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is part of my final and super important. Here’s the deal, I have the paper mostly done. I have all the sections for it completed, like the topic, introduction, and the discussion/theory part, but what I will NEED is to construct all of the parts I have into a final paper with a conclusion and with my teacher’s edits as well. This is due TOMORROW MAY 4TH BEFORE 11:59pm. I am so sorry it’s last minute but I am so desperate and need the help and it shouldn’t be that hard. I will also need a presentation done (a powerpoint with slides) for my essay due MAY 6 BEFORE 11:59PM…I WILL pay an additional $20 bonus when everything is completed for the slides as well I PROMISE

For your final paper you are expected to combine your introduction section, theory section, and make conclusions. You may included additional subsections to help organize your paper. Please be sure to incorporate any changes that I noted in the previous section. Points will be deducted if you do not incorporate those changes. Papers will be graded based upon the following: Length is between 5 to 6 pages, not including required cover page and reference section. Doubled- spaced, Times New Roman, 12 inch font, 1 inch margins, and page numbers on bottom right. Cover page with paper title, student name, course title and section, and date. Include typed headings Introduction, Theory/Discussion and Conclusion. Combine corrected assignments 1 and 2, add a conclusion. (do not include the outline) Must use ASA citation format in for in-text citations and reference list. Proper spelling and grammar Proper formatting Proper sentence structure Instructions for Presentations: When uploading your assignment as a post, with the PowerPoint attached as PDF or PPT.—- Label your post with your name and title of paper. Students will use this discussion board to post their reviews of their classmate’s presentation. Have a Title and Reference page(s). Use PowerPoint no more than 7 slides, not including the Title and Reference section Use headings (Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion) Do not copy and past from paper, SUMMARIZE! Graphics and videos are encouraged- be creative!