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Interview Questions

Provide a mixture of questions and describe why you believe each type of question is important.

Draft article for publication

Each student will identify an ethical issue in the criminal justice field and write an article about it. The topic is to be completely researched and the article length is dictated by the topic and publishers guidelines, but the article must be no less than 1700 words. Normally 2000 words are required for an article. NOTE: The article is not to be a short story on your opinion of a particular topic. Your writing is to be a scholarly article that is based on extensive research. Any articles that are not written in the required manner will not be accepted. Do not write your article with less than 1700 words for their publication as it is not something that would be suitable for a newspaper column commonly known as the Letters to the Editor.

Discussion: In the News: How Companies Handle Investment Risks

Interview Questions Discussion: In the News: How Companies Handle Investment Risks.

6-1 Discussion: In the News: How Companies Handle Investment Risks   

Use the Shapiro Library database to locate a company (excluding Caterpillar, Inc.) that is currently (within the last three years) dealing with business/investment risk. For a recent example, consider how Apple has expanded its iPhone production to Bangalore, India. What were the risks?


Pull yearly financial statements (10-Ks) for the company that you are interested in, and analyze items 1A (Risk Factors) and 7 (Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations). In your initial post, address the following:

•Identify the company and summarize the risk situation for your classmates.

•Explain any political or country risk involved.

•How well did the company handle the risk situation? What did they do well? What could they have done better?

Use the following website link source be for research. I will also upload additional attachement for the Shapiro Library database titled “Apple’s Risky Balancing Act with the next iPhone”:

·         Apple 10-K Website Link:

·         Article: Apple’s Risky Balancing Act with the next iPhone

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