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By doing this it helps maintain tranquility for the patients and the hospital staff. It is normal for people to panic during an emergency, but it is just the opposite for healthcare professionals that deal with these situations for a living. By using the rules of “visiting hours” it helps control the families, which Chambliss explains as “reality maintenance”. The hospital personnel draws a line that helps respect the space of the workers, the patients, and the families. •Another strategy used inside the ER is humor. To lighten the mood doctors, nurses, and residents often use this technique.

Although most people would not find anything humorous in an emergency, within the walls of the hospital it is a way of coping with life and death on a day-to-day basis. Both of these strategies help routinize chaos in hospitals and achieve the main goal of saving the patient. 1c. Strategies in Basic Training: •In “Anybody’s Son Will Do” by Dyer we encounter a different chaos and a different method of routinization. The 18-year-old boys that enroll in the U. S. Marine Corps all come from different backgrounds, different beliefs, and enlist for different reasons.

When they first arrive it is a frenzy of testosterone, but the drill instructors know exactly how to tame and conform the recruits before they even have a moment to themselves. They use the strategy of stripping down the recruits inside and out in order to rebuild them from civilians into Marines. By cutting off their hair, putting them in uniforms and depriving them of their individual confidence this extreme makeover helps the Sergeants “motivate” the recruits into a disciplined team. •A second form of routinization that the Marine Corps uses is the “good cop-bad cop” scenario.

The drill instructors that are closest in age to the recruits are the harshest and strictest. They push them to their limits and even then ask them to do better. By applying pressure on the recruits they are constantly stressed and look for someone to guide them such as their senior drill instructors. These father-like instructors play the roll of the “good cops”. They are seen as the more understanding drill instructors, maybe even giving compliments when deserved. In the distance is the commanding officer that is a godlike figure whose presence is always lurking and intolerant of failure.

Together all of these instructors work towards the same goal of organizing, uniting and developing loyalty among the recruits. By doing so, these boys are turned into men thinking, breathing and moving as one in order to better serve their country and protect each other. 1d. “Class Spirit” at a Community College: •There are many factors that make it difficult to create “Class Spirit” at a community college. The student body of a community college is composed of many different ages. Everyone is at a community college for different reasons and different goals this makes it difficult for “Class Spirit” to emerge be successful.

Every individual has a different student life balance composed of financial concerns, social networks, and supports. This is simultaneously the biggest difference and similarity between each student. Another factor that makes it difficult to have a unified “Class Spirit” is that everyone is a commuting student. There is no on campus dorm life, so most of the time students are at school for only a few hours and see their classmates once or twice a week. 3a. “Becoming A Hit Man”: •The title of Ken Levi’s essay, “Becoming A Hit Man” is very important in itself.

When you dissect the four words and look at them individually you can figure out what the essay consists of. It is strong title with key terms that make you stop and think for a minute. To me, the most important word in that title is “becoming”. To “become” is to undergo change or development on your own free will. In order to become something or someone you must want to learn the skills and successfully master them. This is why the word “becoming” in the title “Becoming a Hit Man” is the most interesting to me. 3b. SOC 201 and “Becoming A Hit Man”: Reading an essay like this in SOC 201 is fitting because it makes you think differently, learn something new and see from a different perspective. Through SOC 201 we learn to ask questions in a way that allows us to get the most honest answers possible in order for us students to better understand the way people think. In “Becoming A Hit Man” we learn about the thought process that goes into thinking, planning, carrying out the murder. In this essay we meet a hit man named “Pete”

Discuss how exposure to teratogens prenatally might influence a child’s development

Discuss how exposure to teratogens prenatally might influence a child’s development.


With reference to empirical research, discuss how exposure to teratogens prenatally might influence a child’s development.Order Description:Things to consider:What are teratogenic effects? What influences their impact? Prenatal substages – critical points in development? Interaction of foetus with their internal and external environments Possible risk factors: maternal/paternal/environmental Avoidable teratogens; reducing risk of premature birthThink about… Nature-Nurture debate Genetic factors Individual differences Social factors Environmental/Contextual factorsAlso, need to think about… Essay structure Use relevant and appropriate literature and empirical evidence to support your answer Your argument Be critical

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