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Is there a Correlation? Main Post: Consider the dataset that you analyzed in Unit 1. If your dataset did

Is there a Correlation?

Main Post: Consider the dataset that you analyzed in Unit 1. If your dataset did not have two quantitative variables or if you would prefer using a different dataset, visit the dataset link to select a new data set of interest to you. See Example and DB starter video in Unit 8 LiveBinder.

Determine the following information on your selected data set. Be sure to answer all questions using complete sentences.

State the dataset and the two quantitative variables of interest. Do you think there might be a correlation between the two variables (before you analyze the data)? Why or why not.
Create a scatterplot with a simple linear regression. Attach the scatterplot to your post.
Run the regression analysis in Excel Data Analysis. Share the output.
What is the coefficient of determination r2? Summarize the results by stating whether this is a strong or weak relationship. State whether it is a positive or negative relationship. Is this result what you expected?
Use the regression analysis output to determine the linear regression (best fit prediction line) equation.
Peer Reply #1: Choose a classmate’s post and review the linear regression (prediction line) equation. Select a value for the independent variable X and calculate the predicted Y. Be sure to show your work. Does the predicted value seem reasonable? See Example.

Peer Reply #2: Choose another classmate’s post. Further the math conversation by commenting on the correlation between the two variables and why you believe the regression equation is a good or poor model for prediction. See Example.

The assignment is discussion board #8 it can be found in Business statistics and Quantitative Analysis.

Domestic Violence-A Better Way

Domestic Violence-A Better Way.

Select one crisis from textbook. Interview someone involved in that particular category of crisis intervention such as a social worker, Christian counselor, pastor, Red Cross Disaster Recovery officer, crisis center worker, suicide hotline counselor, prison ministry chaplain, battered spouse shelter worker, funeral director, police detective, marriage therapist, etc. Following are general questions for the student to explore: What is the person’s background? Qualifications? How long has the person been involved in crisis intervention? How did the person get into crisis intervention? Has crisis intervention changed within the past five years? How? Has it improved? If so, how and to what degree? What “lessons learned”, or advice, can the person share with the student? Give the interviewee a brief overview of what the textbook says about crisis intervention. Does the person’s experience validate or contradict the textbook? Does the person’s experience add anything to the discussion beyond what our course material offers? Students are not limited to these general questions and is free to delve into additional issues. Be sure to investigate not only the “what” but also the “why” and “how” of each response. Write a 4 – 8 page, double spaced report of your interview using a Question and Answer format. **PLEASE RIGHT IS WOMENS PERSPECTIVE, INTERVIEWING A CRISIS CENTER WORKER FOR A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CENTER***

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Developing an outline for a clinical nursing course

Is there a Correlation? Main Post: Consider the dataset that you analyzed in Unit 1. If your dataset did Developing an outline for a clinical nursing course.

Select or develop an outline for a clinical nursing course. Plan the assessment methods (with rationale) for the course including their weight in the final grade. Develop the grading protocol with rationale as supported by the scholarly literature and your texts.

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The Journey North and Life in Frontier California

The Journey North and Life in Frontier California.

Considering the arguments in the readings listed below, how did ideologies of race, gender, and sexuality construct colonialist and settler colonialist perceptions about Indigenous and Chicana/o people and place? Remember to distinguish between the Spanish and American periods. Use the following readings to support your discussion: • Castañeda, “Presidarias y Pobladoras: The Journey North and Life in Frontier California” • Sanchez, “Rancho Life in Alta California” • Gonzalez- “Lupe’s Song: The Origins of Mexican Woman Hating in the United States” • Carrigan and Webb, “Lynching of People of Mexican Origin or Descent in the United States” • Saavedra, Ch. 5 The Age of Transformation from Pasadena Before the Roses *I can Provide the reference chapters for Gonzalez, carrigan and webb, and saavedra. I believe you already have the E-Text En Aquel Entonces by Manuel G. Gonzales and Cynthia M Gonzales since you wrote something for me about that.The Castaneda is chapter 1 and Sanchez is Chapter 4.

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Simulation of an economic model predictive controlled water heating system with demand response remunerated on imbalance market pricing.

Simulation of an economic model predictive controlled water heating system with demand response remunerated on imbalance market pricing..

Buildings are responsible for 40% of our worldwide energy consumption and 50% of this energy is converted for HVAC systems in buildings, e.g. for hot water. In this paper, we will simulate the participation of a water heating system in the balancing of the electricity net. Here, the goal is to change the setpoint of the water heater and thus adapt the power consumption. The transmission system operator rewards active participation in delivering balanced energy. In our simulations, we replace a standard on/off controller with an economic model predictive control (MPC) controller that takes its optimisation, energy cost, and reward for delivering balanced power into account. The outcome will show that the economic benefits of participating in delivering balanced power is significant. We show that the choice of an MPC controller is valid as it allows the setpoint to change if certain conditions are met. Simulations show that the controller often decides not to participate in delivering balanced power because the conditions are not optimal. With a normal controller, this choice would not be possible to make, which would lead to a sub-optimal revenue stream from selling flexibility. Simulations show that the energy consumption goes up, which is permitted as the participation in net stabilisation allows the macro-system to integrate more renewable energy sources. Another conclusion is that the poorer the energy performance of the system, the more flexibility can be sold. From a policy point of view, a minimal energy performance should be determined before allowing participation in net stabilisation.

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