faith but India has never stopped him from coming to the country.

Another enemy of Islam, Taslima Nasreen has also been given protection by the Indian government. Why does the government want to attack the emotions of Muslims? We want to tell Muslims ministers in the government to decide if they love the government or the holy faith {Rasul} and if they love the holy faith they must rebel against the government. India Policy Foundation 3 According to Delhi-based Dainik Sahafat, Union law minister Salman Khurshid made a statement that since Rushdie carries PIO card, it is difficult to stop him. And if someone has objection over his visit to the country, they can always go to the court.

The same newspaper reported, while criticizing Khurshid, that whether it’s Salman Khurshid or Salman Rushdie, both are enemies of Islam. Punishment for showing disrespect to Holy Quran or Hazarat Muhammad Sahib is death. The Law Minister is a Muslim for namesake. Distancing himself from this controversy, he clarified that Rushdie cannot be stopped on legal grounds. The question is: why can’t his PIO card be cancelled? Roznama Rashtriya Sahara in its editorial on January 20, 2012 wrote that we cannot tolerate a person, who spits venom against Islam and Muslims in our country.

The editorial justifies the stand taken by Jamiat Ulama e Hind, President Arshad Madni that if the Congress has to win elections then it should not draw the wrath of the community. Dainik Inquilab, in its January 21 issue, published a lead report with the headline ‘Protest Bore Fruit, Rushdie’s Visit Cancelled’. The newspaper published a statement by Arshad Madni in which cancellation of Salman Rushdie’s visit to India was termed as a victory of Indian Muslims. He also demanded that permanent provisions should be made so that Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen are not allowed to enter into the country.

In this issue of the newspaper, chief of Barailwy Samachar, Tauqir Raza Khan’s statement is published in which he said that Rushdie is a coward and so he is afraid of Islamic Jehadis. Dainik Hamara Samaj in its January 21 issue published a news report with a headline ‘Freedom from Rushdie Fever’. Ten more news reports have been published against Rushdie in the same issue. Dainik Shahafat, in its January 21, issue published news report with a headline ‘Saitan Rushdie is Afraid of Fidayen Islam, Refuses to go to Jaipur’.

Hindustan Express published a report about a demonstration against Rushdie on January 21 issue along with a picture. Roznama Rashtriya Sahara published a new report on January 21 with the headline ‘Rushdie’s Jaipur Visit was Cancelled Due to Heavy Pressure from Muslims’. Darul Uloom, Deoband’s demand for permanent ban on Rushdie’s visits to India was also published. Akhbar Mashriq in its editorial on January 18 said that the government was forced to bow before the strength of Muslims. Urdu Times wrote in its editorial on January 18 that Saitan Rushdie’s face is blackened.

The newspaper appealed to the Muslims of the country that the movement must continue till the PIO card of Rushdie is cancelled. India Policy Foundation 4 Dainik Inquilab on January 14 issue published six new reports regarding protest against Rushdie while Hindustan Express published seven news reports in this regard. Dainik Sahafat published six news reports and Roznam Rashtriya Sahara published eight new reports. On January 23, Hindustan Express in its editorial said that Rushdie is a coward and is afraid of getting killed by the hands of brave Muslims.

The newspaper complained that the government is a puppet in the hands of the majority community as on one hand, it refused to keep M F Hussain in the country and on the other hand. it is protecting Taslima Nasreen. Akhbar Mashriq termed the cancellation of Rushdie’s visit as a great success of Indian Muslims. It further said that Muslims would embrace death but would not allow Rushdie in the country. Urdu Times, on January 19 issue, complained that a false propaganda is being unleashed against the community, stating that Muslims are indulged into anti-national activities by protesting against Rushdie’s entry into India.

There was a news report in Hindustan Express in which All India Muslim Misawarat Board President, Maulana Shalim Quasmi, demanded permanent ban on the entry of Rushdie into India. Dainik Inquilab in its January 23 issue wrote that people who have read excerpts from the book Satanic Verses in the so-called literary event are actually enemy of the country and want riots in the country. Roznama Rashtriya Sahara on January 26 wrote that the name of Rushdie is being highlighted because the Congress wants to come to power where assembly elections are being held.

There was a report on January 25 in the same newspaper attributing Rushdie that ban on the book was withdrawn in Libya and Turkey. He said: “I am not the enemy of Islam rather Deobandis are enemies of Islam and want to defame Islam. ” Dainik Inquilab on January 12 published a news report claiming that Lok Janshakti Party MLA in the Delhi Assembly demanded a ban on Rushdie’s visit to India. He threatened that if Rushdie comes to the country blood will be spilled on roads and the responsibility will be of the government.

India Policy Foundation 5 II Fatwa against Christian priests for conversion According to Dainik Hind Samachar, on January 21, 2012, Sharia court of Jammu and Kashmir issued a fatwa demanding a curb on the activities of Christian priests in the Valley. Under pressure from extremists, the Jammu and Kashmir government lodged the case against five Christian priests for alluring people to conversion. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah claimed that there is a tension among Kashmiri Muslims due to such activities of Christian priests.

Mumbai-based Urdu Times published a news report on January 20 in which it was said that Srinagar’s Sharia court issued a fatwa that three Christian priests should be ousted from the valley and a close watch is required on Christian missionary schools. According to Mufti Bashiruddin of Jammu and Kashmir, no one will be allowed to participate in anti-Islamic activities in the valley. He said that schools run by Christians must have a period to preach Islamic teachings. It should be made compulsory to sing songs written by Sheikh Iqbal in the school assembly.

According to the newspaper, the Sharia court has videotapes in which Muslim men and women were allured and were cheated to convert. Jamait e Islami passed a resolution in which it categorically said that any activity that is supposed to drive Muslims away from Islam is not acceptable. Christian priests will not be allowed to convert Muslims to Christianity at any cost. Dainik Pratap on January 23 informed that Christian priest C M Khanna who escaped from Srinagar told reporters that he has a life threat from Muslim fanatics and this was the reason why he ran away from the Valley to Jammu.

He refuted that Muslims are being converted in the valley. He complained that the government is under pressure from Islamic extremists and cases against Christian priests are false. India Policy Foundation 6 III Thirty thousand Britons under the refuge of Islam Dainik Munsif of Hyderabad on July 23 published a news report in which Arab news agency Al Jazeera was quoted that in the last nine years around 30 thousand Britons gave up Christianity for Islam and half of them are women. News agency Samvad informed that on an average 5500 Christians are accepting Islam every year in Britain.

Germany and France too have an average 4000 person getting converted to Islam. The report claims that the number of people going to church is declining but the number of people going to mosque is on the rise. The number of women among Namazies also increased. Women who have converted to Islam are mostly teachers in University and colleges and students. IV Islamic missionary expelled from Sri Lanka Hyderabad-based Dainik Munsif published a news report, on January 23, 2012, that the Sri Lanka government has expelled 150 Islamic missionaries belonging to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Arab countries from their country.

Controller of Immigrations, Chola Nanda, informed that these missionaries of Islam came on tourist visa but were propagating Islam in the island nation. V Construction of Kadiyani Mosque stopped According to Hyderabad-based Siyasat, on January 21, 2012, Muslim organizations forcefully stopped the construction work of a mosque that was being built in Afzalganj area by Kadiyanis under the instruction of Waqf board chairman, Khusro Pasa. It is considered important to inform India Policy Foundation’s readers that Kadiyani sect is a part of a Muslim society, started by a Muslim man Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, in Punjab.

He claimed that he is a prophet called Imam Mehndi and there have been four caliphates till now. The fourth Caliph is living a secluded life in London India Policy Foundation 7 due to fear from extremists. This sect has its headquarters in Rabua near Jhang Nagar. However, its main headquarters is at Kadia in Gurudaspur. In Pakistan, around 1 lakh people, called kafirs in Pakistan, from the Kadiyani sect were killed during riots in 1980. Organisations like Jamiat Ulama e Hind and Jamiat Islamai in India have been putting pressure on the Indian government to declare them non-believer.

Around two months ago, Kadiyani sect people announced an exhibition on Quran but due to protest from Imam Bhukhari and other extremists, the government was forced to cancel the exhibition. Now, the Saudi Arabian government has put a ban on haj by Kadiyanis, under pressure from the India Muslims. VI Women without Burqua not allowed in Saudi Arab As per the news reports published in Hyderabad-based Dainik Munsif, on January 4, 2012, the Shah of Arab issued an order that Muslim women venturing out of their houses without Burqa is banned.

This has also been mentioned in the order that men are not allowed to sell women’s undergarments. Shah has instructed all the departmental stores in the country to replace all male salesmen with women. However, Ulema of Saudi Arabia criticized the move. VII Rs 54 lakh to Muslim men arrested in Mecca Mosque blast case Dainik Munsif on January 7, 2012 published a news report in which it claimed that all the 61 Muslim men arrested in connection of Mecca mosque blast case were acquitted, after Aseemanand accepted his involvement in the crime.

The state government has given Rs 54 lakh as compensation to these people, which was distributed by Andhra Pradesh Minority Affairs Minister, Mohammad Ahmadullah. India Policy Foundation 8 VIII Fatwa against Surya Namaskar There was a news report published in Dainik Inquilab on January 12, 2012 that Muslim intelligentsia has issued a fatwa against Surya Namaskar by terming it as antiIslamic. The Madhya Pradesh government declared to start Surya Namaskar in every school. It has reported that 12 Muslim intellectuals alleged that the government is saffronising education.

Madhya Pradesh Education Minister Archana Chitnis announced that Surya Namaskar is not forced on anyone. Fatwa tells that in Islam, except Allah, a Muslim is not supposed to bow before anyone. IX Demand for Muslim Reservation Delhi-based Hamara Samaj on January 24 published a news report in which the All India Muslim Federation demanded that the government must declare 20 percent reservation for Muslims across the country. In a conference organized in Lucknow, the federation’s chief, Quazi Naseem Ahmed, said that anything less than 20 percent reservation for Muslims is not accepted.

He also demanded that Islamic education should be free from Right to Education. X No one can get power in Uttar Pradesh without Muslims Hamara Samaj’s January 23 issue appealed Muslims to vote for that party which is ready to give reservation to Muslims as per the proportion of its population. The newspaper complained that Mulayam Singh Yadav has cheated Muslims. He had promised to give 18 percent reservation to Muslims after coming to power but it was not mentioned in his party’s manifesto.

It reported that the way in which Dalits are getting reservation in proportion to their population, Muslims should also be given reservation in proportion to their population and only that party would come to power in UP that takes care of the right of the Muslim community. India Policy Foundation 9 XI Coup attempted in Bangladesh Delhi-based Akhbar Mashriq published a news report on the main page that 16 soldiers have been arrested in Bangladesh in their attempt to dislodge Sheikh Hasina government in the country.

The newspaper informed that all the arrested men are connected to terrorist organisations. Government spokesperson Brigadier Masood Razak claimed that there is a possibility of arresting more guilty officials and all the arrested men have connection with militant Islamic terrorist organisation. XII Jamaite Islami targeted in Bangladesh Dawat claimed in its January 24, 2012 issue that Jamait e Islami’s former chief Prof. Dr. Ghulam Azam has been arrested and more than 30,000 workers of the organisation have been put behind bars.

During Khalida Zia’s rule, the organisation was in power but Sheikh Hasina wants to establish a secular government in the country by crushing the voice of Islam. Books propagating Jamait e Islami in Bangladesh are banned and supporters of Islam in the army and administration are being targeted. The Awami League government has banned all the newspapers supporting Jamait e Islami and Islam. By taking the help of 60-year-old cases, Islamic leaders are falsely implicated. Their cases are in the International War Tribunal.

After Mujiburahman took over, there was bloodshed in Bangladesh and more than 60 lakh non-Bengali people had lost property and valuables. India Policy Foundation 10 XIII Inciting communal violence Sahafat has published inflammatory news report, on January 28, 1012 on its front page that says restriction on offering prayer in a mosque in Old Fort but worship in the temple continues. With this news report, pictures of the mosque and Bhairo Temple are also published. The newspaper complained that there is partiality with Muslims and they are treated like a second-grade citizen.

This is interesting to note that the mosque mentioned is inside the fort and is at least 700-year-old and is under the control of Archeological Survey of India while the temple is outside the fort and the building is not that old so the provisions of ASI is not implemented on it. XIV Corruption charges against the son of the top leader in Iran On January 16, 2012, Akhbar Mashriq published a news report in which the President of Iran, Mehmood Ahmadinizad, alleged that the top religious leader Ayatullah Khomaini’s son Muzitaba Khomaini is involved in 1006000000 Euro scam causing loss to the Iran’s coffer.

The Iranian president’s statement was published on reformist’s website, Jaras. It is also known that report of Murtza Khomaini’s account in foreign banks was also published in a French newspaper, Lebra Al Sevan. According to Jaras, there is an allegation on Ashfand Yar Mustai that he is involved in a $2 crore scam causing loss to the government exchequer. It was reported that the President informed Deputy Secretary, Ibrahim Raisee, minister intelligence, Haider Multahi and chief of the investigating authority, Mustafa Noor Mohammadi in a secret meeting.

It also said that during the meeting corruption charges against Murtza Khomaini was also discussed. India Policy Foundation 11 XV What if you are a Muslim? Delhi-based Rojnama Rashtriya Sahara wrote in its editorial, on January 19, 2012, that the time of election is tough for Muslims. Except Muslims, everyone knows where they are supposed to vote. Dalits know very well to whom they have to vote for. Similarly, Yadavs, Jats, Brahmins, Banias and Thakurs also know to whom they have to vote. But Muslims cut the root of their own candidate. Almost all the political parties gave tickets to Muslims, asking for votes for the community.

Now, the question that needs to be asked is that why a Muslim should vote for all the elected MPs and MLAs, irrespective of their party’s loyalty. Muslims voted for them to fight for their cause but under the party’s pressure, they forgot the issue concerning Muslim. Why should Muslims vote for them? XVI New office bearers of Muslim Mazlis Mishrawat Rojnama Rashtriya Sahara claimed, on its January 18, 2012 issue, that Dr Zafarul Islam Khan has been nominated as the president of Muslim Mazlish Misrawat. Apart from that 20 new executive members have also been nominated.

Maulana Mohammad Zafar, Hakim Mohammad Irfan al Hasni, Hafiz Rasheed Choudhary and Maulana Syed Aqeel Al Zabi are the new vice presidents. Four new general secretaries have also been nominated. They are Aizaz Ahmed Aslam, Arshi Khan, Mohammad Sulaiman and Mohammad Rasheed. XVII Opening of Israel consulate in Bangaluru was opposed Mumbai-based Dainik Urdu Times, on January 14, 2012, published news report on its front page about the protest against the opening of consulate of Israel in Bengaluru. President, Indian Union Muslim League, Prof Naseer Ahmed criticized Union Foreign Affairs Minister, S M Krishna’s visit to Israel.

He alleged that the UPA government is rubbing salt on the wounds of Muslims. India Policy Foundation 12 XVIII Permanent accommodation for hajis in Mecca Dainik Inquilab published a news report on January 20, 2012 in which it was reported that All India Haj Committee chairperson Mohsina Kidwai informed reporters that the Indian government is in talks with the Saudi Arab government for the construction of permanent building in the country for hajis. It is estimated that around one lakh hajis will be able to get accommodation in the building. The government approved to bear the burden in the construction of the building.

XIX Are Muslims just a vote-bank? Hyderabad-based Munsif on January 17, 2012 published a report that Muslims play an important role in the formation of government in Uttar Pradesh. This is the reason that all the political parties try to play the Muslim card. Mayawati has given ticket to 85 Muslim candidates while last time it was just 16. The Congress’ foolish decision to give Muslims reservation is causing the party very dear. This was the reason why Salman Khurshid was forced to announce that if the Congress forms the government in the state, Muslims will get 9 per cent reservation.

The question is: why all the political parties had suddenly become well-wisher of Muslims with the coming of elections. The truth is that Muslims are just a vote bank for political parties who used them to get power. No one is sympathetic to them. If the Congress is honest then, why doesn’t it implement Rangnath Mishra Commission report? Why are the killers of Babri mosque out in open? Why the accused of Gujarat riots are being saved? Muslim voters of the country are awakened and they know how honest political parties are, on the issue concerning Muslims.

Therefore Muslims must cast their vote very wisely for their benefit. India Policy Foundation 13 XX Shiela Dikshit: Enemy of Muslims Roznama Rashtriya Sahara published a report on January 25, 2012 in which Shiela Dikshit stated that if Salman Rushdie comes to India, we will welcome him. Muslim organisations criticized her for this statement and she was declared enemy of Islam. Lok Janshakti MLA in Delhi Assembly Soab Iqbal demanded an apology from Dikshit. Okhla MPL Asif Mohammad Khan said that Dikshit is playing with the sentiments of Muslims. This will not be tolerated at any cost.

All India Muslim Ekta President Hazi Iqram Hussain and All India Muslim Mazlish Misrawat General Secretary have also criticized Dikshit’s statement and said that Muslims of the country would not tolerate such kind of anti Islamic statement. XXI Differences in Muslim League Sahafat on January 15, 2012 published a news report on the front page in which serious differences in the Muslim League were reported. The Muslim League, led by E Ahmed, is planning to file candidates for the coming elections in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. While the Indian Union Muslim League, led by Dr Bashir Ahmed, also decided to file his candidates in these states.

XXII Muslim Unity is a Must Sahafat on January 23, 2012 published a news report attributing Rajya Sabha deputy chairman K Rahman Khan in which he appealed that Muslims should not consider themselves as minority, instead they should consider themselves as the second largest majority. He claimed that Muslims are 18 per cent of the total population of the country but they haven’t got justice till now. It is important that Muslims elect as many Muslim MPs and MLAs as possible. Muslims vote bank should not be divided. Until this happens, Muslims would not get justice. India Policy Foundation 14 XXIII Islamic Law

Dainik Hamara Samaj published a report on January 23, 2012 attributing Constitutional Right Protection Movement convener, Maulana Wahi Ullah, in which he threatened if anyone interfere in Muslim personal law, they would sacrifice their lives. He said that the movement is being led by Muslim Personnel Law Board in the entire country. He said: “We will give our life to save Islam and Sharia. ” XXIV Islamic Parties will Form the Government in Egypt In the editorial of Urdu Times, in its January 9, 2012 issue, the newspaper expressed happiness over the formation of the government in Egypt by the pro-Islamic parties.

The newspaper also claimed that people that came to power in Turkey and Tunisia are strong believers of Islam and its principles. A new Islamic era has started in the Arab world. The unholy attempt by Mustafa Kamal Pasha to drive away people of Turkey from Islam has failed. Roots of Islam are very deep in the hearts of the people of Turkey and no one can uproot them. This is the reason why Turkey has a Pro-Islamic government. As far as Egypt is concerned, Zamal Abdul Nasir Saddat and Hosni Mubarak tried to crush Islamic supporters Akhwanul Musalmin but in the recent election pro-Islamic forces were vehemently supported.

The newspaper warned that western countries are enemy of Islam. They don’t want any Islamic party to come to power. And whenever any such party comes to power, they start conspiring against it. There was a pro-Islamic government in Algeria but the US did not allow it to function. In the same way pro-Islamic Hammas government was strangulated in Philistine. It also demanded Egypt to snap all its ties with Israel. There was another news report on the front page with the headline ‘Pro-Islam will Form the Government in Egypt’.

According to it, Akhwanul Musalmin won 48 per cent seats in the Egyptian Parliament. Other parties that have tasted success are Al Nawar and Wafad Party. Three other successful parties are pro-Islamic. The newspaper also informed that secular forces have disappeared and only three Christians have won. Egypt has once again supported Islamic parties. India Policy Foundation 15 XXV Israel is worried about success of followers of Islam In the editorial of Dainik Inquilab, on January 24, 2012, it said that Israel is worried about the success of the Islamic forces in Egypt.

The US supported democratic forces in Egypt with the hope that hatred against Jews and western countries will subside but the way in which Islamic forces emerged in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Egypt, the US policy failed completely. Dreams of America and Israel are broken with pro-Islamic forces capturing around 80 per cent seats. Now, radical,Akhwanul Musalmin, will form the government in the country. The case in Libya is also similar. XXVI Rahul Gandhi meets Urdu Editors Dainik Inquilab published a news report, on the front page, with the headline ‘Sangh Pariwar is Responsible for Depriving Muslims from Their Rights’.

Illegal arrests have been accepted but refused to discuss Batla House encounter’. Rahul Gandhi said that atrocities against Muslims would not be repeated in the state. The newspaper informed that Rahul secretly met with editors of Urdu Newspapers of Delhi and Lucknow at his residence. The meeting lasted for one-and-half-hour. He said that the administration is full of officials with RSS ideology. They are not ready to accept that innocent Muslims are put in jail. They are not ready to accept acquitted Muslim youth in Malegoan blast case as innocent.

Gandhi clearly stated that communal forces always trouble Muslims, which is exploited by the officials. He said that his party wanted to give its due to the Muslim community. He alleged that Sangh leaders are baffled with their cadres’ name in the terror blast accused list and to divert the attention of the people, Anna movement was started. Rahul alleged that Anna movement was being fanned by anti-Congress people in the media. He appealed to the Urdu Media that they must bring to notice problems of Muslims before the government as they are not getting representation in the governance and this is the reason why they are lagging behind.

He claimed that no injustice would be done to Muslims. The Congress will do justice to them. Akhbar Nav’s editor M Afzal, Jadeed Khabar’s editor Masoom Mooradabadi, Roznama Aag’s editor Ibrahin Alvi, Jadeed Marqaz’s editor Hisam Siddiqui, Akhbar Masrikh’s editor Wasimul Haque, Rojnama Rashtriya Sahara editor Asad Raza, Inquilab’s editor Shaqil Hasan Samsi, Siyasat Zadid’s editor Irshad Ilmi attented the meeting. Congress leaders Safuddin Soz, Rashid Masood, Raj Babbar and Rajiv Shukla were also present in the meeting. India Policy Foundation 16 India Policy Foundation India Policy Foundation