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IPv6 is the latest Internet protocol, replacing the IPv4

IPv6 is the latest Internet protocol, replacing the IPv4. I’m working on a Computer Science exercise and need support.

IPv6 is the latest Internet protocol, replacing the IPv4. Although IPv6 is superior to IPv4 in several respects, its implementation requires new hardware and software technologies and expertise and, thus, financial investment. As a newly hired IT manager, you are proposing the implementation of IPv6. Discuss the argument that you would make to convince the management to approve your proposal. In responses to your peers, please discuss some issues migrating to IPv6 may cause.
IPv6 is the latest Internet protocol, replacing the IPv4

The Nurse as Advocate
In a Microsoft Word document of 5-6 pages formatted in APA style, you will describe the advocacy. The Nurse as Advocate In a Microsoft Word document of 5-6 pages formatted in APA style, you will describe the advocacy process. Whether nurses are advocating for their patients, health care, and/or policies that improve people’s lives, the advocacy processes have commonalities that transcend the subject of their advocacy. There are also differences, although these differences may be more nuanced than obvious. Review the following chapters from your course textbook: Taking Action: Nurse, Educator, and Legislator: My Journey to the Delaware Senate Taking Action: A Nurse in the Board Room Respond to the following questions based on your readings: Describe what you believe to be the drivers for each of the individual advocates. What factors led the individuals to become advocates? Discuss the challenges that each of the individuals identified in their writings. Analyze these drivers and challenges and compare them with your own experience to date as an advocate. In what ways do you believe you can expand your advocacy skills within the next five years? On a separate reference page, cite all sources using APA format. Please note that the title and reference pages should not be included in the total page count of your paper. Use this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources. This handout will provide you the details of formatting your essay using APA style. You may create your essay in this APA-formatted template. Submission Details: Name your document SU_NSG4068_W5_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc. Submit your document to the Submissions area by the due date assigned.The Nurse as Advocate
In a Microsoft Word document of 5-6 pages formatted in APA style, you will describe the advocacy
University of Hail Data Analysis Part and Processing Project.

In this task, you will be writing ch 4 & 5 in this analysis including making adjustments in ch 3 (data analysis part and processing) based on what you do when you analyzed the work. This will be approximately 25-35 pages total. No limited pages. but you must cover all instructions and codes. Here are some of my instructions you must follow if you are ready to do this work.Plus, the tips and the example provided necessary to be followed. When you extend or change anything in this work.Please make sure you read all 9 items and remember them when you do your work or copy them and put that next to where you are working. If these rules are not followed, our work will not be accepted. As I’m sure you know, this work must be of high quality and the very best you are able to do.1. If you make any changes or any information on the method part you require to put them in red color.2. All resources must be academic, reliable, and new.3. Sources that will be accepted are strong books, academic articles, journals, and NO website sources accepted.4. The sources used must be copied and put in a pdf document and included. The place where these resources refer to must be put in YELLOW or highlighted so I can know where to look for it. This will make it easier for me to find the location to track the information. These sources used must be included with your work.5. As you write and revise the information please make sure that it follows what came before it and leads to what comes next. This way it will make the document smooth and clear to the reader.6. You may use direct quotations, mark them as such, and cite them. However, please do not plagiarize anything because I am using 2 types of software that can detect it immediately.7. Please check your work before sending it to the theme to make sure there are no grammatical or punctuation errors. Any of these errors will make the work unacceptable and will not ask for revision. 8. All content, references, tables, or any other item must follow APA 7th edition format(See links attached for more details).9. Please use your own words and avoid being biased or sensitive. I will provide my draft and the syntax file if I found the right person. I want to find the most qualified, available writer first, and identify the cost. See attached for more guidance and details.At least need 9 Sources need to be cited address them in ch 4, and 5.Make sure the data analysis part in ch 3 matches with what you doing in ch 4.You require to run all code in the syntax files and interpret all the findings.I have attached the work called “Use of Cell Phones in Education at King Saud University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” as a guideline and to give you more details of what i am expecting you specifically to do.Note you need to talk about the Reliability of the Instrument in result part 4 based on Cronbach’s alpha analysis that code in my syntax file.You need to create a Table of Contents and a List of Figures. Table and Figures MUST be followed APA 7th edition formatting (See links attached and the examples)………I need a sample of your previous work to make sure you can handle this task. Delay work will not be accepted because there will be no extension for the deadline.================Steps for writing results:You essentially need to start by specifying exactly what type of test I did ran, (See the syntax files attached and create an output file) such as: “A 2 x 2 x 4 mixed factorial analysis of variance was conducted.” This is determined by the number of levels your variables have, and whether they are within or between subjects.You then need to state what your outcome variable was, and what your independent variables were, along with the levels of those variables.Next, you should talk about significant interactions if they are there. If not, mention that there were no significant interactions and talk about main effects (report significant and nonsignificant effects). Here are examples of the format for how to report F statistics from previous work I have done:There was no main effect of biological sex, F(1,603)= .095,p>.05,η ̂^2= .002.There was also a main effect of perception source, with victims reporting greater relationship violence than perpetrators, as well as a main effect of relationship duration, F(1,603)=25.95,p< .001,η ̂^2= .04 and F(4,603)=7.64,p< .001,η ̂^2= .05, respectively.Here’s what the different pieces are/mean:F(1,603) – this is denoting that you ran an F test, with the degrees of freedom for the variable on the left, and the total degrees of freedom on the right= 25.95 – this is the value of the F testp < .001 – this is the significance of the F test. Generally you report one of the following numbers: > .05 if the result was nonsignificant, or < .05, < .01, < .001, whichever is closest to your result.η ̂^2= .05 – This is called “eta squared”, it is a measure of effect size. Basically, how much your variable influences the outcome.If you have a significant variable with more than two levels, you should talk about those differences using post-hoc tests of pairwise comparisons. Make sure to specify which post-hoc tests you ran and how you controlled for familywise Type I error (not all tests do this automatically). Here’s an example of how to write about these from previous work:Among perpetrators, males reported less average relationship violence than females, p < .001.If you want to know more about what these violations are/how to identify and remedy them, a search for “ANOVA test assumptions” should help.*****I will upload the Syntax file with a brief of my work after i get the right person that will be able to handle this work.
University of Hail Data Analysis Part and Processing Project

Park University Unit 7 Children from The Gender Revolution Discussion

Park University Unit 7 Children from The Gender Revolution Discussion.

I’m working on a sociology question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

IntroductionIn this unit, we will examine the causes and consequences of balancing work and families. We will look at who works in the workforce and who works at home, the division of household labor, and who takes care of the kids. Rational choice and social exchange theory will also be applied to family.ULOsEvaluate the causes and consequences of balancing work and family (CLO2)Apply rational choice and social exchange theory to family (CLO1)Apply knowledge to everyday lives and their own lives (CLO6)DirectionsAfter reading the articles assigned for the week in your Ferguson text, fully answer the questions asked on each article. Each unit, you are required to post to ALL discussion prompts but only one peer post per unit is required. You must post first before you will see other classmate’s postings. Topic 1: “There’s no such thing as having it all: Gender, work and care in the age of insecurity”In this article, the author discusses the boundary between earning a living and taking care of the family. Most people want both a satisfying career and a rich family life but it is very difficult to have our cake and eat it too. Children from the gender revolution have 3 options. They include partaking in the neo-traditional format, the self-reliance option, or egalitarianism. Which will or do you employ and why?Topic 2: “No place like home: the division of domestic labor in Lesbigay families”In this article, the author argues that egalitarianism is a myth in Lesbigay families. Explain. Do you agree with the author’s findings? Why or why not?Topic 3: What are the causes and consequences of balancing work and family in your life?Due DatesFirst post due 11:59 p.m., Thursday CTRespond to one or more classmates by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, CT.
Park University Unit 7 Children from The Gender Revolution Discussion

Comparison between hmv and itunes stores

professional essay writers Introduction: In the past 10 years the internet or e-technology has altered how the industries operate. More affected by the new technology is the music and video industry later the book industry with eBooks. Traditionally consumers have purchased music, video or a book from a store. If it is a music or a video it is bought on CD / DVD and but with the internet came new ways of getting digital content. Apple has launched ITunes for delivery of digital content directly to the consumer, with no physical presence. HMV is using a mixed strategy of maintain a physical store as well as having a website for selling the digital content but the delivery is through shipment of CD/ DVDs. They both operate under the same model B2C. But they have different ways of delivering the goods / services to customer. HMV HMV is the UK and Ireland’s leading specialist retailer of Music, DVD/Video, Computer Games and Related Products. The company operates around 200 stores in key shopping locations nationwide, equating to over 1million sq. ft. of trading space, as well as a successful online store at, operated by HMV Guernsey1. HMV sells content in physical from and operates in physical as well as virtual space. ITunes Store The iTunes Store is a software-based online digital media store operated by Apple Inc. Opening as the iTunes Music Store on April 28, 2003, with over 200,000 items to purchase; it was as of April 2008 the number-one music vendor in the United States. As of January 2009, the store has sold 6 billion songs, accounting for 70% of worldwide online digital music sales and making the service the largest legal music retailer. As of Sep 2009 the sales of ITunes are 8.5 billion songs, 1 million HD movies and TV episodes, 2 billion apps with a combines revenue of $ 6.7 Billion 2 . ITunes sells digital content and has virtual presence only. SWOT Analysis: HMV Strengths: * Has both online and physical store presence. Customer can access any of the 2 ways to interact with HMV. * Can sell any item MUSIC/ DVD/ GAMES, no need for any arrangement with HMV. * Can deliver physical items like gaming consoles, posters/ cards etc. Weakness: * Cannot sell individual items in music albums or individual episodes in TV shows. * Not available all the time (except online, which requires shipping of product) Opportunity: The opportunity for stores lies in enhancing the customer experience at the stores. Threat: The physical stores are fast losing significance; the rivals like Zavvi, Woolworths have closed most of their physical stores. Becoming obsolete is the threat faced by the stores of HMV. Itunes: Strengths: * Suits the needs of the current generation. * Content is immediately available for consumption. * Available anytime and anywhere. * It is backed by one of the best companies in the tech world, Apple. Weakness: * Can sell only the products like music that it has been agreement with companies and is authorized to sell. * Cannot sell and deliver online physical items like posters/ cards etc. * Cannot sell items that are huge in size in terms of memory. Games DVDs are usually of a size of 4 Giga Bytes or more and are difficult to download online. * Not available in all the countries. Opportunity: The opportunities lie in expanding into other segments of digital content like eBooks. The Ibooks which is a past of iStore is planning to sell eBooks directly to the customer. Threat: The model of ITunes is easily replicable. The threat is from rivals like Amazon and HMV who want to sell digital music to sell directly to customers same way as ITunes does now. SLEPT Analysis Before creating any business strategy or while evaluating an existing strategy it is extremely important to scan the external environment. SLEPT analysis is an investigation of the Social, Legal, Economic, Political, and Technological influences on a business3. Social: The changing demography of the people will have an impact on the business. The social changes can be psychological, demographical etc. The psychological change that is witnessed is the need for making things happen fast. People do not want to wait for placing an order and waiting to receive it by post. Most of the music albums have one or two hot songs and today’s consumers are not willing to pay for the entire album. They want to pay only for the songs they like. Legal: Since the advent of new technology the music industry has been losing its revenue. The illegal file sharing has eaten into the revenues of music companies. Music companies have been suing the file sharing sites like Napster and more recently the piratebay. Even the individuals are sued by the industry; Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has successfully sued a Minnesota woman for copy right infringement and illegal file sharing4. Legal battles resulted in buying of digital content by the consumers. The legal issues lead to the online stores like ITunes that sell music legally online. Legal structure is well in place to support the business of ITunes and HMV. Economical Economy and business cycles affect the business. We are in the middle of an economic recession. Customers will be counting every penny they spend. The most the costs associated with dealing a company the more the customers shy away from that company. HMV: The costs associated with purchasing content from HMV are far more compared to buying music from iTunes. Customer needs to visit a store, browse through a variety of catalogues before zeroing on the music / video to buy. This involves time and travel cost. ITunes: customer can access iTunes by sitting in their homes. Carry the music with them in an iPod. Buying a single song instead of buying an entire album is always cheaper. Political Political changes are related to the influence that government has upon the industry. The political changes usually do not affect much the entertainment industry. In rare cases the governments may feel that some music / video content may be decided to be inappropriate for their country or will hurt the sentiments of the people. They ban the particular content from distribution and delivery. Technological: If there is any singular factor that changed the dynamics of an music industry, it is technology. With the ubiquitous internet, people are able to share digital content freely, which includes music, videos etc. Technology also facilitated the illegal copying and distribution of music and video. Technology also deintermetized the content delivery. As the music is directly delivered to the consumers there is no need for the manufacturers or suppliers of CDs/ DVDs. Technology made it possible to carry the content with us in our IPods, Laptops, Phone etc. Digital content everywhere and on any device is the MANTRA of technology. Companies that fast adapt to this tsunami of technology changes survive while others perish. BCG MATRIX: Boston Consulting Group (BCG) MATRIX is developed by BRUCE HENDERSON of the BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP IN THE EARLY 1970’s. According to this technique, businesses or products are classified as low or high performers depending upon their market growth rate and relative market share ITunes: Growth: The Itunes is the undisputed star in the BCG matrix . Between 2000 and 2009 the population using internet has become 1.7 billion from 360 million5. High internet users mean high growth potential for the itunes. Cashflows: Itunes revenues are steadily increasing every year. Strategy: The strategy to be adopted for stars is to hold or invest for growth. Apple is investing in ITunes store by adding app store, which sells games and applications for mobile and computers. With the launch of Ipad Apple is adding the fastest growing segment , eBooks to iTunes , calling it as iBook store as a part of Itunes. HMV: Growth: The growth of the HMV stores has been moderate and better. The increase in sales also partly due to the demise of its closest rivals like Zavvi , Woolworths6. Cashflows: The cash flows for the physical stores are steady but not exactly encouraging. The online stores sales are increasing, grew by 16% and grew by a phenomenal 60%7. Strategy: The recommended strategy is to hold or add market share. The company is losing sales as well as sales in the physical stores domain but is growing in the online space. That is why HMV is launching its own delivery of music and other content through direct download from its own website. Shopping Experience: The shopping experience is diametrically different for both HMV and itunes HMV Customer has 2 ways of interacting with HMV. A physical store visit and through online at the website of HMV for purchasing content. its own web site, which operates a sales model of e business. Customer can walk into the HMV stores, touch and feel the products and buy them. This is required especially while buying products like cards and posters. They can seek assistance from the store assistants, whenever they need it. When a customer visits the website he can buy CDs that are delivered to him by post. When a customer buys any product directly from the store he can use it immediately, but when ordered online using the stores, he needs to wait till he receives the product by post to start using the product. The payment methods are cash or card for physical store payments and only through cards for online payment. ITunes To be a part of ITunes customers need the following: 1. A computer 2. Access to Internet 3. Download iTunes software 4. Have credit / Debit card 5. Error free internet connection. Customers are connected virtually. Customers can search the item they are looking for in no time. Customers can buy the item and start using them immediately, no need to wait for any shipment to arrive. The payment method is only through cards and NO CASH payments. Pricing of goods: HMV: The pricing of goods is entirely dependent on the content (CD/ DVD) that customer is going to buy. Music is sold through albums and the price is fixed per album. The individual items in a Music album or individual episodes in a TV show are not available for purchase. ITunes: The items are sold as bundled products like albums or sold separately as individual items. For example a customer wanting to buy music has an option of buying the complete album or individual songs in the album. Return Procedures: HMV The return policy is dependent on the kind of product purchased. Unwanted, damaged and incorrect or faulty items can be returned to HMV and customer can get a refund or get a damaged item replaced. ITunes When shopping with the iTunes Store, all sales are final. The customer needs to decide what are the items he wishes to buy and add them to the shopping cart. As soon as he clicks the BUY button, the purchases are charged to his account. The money is taken from his debit or credit card account. Once the order is placed there is no way a customer can cancel the order or get a refund. It is the responsibility of the customer to check for compatibility of the items purchased. Type of technology for website: HMV: The technology used by the HMV is * A browser interface for content viewing, no need to for any software (like iTunes). Anyone can view the content with the help of popular browsers like IE, Firefox or Chrome. * Order acceptance via website. No user account needed for buying items from * Handles acknowledgement of payment and shipment delivery details for the order ITunes: The technology used by ITunes is Apple proprietary. Items are not sold through a web browser interface like other ecommerce sites. Anyone wanting to access ITunes need to download the software from APPLE and all the actions are through the software. The ITunes comprises of: * An interface for viewing the music/ video catalogs * An order processing system via iTunes account and credit card/ debit card * A delivery system via download from iTunes. ITunes restricts the sale of digital content to those people who are not having iTunes software. HMV and ITunes and E-Business Ladder Technology has changed the way the business happens. E-business is any process that a business organization conducts over computer-mediated network channels. Business organizations include any for-profit, governmental, or non-profit entity. Examples of these processes are on-line purchasing, on-line sales, on-line logistics, customer support, employee training and recruiting, and vendor-managed inventory, production design and control 8. The e business ladder is the ladder that shows where the organization stands with respect to what is possible to achieve in terms of available technology. The ladder shows how effectively the organization is using the advantage of technology and has integrated with business strategy. We will see where HMV and ITunes stand with respect to e -business ladder model of Cisco e-Adoption Ladder (DTI, 2000) HMV needs to move up the ladder to compete with Itunes. HMV is making moves towards this. HMV is adding another business dimension to its website The new delivery channel is by means of downloads directly from the website of HMV. This is currently under construction and will be available soon9. Which means HMV is moving up the ladder from just taking orders online and processing them offline to accepting orders and delivering through internet. ITunes is at the top of the ladder. It has tie ups with all leading content providers (music production companies, TV studios, movie producers etc). The customers just need to visit iTunes store to buy any content. This is a seamless integration of suppliers and buyers by iTunes acting as a intermediary facilitating B2C transactions. Emerging Technologies in e-business The emerging technologies that can be used for e-business are * Cloud computing * Mobile computing. ITunes has already made inroads into mobile computing by offering iTunes in its iphone. But iTunes is available only for iPhones. HMV can use the other platforms for mobile computing like Android from Google, Windows Mobile from Microsoft for building applications to sell content on mobiles. Cloud computing is the area that both iTunes and HMV needs to explore. The current business model is delivering the content to the customer by means of download or physical delivery of CD/DVD. Apple restricts the number of machines that can play the content that is downloaded from iTunes. We cannot play the content on more than 5 machines and those machines need to be authorized using the user’s iTunes account. With cloud computing the content is not necessarily delivered but it can be accessed from anywhere when connected to internet. A customer who buys a music album or songs need not download it to his computer but can access from anywhere and from any computer or any device, say , mobile. Cloud computing is possible only when the connectivity is always established with internet, which is not impossible in near future. How can HMV and ITunes increase market share HMV 1. Showing growth in the existing websites which is possible by new offerings like making downloads available 2. Introducing new product range like selling e readers and new gaming hardware like DSI 3. Introducing loyalty cards. 4. Strong tie up and product sharing with group company Waterstones for selling books and eBooks. 5. Live

Formaldehyde in green chemistry

1.0 INTRODUCTION Formaldehyde is the first member of the aldehyde family (CH2O) and is the most important aldehyde in the environment.3 It is a naturally occurring chemical and a by-product of most organisms, including human, industrial and natural processes. Formaldehyde forms from the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing materials; smoke from forest fires, in automobile exhaust, and in tobacco smoke. Atmospheric formaldehyde is formed by the action of sunlight and oxygen on methane and other hydrocarbons.2 Due to its simple nature, metabolic processes break formaldehyde into carbon dioxide. Formaldehyde does not accumulate in the environment or within plants, animals or people, as it quickly breaks down in the body and the atmosphere.1 It has a pungent odour and is an irritant and is an irritant to eyes, nose and throat, even at low concentrations. The recommended odour detection limit is between 0.05 – 1ppm.3 Formaldehyde is an important industrial chemical and is employed in the manufacture of many industrial products and consumer articles. More than 50 branches of industry now use formaldehyde, mainly in the form of aqueous solutions and formaldehyde-containing resins. In 1995, the demand for formaldehyde in the three major markets – Northern America, Western Europe, Japan – was 4.1×106 t/a.2 History of Formaldehyde Research in the early 1800s by Liebig discovered the chemical composition and nature of various aldehydes excluding formaldehyde due to the ease with which methanol was oxidized to formic acid and further synthesized to carbon dioxide and water.5 In 1859, Alexandra Mikhailovich Butlerov inadvertently discovered formaldehyde as a result of his proposed synthesis of methylene glycol [CH2 (OH)2]. During his laboratory experiment, Butlerov observed the distinctive odour of the formaldehyde solution while hydrolysing methylene acetate, which decomposed to form formaldehyde and water. 5 He also produced formaldehyde in other forms which led him to publish a detailed report of formaldehyde solution, its gas and polymer. He gave additional evidence of its structure and described the chemical reactions together with the creation of hexamethylenetetramine, [(CH2)6N4] on reacting with ammonia, (NH3). The main way by which formaldehyde is still being produced till date was discovered by A.W. Hofmann but with other catalysts. In 1868, Hofmann made a successive breakthrough by passing a mixture of methanol and air over a heated platinum spiral. This process is currently industrialised by use of a metal catalyst. Over two decades later, the isolation and purification of formaldehyde was achieved by Friedrich Von Stradonitz (1892). 4 1882 marked two significant improvements in formaldehyde research. Kekule then described the preparation of pure formaldehyde and Tollens discovered a method of regulating the methanol vapour: air ratio, thereby affecting the yield of the reaction.6 The spiral platinum catalyst was replaced with more efficient copper gauze in 1886 by Leow. Commercial manufacture of formaldehyde was initiated by a German firm, Mercklin and Losekann in 1889 with the first use of silver catalyst patented by Hugo Blank, another German company in 1910. 6 Industrial development continued from 1900 to 1905, when plant sizes, flow rates, yields, and efficiency were increased. In 1905, Badische Anilin

Answer the following questions: Cost and price

Answer the following questions: Cost and price. I need an explanation for this Accounting question to help me study.

1. Define fair and reasonable pricing procedures.
2. Explain the government’s price evaluation procedure.
3. Develop a basic process for reviewing competitive proposals.
4. Identify key factors used in a government proposal review.
Writing Requirements

4 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
Use at least two reliable sources.
APA format (including bibliography)

Answer the following questions: Cost and price