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Interview a Health Care Organization Leader

Analyze your findings using the information on leadership styles and theories, and the positive and negative outcomes associated with various leadership approaches, presented in this course. Summarize the conclusions of your analysis in regard to the following:1. Describe the leadership style, or styles (transformational, transactional, visionary, servant, etc.) communicated by the leader. Provide examples to support your explanation.2. Define how motivation occurs in organizational behavior. Describe what motivational strategies used by the leader. What are the similarities and differences between your leadership style and other leadership styles?3. Describe the successes and challenges that occurred as a result of the leader’s overall approach and how they related to the organization’s content and process theories of motivation, and how power can influence the senior leadership level.4. Based upon the organizational mission and values, determine the most effective strategies the leader could implement in the future in order to improve, or continuing to improve, organizational and individual performance.Include two to three peer-reviewed scholarly sources and your textbook.

Social media usage in politics marketing in the world

Social media usage in politics marketing in the world.

Research article about social media usage in politics marketing in the world. For this we want these sub titles: 1. Social media term – history and specifications 2. Social media usage by politicians through the world, statistics worldwide 3. Social media usage in elections in politic campaigns in the world for twitter . This part of the paper is very important we want a serious research on how the world poticians used social media (twitter – facebook – ınstagram etc) in their politic campaigns. We want to use as much cases as its possible from Obama till Trump and other politicians from different countries

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