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Introduction to Understanding Plagiarism & into Study Habits

Introduction to Understanding Plagiarism & into Study Habits. I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

1- What are your study habits? How do you study? When do you study? Where do you study? Do you study in a coffee shop, the library, at work, in the car, on the bus, in the shed? Do you listen to music or watch TV or work at the same time? Do you have a set time that you like to study, early in the morning, after the kids have gone to bed, just before the assignment is due? Do you take breaks? Do you have snacks? What snacks? Do you have to have something to drink? Tea, drink, water, beer? Are you multi-tasking while you study?
There are no wrong answers. As a scholar, you will be studying for a number of years, depending the level of education you are after and the timeframe available to complete your studies, you could be studying academically for the next 9 to 12 years. So, it is good to take a moment to think about your study habits, as it will only help us become better students.
P lease post your reply in 250 to 350 words – only.
Search entries or author
2- What is plagiarism? What are your experiences with plagiarism? Have you ever seen it? Do you know of anyone who has been caught plagiarizing? What can you do to make sure you avoid plagiarism? What are the consequences of being caught committing plagiarism in this class? Why is making sure no one plagiarizes so important?
Please submit your essay as an attachment, must be submitted either as a word. doc, pdf. or google.doc. Please do not submit as a pages. doc – I cannot open pages. doc in Canvas.
Please submit this assignment in 250 words -350 words – only.
Introduction to Understanding Plagiarism & into Study Habits

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Pheochromocytoma Case Study Discussion.

Watch this video and do research and answer the questions below: Menza is a 54-year-old seamstress who started to experience what she thought were menopausal symptoms. She went to a physician and underwent a series of tests. The tests revealed the following:Blood pressure was severely elevated at 195/105.Heart rate was increased at 110 beats/min.A positive 24-hour urinary vanillylmandelic acid (VMA) test that indicated pheochromocytoma (a rare tumor of the adrenal medulla).A computed tomographic scan showing a 4-cm mass on her left adrenal gland.1.Which hormones are secreted by a pheochromocytoma?2.What are the two values reported for arterial pressure, and what is the significance of each value?3.Why were both the systolic and diastolic blood pressures elevated?4.Which adrenergic receptors contribute primarily to systolic blood pressure and which contribute primarily to diastolic blood pressure in this situation?5.Why might you not prescribe propranolol initially to treat a pheochromocytoma?
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Pheochromocytoma Case Study Discussion

Concentration and Spectroscopy Beer Lambert Law Lab Report.

Attached a doc of the questions and the proceduresI want a Lab report for “Concentration and Spectroscopy”The lab report should contain Introduction, Purpose, Procedure, Data/Observations, Questions and answers, Calculations and Results, Conclusion/Discussion, and References.- In procedure, all steps should be written (but by paraphrases them, not copy and paste) for all parts mentioned in the doc- All data should I get should be written on Data/Observations.- Answer all the questions were asked in Questions and answers part. – Three sources should be cited at least.- All calculation should be written on Calculations and Results.- Conclusion/Discussion part should talk about a summery of the report and possible errors might happen. – all steps are on the docs uploaded.- the data tables must be fill on the lab report. ( all tables must be on the lab reports as well )- the simulation’s link is… NOTE: THE LAB REPORT IS SAPARET, DO NOT WRITE ON THE ATTACHED DOC . DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ANYTHING, SPECIALLY FROM THE ATTACHED DOC AND ITS PART.
Concentration and Spectroscopy Beer Lambert Law Lab Report

Keiser University Business Organizational Behavior Discussion.

Minimum 3 paragraphs 6 lines each and 3 peer reviewed articles for each assignment!1- How do status and size differences affect group performance? How can cohesiveness and diversity support group effectiveness?*this is pertaining to organizational behavior*—————————————————————–2- You may complete ONLY ONE of the following discussions.Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is growing and the rise of economic multinational organizations in the global marketplace. 1. What can developing countries (like Algeria, Ghana, Botswana, Zimbabwe in Africa or Peru, Ecuador, or Nicaragua in South America) do to encourage more foreign direct investments for sustainable economies?OR2. Given the growth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the rise of economic organizations, list the benefits and cost, the impact of FDI on the home and host country, the growth of FDI, and the implications that FDI decisions have on management issues.
Keiser University Business Organizational Behavior Discussion

First year Social science essay, 80% and bibliography needed.

First year Social science essay, 80% and bibliography needed..

Pick one of the essay topics below. DO NOT simply answer the questions in the order that they appear in the topic. The order of presentation is something you need to think deeply about: you need to plan out what you want to say and the order that it would be best to say it. You will be assessed based on how well you understand the concepts, issues and arguments raised in the course material. Return to your introduction after you have completed your draft to ensure that the order of presentation you outline here corresponds to the structure of your essay.
First year Social science essay, 80% and bibliography needed.

San Diego Causes of Gender Inequality in Political Representation in the US HW

essay writing help San Diego Causes of Gender Inequality in Political Representation in the US HW.

In 500-600 words, develop a short essay blog explaining how the readings and Powerpoint lecture slides have helped you better understand a social issue or social problem (it can, but does not have to be, a current event).
Some examples could be: a) Hegemonic Masculinity in the Workplace: (INSERT YOUR JOB HERE), b) Sex trafficking in the United States today, c) SDSU’s 2019 Campus Sexual Violence Survey and increasing awareness. There is no right or wrong topic or answer. You will be graded on effort and thoughtful application of readings and lecture materials.
Readings attached. They are the same from last assignment “Reflection Questions ”

San Diego Causes of Gender Inequality in Political Representation in the US HW

YO16_XL_CH07_GRADER_PS2_AS – Parks 1.3

YO16_XL_CH07_GRADER_PS2_AS – Parks 1.3. I’m stuck on a Excel question and need an explanation.

Please do the excel in the excel sheets I gave you. The grading system can detect cheating behavior
Annaliese Owen
Project Description:
As the newest staff member for Park Management LLC, your supervisor Andrea Ramirez has asked you to consolidate information that has been collected for each of the company’s locations. Park Management LLC manages museums and parks in three states: Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Each state has a workbook with quarterly data, and the management would like to see this data consolidated into one report. On each workbook there is also a sheet for Rate information, but this is not always current, so you will need to link the workbooks to the master Rate workbook that another staff member updates.
Steps to Perform:

Points Possible

Start Excel. Open the downloaded Excel file named e04ch07_grader_a1_Parks.xlsx. Save it as e04ch07_grader_a1_Parks_LastFirst using your last and first name. Enable content if necessary.

Group worksheets Quarter1 through Quarter4. Create formulas in the cell range D6:E10 to calculate the admission collected from both adult and children visitors for each location using the appropriate rates in the Rates worksheet. Widen column widths, if necessary.

With the worksheets still grouped, in cells B11:E11, calculate the total adult and children visitors as well as the adult and child admission collected.

Format cells D11:E11 with the Accounting Number Format. Format the number of visitors in B6:C11 with the Comma Style and no decimals. AutoFit columns A:E. Add a bottom border to cells B10:E10, and then type Total in cell A11.

On the Summary worksheet, enter a 3-D SUM function in cells B6:E10 to calculate the total visitors and admissions for each category and location from Quarter1 through Quarter4.

Use Fill Across Worksheets to copy the formatting for cells B6:E10 from the Quarter4 worksheet to the Summary worksheet. Adjust column widths on the Summary worksheet, if necessary.

Use Fill Across Worksheets to copy the content and formatting from cells A11:E11 on the Quarter4 worksheet to the Summary worksheet. AutoFit columns B:E in the Summary worksheet.

On the LinkedSummary worksheet, in cell A5, create a linked consolidation using cells A5:E11 from each of the quarter worksheets. Select Top row, Left column, and Create links to source data in the Consolidate dialog box.

Change the column width of column A to 20, hide column B, and use the AutoFit feature for columns C:F. Save the workbook.

In the open e04ch07Parks_grader_a1_LastFirst workbook, delete the Rates worksheet. Open the downloaded file e04ch07_grader_a1_ParkRates.xlsx. Click the Rates worksheet. Arrange the two workbooks so you can see them side by side. On e04ch07Parks_grader_a1_LastFirst, group the Quarter1 through Quarter4 worksheets. Click cell D6, and then in the Formula Bar, replace #REF!B6 with a link to cell B6 on the Rates worksheet of the e04ch07_grader_a1_ParkRates workbook.

In cell D6, change the cell reference $B$6 to a relative reference to remove the absolute reference, and then use the fill handle to copy to cell E6 and cells D7:E10. Select D10:E10 and reapply the bottom border. Ungroup the sheets. If necessary, adjust column width. Close e04ch07_grader_a1_ParkRates.

On e04ch07_grader_a1_Parks_LastFirst workbook, if necessary, add the Compare Merge Workbooks button to the Quick Access Toolbar. Share e04ch07_grader_a1_Parks_LastFirst workbook and allow changes to be made. Save e04ch07_grader_a1_Parks_LastFirst workbook as e04ch07_grader_a1_Parks2_LastFirst, using your last and first name. On the Quarter1 sheet, change the Adult visitors to Splash Park to 250 and the Children visitors to 576. Save the changes and close the workbook. Open e04ch07_grader_a1_Parks_LastFirst.xlsx, click Enable Content, and compare and merge the workbook with e04ch07_grader_a1_Parks2_LastFirst.xlsx. Save and close the workbooks. Note, Mac users, on the Review tab, click Share Workbook. Ensure that the Allow changes by more than one user at the same time option is selected, and then click OK. From the Tools menu, click Merge Workbooks.

Exit Excel and submit the file e04ch07_grader_a1_Parks_LastFirst.xlsx as directed by your instructor.

YO16_XL_CH07_GRADER_PS2_AS – Parks 1.3

Writer’s Choice

Writer’s Choice. Paper details Create a 3-5-page annotated bibliography and summary based on your research related to best practices addressing one of the health care problems or issues in the Assessment Topic Areas media piece faced by a health care organization that is of interest to you. All instructions are attached below. Writer’s Choice