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This method can list out ranking employees from the best to worst level on a particular trait; evaluator can specify who outstanding and unsatisfactory employee is. For Example: [pic] It can be avoided problem with simple to use; otherwise it can cause disputation between employee and manager whereas it is not exactly fair because of probably include individual perception in rater mind. c) Paired Comparison Method William & Barry (2007) provided an example to explain the paired comparison method as following diagram:- [pic]

Refer to above example, paired comparison can use in case for evaluate each employee is paired with each other employee to be compared simultaneously. It is also consents the rater to compare every job with another jobs evaluation based on a job ranking method. Further, the rater will basis on the number of score what received from employee to evaluate who is the better performing subordinate. This is easy to ranking objects with esteem to few employee if only has a few persons, however the rater probably turn into exhausted and cannot distinguish between all employees if the persons increase. ) Forced Distribution Method As William & Barry indicate (2007), forced distribution is the method similar to grading on a bell curve. The rater is asked to rate the employees in some fixed distribution of categories, such as marginal, average, qualified, superior and excellent. P. 2 For Example: [pic] For subject, it can balance a distribution of the rating of performance appraisal in statistically; moreover, rater can make comparison of employee’s performance with the same position for set up their salary range if running pay-for-performance system in organization.

But oppositely, it has no standard criteria for rater to score with difficult to make employee comparability, because it affected by the job nature whether sufficiently similar in same criteria and relies on rater’s knowledge and perception. e) Critical Incident Method (CIM) As Marrelli (1990) point out, CIM is used for record employee performance was obviously different from the standard either commendable or imperfect whenever specific events and incident occurs. It will record in unofficial note that included date, facts and details about the incident by manager and it will be reviewed at prearranged period.

Certainly, it is easier to collect the data in usual as it provide spectacular demonstrations of the impact of deeds, thus employees are interest to provide a report with their work experiences as they feel that their experiences are being heard and deemed important. But it includes the personality’s perceptions, reminiscence, sincerity and biases in report, therefore the data probably not accurate, also it can be prolonged to summarize and analyze the data. f) Narrative Forms Narrative Form can define as a simple or complex text datum told from one person to another.

To put in human resources purpose, manager is requested to appraise employee performance basis on their skills, in general, manager will record the critical planning and examples in order to discuss with employees about the performance. In a result, subordinate in particular spaces understand their day-to-day practices and performance as well as make subjective judgements; however it cannot define as a final result of appraisal. P. 3 g) Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) As Rarick and Baxter indicate (1986), employee behaviors change will be focused on appraisal by BARS which use critical incidents and graphic rating scale.

It can be affixed by a description of important job behaviors of good and bad performance. Certainly, BARS has a clear standard for precise the measurement, and it often easier to get a better performance feedback and uniformity from employees. However, it leads both of manager and subordinates will become more concerned with event performance than achieve the final objective. h) Management by Objectives (MBO) As Thomas (1982) said MBO is for manager establish specific quantifiable objective with subordinate for the recent or future planning, in addition discuss their progress in the direction of these objective.

In general, a firm only assign the service centre manager make a interview with merely ask the basic behavioral question to interviewee, however it lose to consider the hire factor – that are experiences and skills, therefore HR usually have to entirely training on the job to technicians. iv) Recommendations of recruiting, selection and training role to HR manager Typically, HR department has indispensable functions in organization, however we can see that HR department only support and offer a simple functions in MM, therefore, below recommendation probably can improve the role of HR department in MM:-

Recruiting and selection – HR Manager has to involve all interview activities and design a new procedure of interview from now on, for example set up 3 parts of interview, first part will be handled by HR manager and ask for basic question to candidate, second part will be handled by service centre manager with asking some technical and an actual combat question as well as case study, and final part can be handled by regional manager in order to make a final decision and evaluation to employ a appropriate employees. It can prevent to employ an unqualified and inexperience candidate if implementing this action.

short story,its on a short story called “the lottery” share a outline that needs to be followed,

short story,its on a short story called “the lottery” share a outline that needs to be followed,.

its on a short story called “the lottery” i can share a outline that needs to be followed

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