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is a personal reflection on your interactions with religion and faith.

1) Who is the most “religious” person in your life? What is his or her faith tradition? What sort
of words, actions, and lifestyles mark this person as devoted to their faith? How does this person
practice his or her faith? How does it impact other aspects of his or her life? What do you think
about this?
2) What other religions have you encountered in your life experience (not including your answer
to section 1)? Describe and discuss your experience with other faiths. Do you view this
experience in a positive or negative light? Why?
3) Share your own religious/spiritual journey. Is religion important to you? How so? Where are
you now as compared to last year, or 3 years ago? In what ways (if any) has religion impacted
your perspective on life, your morals and ethics, and other life decisions? How might (or might
not) religion and spirituality impact your social interactions and relationships with others?

develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management

develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management.

Question 1 

Conduct appropriate research into evidence-based practice requirements and explain the approach.



Briefly explain the following approaches to service delivery

• Strengths-based

• Rights-based

• Person-centred

• Needs-based


Question 3

It is commonly accepted that behaviour change occurs in stages or steps. What are the five stages?


Question 4

What are the goals of privacy legislation and principles?



What do formal meetings involve? What are the characteristics of successful meetings?


Question 6

Your clients require information about their rights of appeal and avenues of complaint. What information do you need to give them?


Question 7

Provide five examples of legislation that might apply to your work.



Question 8

Discuss your duty of care to your clients.



Within the community services sector there are diverse client populations who require special considerations due to their history and needs. List and describe at least five client populations who are likely to have specialized considerations, protocols, history and needs.


Question 10

List at five pieces of information you might need from the families of clients.


Question 11

 You need to be able to question your clients effectively. What questioning techniques could you use.


Question 12

When a case is being transferred to another agency, what documentation needs to be completed by the receiving agency? What documentation needs to be transferred to the receiving agency? How quickly should this be done? List at least five types of document or records that might be included.


Question 13

List five areas that can be evaluated as part of monitoring and reviewing case management practices.



Question 14

How do you find out what service are available to your clients?


Question 15

What are the rights, roles and responsibilities of case managers?


Question 16

What is the impact of values systems of worker, client and key stakeholder on outcomes?


Question 17

Why are performance evaluations important to organisation with role in the case management process?

Sources: 5

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Writing about Ohan pamuk author

is a personal reflection on your interactions with religion and faith. Writing about Ohan pamuk author.

This is 4 page essay about orhan pamuk why he is my fav author in the world and why he is good. This essay gonna be 4 page essay plus Autobiography an

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European civilization

European civilization.

You have free choice, as long as it satisfies these three criteria: It must relate to the subject of this course [Western Civilizations]. It must relate to the time-frame the course is covering [generally, since the start of written/recorded history to about 1700 in HIST B4A]. It must demonstrate the historical relevance/importance of the topic, in an academic manner, in each paragraph.

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Historical Law Enforcement Cartoon.

Historical Law Enforcement Cartoon..

 Historical Law Enforcement cartoon& analytical essay: Law Enforcement historic cartoons are vivid primary sources that offer intriguing and entertaining insights into the public mood, the underlying cultural assumptions of an age and attitudes toward key events or trends of the times. Since the 18h century, law enforcement historical cartoons have offered a highly useful window into the past. Step #1- Research and select an appropriate historical cartoon with regard to Law Enforcement issue. Step # 2 – use primary documents to support your point of view concerning the selected cartoon. This essay will be based on your primary sources only. The use of secondary sources will be not accepted and will only produce a substandard grade. Objectives: The students’ will: 1. Interpret primary documents 2. Develop the skill of historical analysis 3. Explain the significance historical evidence 4. Understand the impact of historical law enforcement cartoons of the nation. 5. Analyze the various interpretations of historical events. The primary question(s) you should address is: In what manner does the selected cartoon reflect the political or historical attitude of the time or period in which it was presented. essay must also address the following elements in essay form. Introductory and closing paragraph Descibe the mood of the cartoon what techniques or devices does the cartoonist use? Caricature? Symbolism? Ridicule? What issue or event does the cartoon deal with? Describe the various symbols in the cartoon. Describe the action-taking place in the cartoon. What is the purpose of the cartoon? What is the message? Is it effective? Who is the intended audience? Whose viewpoint does it represent? What are the opposing sides of the issue presented in the cartoon? What is your point of view as to the message in the cartoon? You are required to use two (2) primary sources to support your point of view concerning the message contained in the caroon.

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What role did the U.S. play in the combat and the peace of the Great War?

What role did the U.S. play in the combat and the peace of the Great War?.

Paper details

Chapter 23. What role did the U.S. play in the combat and the peace of the Great War? Chapter 24. Describe the situation of farmers in the 1920s. Was this decade good for them economically and morally? Film Discussion: After watching Boom to Bust, describe the atmosphere or attitude of 1920s America. Could the average American have known it was all going downhill?

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Dramatistic Theory of Social Movements

Dramatistic Theory of Social Movements.

 Using Griffin’s most excellent essay on the “Dramatistic Theory of Social Movements,” which is essentially a summary of dramatism, analyze Fight Club. Responses should focus on what motivates our characters and what types of characters that they are. Please be sure to quote directly from the reading. Questions worth considering: What is being rejected hierarchically–socially, politically, economically? Why? Why are so many males willing to follow Tyler Durden? Consider the functioning of scapegoating and mortification. To what effect do they have viz-a-viz the resolution of underlying frustrations? Why is this about Marla Singer? Is guilt produced by being hierarchically conflicted? Why do so many of the Cathartic moments fail to provide resolution? Gateway Accessibility Information The Sakai Project

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Rock Music Group Discussion

Rock Music Group Discussion.

Read, rate, and respond to 2 posts from your group (which will be included in the instruction document) : provide constructive criticism and feedback as well as any other observations. Be thoughtful and thorough. Make sure that both group member’s posts has at least 2 ratings/responses. on a scale from 0-5 rate your classmates’ posts.

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Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder

Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder.

Explain the diagnostic criteria for Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder” -Explain the evidenced-based psychotherapy and psychopharmacologic treatment for Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder” -Identify the risks of different types of therapy and explain how the benefits of the therapy that might be achieved might outweigh the risks. Support your rationale with 2-3 (or more)references to the Learning Resources or other academic resource.

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Ethical Issues Encountered by Managers

Ethical Issues Encountered by Managers.

Assignment: Ethical Issues Encountered by Managers An important skill for managers and business leaders to have is being able to evaluate a situation to determine what happened, why it happened, how things could have gone differently, what lessons can be learned going forward, and so on. When ethical issues arise, managers are often called upon to address the situations from an employee and leadership perspective, and if damage has been done, there may be a need to not only correct behaviors but also improve relationships. For your final Assignment in this course, you will review a series of business scenarios involving ethical matters. You will then use those scenarios to determine whether the parties involved behaved ethically or not, as well as explain the impacts of the situation, what else may have affected the decision making, and how it could have been addressed more effectively. To prepare for this Assignment: Review this week’s Learning Resources. Review the Part 1 Scenarios document and choose one of the case studies to use for Part 1 of your Assignment. Review the Part 2 Scenarios document and choose one of the case studies to use for Part 2 of your Assignment. Refer to the Academic Writing Expectations for 1000-Level Courses as you compose your Assignment. By Day 7 Submit your responses to the following prompts in Parts 1 and 2. Part 1 Using one case study from the Part 1 Scenarios document, address the following prompts: For each person in the scenario, did he or she behave ethically or unethically? Explain why, providing at least one scholarly resource to support your answer. (150–225 words, or 2–3 paragraphs) How could this scenario have been addressed more effectively? (75–150 words, or 1–2 paragraphs) What are the potential internal (leadership/management) and external impacts of this unethical behavior on the organization? (150 words, or 2 paragraphs) Did organizational, positional, or personal power affect the ethical decision making of those involved? Explain why or why not. (75–150 words, or 1–2 paragraphs) Part 2 Using one case study from the Part 2 Scenarios document, address the following prompts: Does this business adhere to ethical practices? Why or why not? (75–150 words, or 1–2 paragraphs) What are the potential internal (leadership/management) and external impacts of these business practices on the organization? (150 words, or 2 paragraphs) Note: Be sure to reference at least two scholarly sources to support your work.

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