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Introduction For your research paper due in Week 7, you will write an analytical research paper addressing a major

For your research paper due in Week 7, you will write an analytical research paper addressing a major cyber threat of your choosing and will propose a procedure for countering your selected threat.

Activity Instructions
For this assignment, you are essentially developing your topic and conducting a preliminary search for peer-reviewed articles. Include a working title for your paper, a sentence about the paper topic, and a reference list of 10 peer-reviewed sources.

Research paper: Healthcare cyber-attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic: an urgent threat to global health.

Tips for Success
When conducting searches in the library, click on the tab on the left side of the screen that indicates Peer Reviewed articles. There are tutorials in the library that can assist you in your searches.

Be sure to avoid the use of first-person and contractions in your writing.

Writing and Submission Requirements
Use proper APA format to include parenthetical citations and a reference list.
1-inch margins
Double-spaced and 12-point Times New Roman font
Include a title page
This assignment will be graded based on academic content, integration of resources, and graduate-level writing and grammar.

*Please note, this is the start of a research paper, I will use the same writer for all of the sections of this paper, that way there’s no confusion.

Will you tell the parents of your best friend that he or she is taking drugs?

Will you tell the parents of your best friend that he or she is taking drugs?.

 This final written assignment should be written in essay form with the following clearly labeled sections: Introduction Ethical Argument Explanation and Defense Objection and Response Conclusion The paper should be between 1,300 and 1,500 words, utilize three scholarly resources, and include a title page and reference page. Part 1: Introduction In this section of the paper, you will begin with your ethical question, introduce the topic and paper, and close with a thesis statement. The ethical question may be the same as your Week 3 written assignment (“Applying an Ethical Theory”) or a revised version of it. The introduction should be revised in a way that reflects your additional thinking on the issue and question. End this section with a thesis statement that states your position on the issue (the answer to the ethical question you believe is strongest) and provides a brief summary of the main ideas you will be presenting in the paper. Please see the assignment guidance for examples of thesis statements. Place the introduction under the Part 1: Introduction heading. Part 2: Ethical Argument In this section of the paper, you will present the strongest argument you can in support of the position you have stated in your introduction. This will be similar to the “supporting reasons” you offered in the first assignment; however, this argument should reflect your research into the key ethical issues that need to be identified and addressed, the arguments on different sides of this problem, and the theories of moral reasoning we have studied in the class (you will discuss the specific details and implications of the moral theories in the next two sections). You can think of this as a summary of the main argument you would give if you were an attorney trying to convince a jury of your position. Place this information under the Part 2: Ethical Argument heading. Part 3: Explanation and Defense In this section, you will explain and defend your argument by drawing on the moral theory that aligns most closely with the argument you presented in Part 2. This may be the same theory you discussed in your second assignment, but it may also be a different theory. You must first explain the theory in general terms similar to how you explained a theory in your second assignment, including a brief account of the historical background of the theory and the philosopher(s) associated with it and general overview of the core moral ideal or principle of the theory, including the way it guides and constrains moral reasoning. You should then clearly show how your argument represents an application of that form of moral reasoning. In other words, if the argument you present in Part 2 is utilitarian, deontological, or virtue-based (teleological), you will want to explain utilitarianism, deontology, or virtue ethics in general terms, then explain how your argument from Part 2 reflects or draws upon the core principles and values of that theory. Please refer to the Week 3 assignment instructions for directions on how to explain and apply the moral theory. Place this section under the Part 3: Explanation and Defense heading. Part 4: Objection and Response In this section of the paper, you will present the strongest objection you can to your argument, and briefly defend that objection by appealing to a different ethical theory than the one you focused on in Part 3. Briefly explain the core moral ideal or principle of the theory and how that could be the basis of an objection to your argument. For instance, if you explained and defended your own argument by applying the principles of virtue ethics, you could raise an objection from the perspective of utilitarianism by briefly explaining the core utilitarian principle and how applying that principle could lead someone to a different conclusion than the one you are defending. Next, you should respond to the objection by explaining why it is not strong enough to undermine the main argument in defense of your position. See the assignment guidance for suggestions on how to effectively respond to the objection. Place this section under the Part 4: Objection and Response heading. Part 5: Conclusion In this section of the paper, provide a summary of what you have done in the paper by briefly describing what you accomplished in each of the above sections. Place this section under the Part 5: Conclusion heading.

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Salmonella Outbreak in Cariba .

Introduction For your research paper due in Week 7, you will write an analytical research paper addressing a major Salmonella Outbreak in Cariba ..

This is to be written in past tense. (eg. we did) it was done as a group. Please refer to the Rubric criteria on how to format and more less write the paper.  The reference style should be Vancouver. The persons that are to be named as part of the group are the National Epidemiologist, Surveillance Officer, Nurse Epidemiology.

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It’s a 2000 words Report

The “Essay topic and instuctions.pdf” file including all the instructions, guildline, topics, assessment criteria, and guidance on how to write a report.
The “Essay Sample” file is the sample report provided by the instructor. — The formatting and outline of the essay can be similar, however, the content of the essay needs to be changed. It’s important to make sure 6M module and 6M components fits are well utilized and are included in the essay. Apart from that, if you find a better framework in the lecture note that can help with the evaluation of the brand chosen (Prada), please prioritize using it. (If you can’t find a better framework to evaluate the social media communication strategy part – or part 3 in the sample, it’s fine to stick to the SOCIAL framework)
You can find details of “Key frameworks concepts” in the “Lecture Note” file if you need further clarification. (However, if it’s possible, u can look directly into the “lecture note file” since it includes all the terminologies and concepts of the module)
(The brand I want to do is PRADA, not the whole company, i.e. Prada group (which includes all the apparel brand of the company please don’t do Prada worldwide, but focus the entire report on “Prada in China”” (and it’s important to incorporate/apply frameworks and concepts taught in the module).
Kindly include the appendix details as similar to the attached sample. Follow the structure but write entirely different content but not same as the sample. Include appendix ABCD of the sample into the report
It’s a 2000 words report, the deadline is 2:00 pm, 1/15

Raising Organizational Awareness

Raising Organizational Awareness.

Raising Organizational Awareness- 

For example, The False Credentials paper issue would be for HR offices while the Critical Event might be for operating room technicians. Patient Treatment Consent might be a good paper for a Palliative Care Organization or an Oncology Clinic discharge planning staff. The paper must discuss accurate information for the setting with full consideration of the relevant state and federal laws with citations that are accessible by the instructor. The paper can ask questions and use graphics to deliver certain points of information but the graphics must be an addendum to the paper and not in the body of the paper. The paper should include in its conclusion “For more information about this issue…” and include a reference or references in your Conclusion

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