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Interview Narrative With a loud creak, the door of my sister’s apartment opens and in comes Brianna freshly from a long, hard day of work at the National Wildlife Research Center. She doesn’t seem to be in the best of moods at first, but as soon as she sees me she cant help but grin, for we hadn’t seen each other in months. She takes a seat beside me on the small yet comfortable couch in the center of her living room. As she had Just gotten off of work she remains in her work clothes, which consists of a classy black polo.

Khaki pants, and a pair of dainty black flats. I let her relax for a couple moments and then I begin asking her questions about her past and high school experience. She then begins fondly reminiscing on her former memories of the activities, goals, and such that she had and took part in throughout high school. She first begins by recalling the goals she once had throughout high school and what measures she took to try and reach them. Her biggest goal in high school starting from freshman year was to obtain a 4. 0 GPA and letter in academics.

She studied awfully hard and really focused on her academics to attempt to achieve her oal. Unfortunately she did not reach this goal, “l got very close, having all A’s and one B my sophomore year,” she says disappointedly. However, it seems that she has made her way passed it as she says, “It was kind of devastating if I’m honest, but I mean what can I do now, IVe moved on. ” This then lead to a description of how the triumphs and trials she encountered helped her to be more prepared to face the world after high school.

She describes high school as “Just another four years of my life,” and that what took place then doesn’t really affect her regularly today. “High chool showed me that if life brings you down, you will get back up, move on, and get through it; there is always a new tomorrow. ” Brianna seemed very proud to say that she took part in plenty of extra curricular activities at her high school. She played soccer from her sophomore year to Junior and was involved with FBLA (future business leaders of America) in her freshman year.

Brianna also played softball and was in DECA from her sophomore year to her senior year, in which two of those years she was an officer in DECA. She took part in JROTC for two years, and in MECHA for all four years serving as president her senior ear as well. “l tried to dip my toes in as many extra curricular activities as I could. I just loved being involved in extra curricular activities because in a way, they give you a sense of belonging,” she says warmly. Under her breath, seeming as if she didn’t mean for me to hear her, she admits that DECA was her favorite of the activities she was involved in.

However, she noticed that I caught what she said and fondly said, “l loved the people I was with in DECA, managing and organizing events such as MORP and I Just loved business in general. ” She feels that she lived her high school life to ullest extra curricular activity-wise however she regrets not attending some big events that took place while she was in high school. “l do wish that I would have gone school to it’s fullest’, however there was always a reason behind everything that I did and did not attend and to this day I stand by those choices. Brianna begins to dig deep as she recalls her fondest memory throughout her entire high school career. Her proudest and most memorable moment in high school was in her senior year when she happened to take 4th place at the State DECA Conference. “l took 4th place in ‘entrepreneurship written’, which is one of the ategories, and I was the only one to compete by myself that year, writing a 30-page business manual and presenting it,” she says humbly. Taking 4th at the State Conference brought her to the National Conference in Orlando, Florida. l was the only one from my high school that had made it to National’s that year and it was nice to see how my 30-page business manual actually paid off in the end, and was totally worth the hard work and determination it entailed. ” With this achievement in mind, reminds her of some not necessarily downfalls that took place in high school, but something that she isn’t particularly proud of. That certain something happens to be procrastination. Procrastination played a heavy role in her high school career because once she procrastinated something for the first time; it became a bad habit of hers.

With indignity, she put her head down and said, “Let’s Just say I put the ‘pr0 in procrastination. ” She looks back on one of her least proud moments that not surprisingly, had everything to do with procrastination. “In my Junior year, I had a poster-presentation due in my fifth hour class, and on that very day that it was due I purchased a poster board from the high school in my first hour. In my first through ourth hour, I rushed through it and completed it and turned it in the board on time in my fifth hour and surprisingly ended up receiving a 100%. She felt that in this situation, she Just got lucky and highly suggests to everyone to not procrastinate for there are some but very few cases in which it may work out. I tried to consume as much information as I possibly could, and about midway through our discussion, it became so that she is now part of my motivation to obtain a successful yet fun high school experience. Currently, I have the same goal that Brianna once had, which is to get a 4. 0 GPA and letter in academics and to make her nd myself proud, I am going to try my hardest and push myself further than she did to achieve that goal.

Also knowing that Brianna regrets not attending massive events such as dances or Friday-night football games, I now know that I should not miss out on such events, as I will most likely regret not going later on in life. Just as my sister did, I hope to take part in plenty of extra-curricular activities and hopefully, I plan to accomplish as much as she did in the clubs she took part in. Perhaps if I get into DECA my sophomore year I can work my way up and make it to the National Conference Just as she did.

It became very clear to me that Brianna whom is my older sister is an inspiration to me in a way because she gives me motivation to achieve greatness and hope that there is always a new tomorrow. It’s relieving in a sense to know that I will overcome the difficulties that I will be and am currently facing in high school. I began wrapping it up as I transcribed her last few comments, and thanked her for the time she took out her day to do this interview. I hope to use this information she gave me wisely and try to learn from what took place in her high school experience to make mine even more enjoyable.