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An introductory paper to novelist, journalist and poet Ishmael Reed and several of his works.

A paper which highlights the works of Ishmael Reed as well as the reasons why he writes what he writes. The paper addresses the literary achievements of this renowned black writer, such as the black soap opera “Personal Problems”, and the criticism on his work. Moreover, the paper discusses the impact of his work on his avid readers.
“All the work produced by Reed, be it in the field of journalism or as a novelist, essayist, poet, playwright or songwriter vehemently displays the anguish that the versatile literary figure feels regarding the racial injustices and black-white discrimination. His Personal Problems, a black soap opera highlights the injustices done on the part of blacks by the media. He challenges the manner in which African Americans are portrayed by the television as well as radio and other electronic forms of media. Furthermore, this black opera managed to set new trends for future Television networks. This opera highlights the significant as well as the negative role played by the American media men in projecting blacks as meek, second-class citizens and not worthy of holding strong positions.”

Case study ,Accounting,Audit

The following items are noted by the auditor to be of significance to the audit:
A – item one… January 6,2020
B – item two… June 30,2020
C – item three…January 6,2021Required:
For example , on Jun 2020
They hired new CFO
So we should write
So basically item one which mean
Jun 2022 And there is 7 items “dates” we should write just 3