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Phone Esssay BY 954agon10 Anthony Gonzalez Period 4 August 26, 2010 IPhone Research Essay The computer industry has grown as the years have passed. One product which has been very successful is the Apple iPhone. It is an internet and multimedia Smartphone. The iPhone functions as a camera phone, including text messaging, and visual voicemail. Also, it is a portable media player and internet client with web browsing, email and Wi-Fi. At this moment in time there are three generations which have been released. Now let me explain why this Smartphone has been such a success. To begin, the first generation iPhone is known as the Original.

It was released June 29, 2007. This phone hardware was quad-band GSM with EDGE. These Smartphone’s came in 46B or 86B. A couple months after the Original iPhone came out a music ringtone feature was introduced. The ringtone could be anywhere from three seconds to thirty seconds long. This phone also has an excellent application which is known as Notes. This app was very handy because while in class instead of handwriting your notes, you could quickly type them to your phone. Another useful application was the Safari. This is also known the web browser. Moving Right Along, the second generation iPhone was released in July 1 1, 2008.

This iPhone was called the iPhone 36. This phone supports faster internet known as 36. This phone also has assisted GPS. When it first came out it costs $599. Many teenagers now a days own this Smartphone. Another thing which really is great is more apps have been released for this phone. Did you know you are able to access the iTunes store directly from your iPhone? If you didn’t, now you do. This is a great app because you are able to download songs straight to your phone. Finally, the newest iPhone which was released June 19, 2009 is known as the iPhone 36S. This phone has anything and everything you can think of.

There’s a verity of apps you can choose from to play and learn from. A better camera with more megapixels was added and video capacity. Voice Control was also added which is a major help when in situations where you can’t look for phone numbers. The iPhone 36 is also thinner and weighs less than any other iPhone. This phone only comes in 166B and 326B. To conclude, this computer software Smartphone has been a great impact on the society. The computer industry has grown because of this great invention. This Smartphone allows people to do so many things much easier and faster.

10 leaders

10 leaders.

Write 5 pages about 10 different invididuals who you believe were great leaders. 7 public figures and 3 people from personal expierence (teacher, grandparent, etc.).

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