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– Introducing Coke to the New Grocery Store in town

Lidl (Grocery Store) is about 40 years old and has a US headquarters in Arlington, VA., since 2017. They are currently considering 10 stores in the Tampa Bay region and have a new idea to have one of the majors set up a beverage center. Like Aldi they mostly carry store brand products. Their stores average about 10,000 square feet of floor space and look much like Aldi. So basically, the scenario is they invited you and a competitor (we: Coke, competitor: Pepsi) to bid on this project. They envision using about 20 feet of wall space in the store devoted to beverages and it would be a full wall 10 feet high, not an inside aisle. You will present the proposal. You know that given the complexity of this project they will not decide on the spot, but you want to be able to go back again and make changes based on how they come back to you. So don’t expect to get a sale, but to stay in the running for further consideration. Your presentation and the written proposal needs to be creative as you are essentially, not only selling the product, but the space it will be in. You will find out that both Coke and Pepsi are quite adaptive and in the process of change. Pepsi is quite a bit bigger as a company. Both are revamping product lines, for example you see little in the way of diet drinks at Coke, they are now mostly called low or no sugar, mostly the same product, different branding. Both companies have expansive product mixes and your stocking decision for Lidl needs to include deciding what products fit best. Instruction: Create a bulleted list of ideas that I could put in a presentation for proposal Information I’ve gathered from Lidl representative: They want to use to be creative, use of digital advertising, Lidl like organic and sustainable products.