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is about how CPS Workers are constantly being compared to other fields of work such as border patrols, police officers, and more, I’m arguing about how they ar not the same and that they are different and how they are different.

Please include some citations ad please tell me where you got your citations! I will insert a paper of an interview I did please also try to insert some citations from there. I also uploaded my three point thesis if you can try to also make it similar to that !!

Cognitive Development Activities

Cognitive Development Activities.

Differentiation is a crucial aspect of guiding students in cognitive development. Teachers should have a variety of differentiation strategies to help adolescents develop cognitively. Complete the “Cognitive Development Activities” template and design three activities that could be differentiated for students in various stages of cognitive development in your content area. Use Piaget’s stages of cognitive development theory, as you analyze differentiation strategies for various stages of cognitive development. Align these activities to the appropriate content area standards in your Washington State. Your activities should show a connection to stages of cognitive development, multiple intelligences, or moral development.

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