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Intersectionality and Gendered Racism Essay

Intersectionality and gendered racism Intersectionality is a study that seeks to examine the level of oppression and discrimination that people of a minority group encounter in their daily lives. The intersectionality concept enables people to understand the different experiences with regard to the social categories of a person (“Intersecting Race, Class, and Gender” 1). It explains that inequalities arise because of the difference in class, gender, age, and race. Therefore, any society that intends to wipe out oppression should address the aspects that bring in the inequality. Intersectionality analysis explains that it is quite difficult to address the various factors that cause oppression unless people are ready to change their nature of relating with the minority groups. Black females are some of the people who experience discrimination in their daily errands. Indeed, some female activists explain that black women encounter the worst experiences in some parts of the world. Gender racism is a double tragedy as the women are discriminated because of their gender and because of their race. Intersectionality helps in examining the extent to which the various variables of discrimination intersect to affect a marginalized group. Intersectionality is somewhat related to gender racism as it can combine the two variables of discrimination, race and gender, to explain the extent to which the marginalized group is affected (“Social construction of race and identities” 3). Intersectionality explains that the gender racism cultures that people cling on are bound to interconnected systems of the society. For this reason, some people will find it customary to discriminate colored women without any form of conscious. Some men have an innate trait of considering females as inferior characters who cannot be leaders, and the fact that a woman is colored makes the matters worse. Gender racism is an inferior experience as the affected females have little or nothing left for them. Intersectionality theory explains the degree of intensity of the negative effects of segregating colored women. In the job market, for example, colored women are discriminated as everything is allocated in terms of the ethnicity and masculinity of the interested candidates. The psychological distress resulting from discrimination is an example of an adverse consequence of the intersection of the discriminatory variables. Intersectionality plays a great role in explaining the social concepts of the affected characters. The fact that one knows that a woman lives in a sexist nation cannot guarantee that the woman experiences some form of oppression. The third party cannot give sufficient information to explain the experience of the affected person. This is because the person may give prejudiced reports depending on the social attitude towards the sexist society. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Intersectionality explains that the expression of oppression for the affected women depends on the adopted response. Some women have learnt to live with gender racism, but others still find it difficult to cope up with the discrimination. The perception that sexist nations consider women of color to be most suitable for low-level jobs is very common. Socialists have written that in such nations, black women are never equal with men, or their fellow white women. However, one cannot give a decisive conclusion from a literature review. The intersectionality theory insists on formulating a hypothesis and working out towards proving the truth behind the hypothesis. Therefore, for one to have a clear understanding of the level of discrimination of the oppressed group, it would be necessary to carry out a quantitative research and obtain first hand information that would help in making decisive conclusions. Gendered racism existed in the 19th century in most western countries. However, in the 1960s, the multiracial feminists came up with the intersectionality concept. The feminists wanted to have a critical analysis of the gender racism issue that had disenabled black women. Essentially, the intersectionality experience for the black women was far much worse than any other form of discrimination. The feminists struggled to address the gender racism issue during the 20th century as they advocated that women needed a chance to serve in lucrative positions in the society. In the contemporary world, most females are empowered economically, politically, and culturally. Some few nations still practice gendered racism, but the issue is outdated in the current world. From the discussions, it is evident that understanding intersectionality is very vital for any colored woman who intends to experience equality in political and social aspects. Intersectionality brings in revolution of the extent in which gender racism affects women, and the rational approach to address the issue. Intersectionality enables women to improve the democratic system, foster co-operation, and wipe out the inferiority complex that lies in the minds of some colored women. Women can cooperate through strategic intersectionality to bridge the gaps between the dominant and marginal groups in the society. Social construction of race Social construction of race occurs when the society plays a significant role in discriminating people of different races. From this aspect, the entire society creates a favorable environment for racists to segregate the minority group (Lorde 57). We will write a custom Essay on Intersectionality and Gendered Racism specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Moreover, social construction of race would be viewed form an individual point of view, where, the human thoughts and the interaction levels of the people of different races play a significant role in determining their relationship. The society would play a significant role in disapproving racism, but there are specific people who are racists. In addressing the social construction of race aspect, we analyze racism and the racists, as it is impossible to have racism without racists. A society that groups people according to their race will always depict the necessary picture to the affected person whenever circumstances allow. In most nations, some White elites have some affluent estates in which they live comfortably with their families. Naturally, the society will offer certain privileges to such estates at the expense of the estates inhabited by people of other races. Nations may not agree that racism prevails in their society; however, the various institutions in the nations could be having some influential racists who will always discriminate people because of their races. The banks, schools, and courts are some of the institutions that employ discriminatory practices from one time to another. In some cases, employers will deny charges against racism as they insist on their commitment to equality. However, they will defend themselves to win court cases, but their actions do not address justice. The film, Real bad Arabs, depicts Arabs as terrorists who can take any role to achieve what they want. In the film, Arabs have the degrading images of bandits and threatening sheikhs among other devastating images. People in the contemporary world have always considered Arabs as inhumane people who can do anything to fulfill their desires. A person from a different race cannot readily accept to adopt the Arab culture in spite of the fact that the film portrays the characters of a few Arabians (Reel Bad Arabs). Moreover, the ill practices could be outdated, but the prejudicial attitudes toward Arabs still prevail in most non-Arabians. United States has heartless policies towards Arab, and the same thing applies when Arabs intend to visit other nations across the world. The rich Arabian historical culture is ignored, and nations handle Arabians with little justice because of the negative prejudices. The entire world perceives Arabs as maligns, and very few people would want to associate or intermarry with the Arabs. Most nations will always regard racism as an outdated issue in the contemporary world, but the truth is that the society still plays a significant role in discriminating the colored people. Occasionally, the society will group people according to their physical outlook. A society that discriminates the Blacks, for example, will “tell” the Blacks that they are inferior characters in the society who ought to be submissive to the Whites (Fanon 18). Racial formation is a social historical aspect that prevailed in most western nations in ancient days. The society played a great role in creating and transforming racial categories. Many events that happened in history portrayed the African Americans as inferior characters who ought to be slaves. Social construction of race happens when the society categorizes people according to their skin color. In such cases, the colored and non-colored people cannot have equal opportunities in the society. People of the same race have a similar ancestry, where, the colored people will always have an African ancestry. Although the society will struggle to address equality, people of the same race will always find it worthwhile to relate together. Ethnicity is another social construct issue that affects people with different cultures. Ethnicity will always group people according to their cultural customs, religion, and the language they speak. Social construction of race occurs because of the nature and behavior of the human being. Not sure if you can write a paper on Intersectionality and Gendered Racism by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Although people can adopt any culture regardless of their ancestry, most people are always unwilling to drop their culture. Many people will always try to cling to their culture, marry people of their own race, and avoid any intimate relationship with people of a different race (Andersen and Howard 38). The social interaction levels will always vary depending on the ancestry of the involved characters. From the discussions above, it is evident that race is a very slippery concept to address. In the contemporary world, people could regard racism as an ambiguous subject that is outdated. However, the truth is that racism is a social construct issue that is omnipresent in the entire world. In spite of the fact that contradictions would arise while addressing the subject, racism is real. Most people have some innate trait that will mark the boundaries of relating with people of different races. If it were not for the strict laws concerning racism, the issue could still be prevalent in most states. Therefore, the political struggle of the African Americans to have equal opportunities in every aspect of life should be an ongoing process. Activists who are addressing the racism issue should never tire, as people need a constant reminder that skin color is an insignificant aspect of the human being. Works Cited Andersen, Margaret, and Howard Taylor. Sociology: The Essentials. Nevada, Wadsworth: Cengage Learning, 2013. Print. Fanon, Frantz. “Facts of Blackness.” Chicken Bones 1.1 (1952): 1-23. Print. “Intersecting Race, Class, and Gender.” PowerPoint Presentation. Class Notes. 1-11. Lorde, Audre. “Age, Race, Class, and Sex: Women Redefining Difference.” Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches. 1.1 (1980): 59-63. Print. Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People. Moving Image Archive, 2006. Film. “Social construction of race and identities.” PowerPoint Presentation. Class Notes, 1-10.
Introduction to Electric Circuits.

Lab 1 – Multisim TutorialIntroduction to Electric CircuitsSpring 2021Cuyamaca CollegeIntroductionThe purpose of this lab is to familiarize you with circuit schematic drawing and simulation using Multisim Live, a free online circuit simulator. We will be creating a basic resistive circuit with a DC source and placing meters to measure current and voltage.ProcedureWatch the video for a tutorial onHow to Use Multisim Live (Links to an external site.). In the video, I will walk you through Part 1 of this lab.Part 1 – Draw and Simulate Circuit 1Go to the Multisim (Links to an external site.) website and create a student account using your student email address.Click on the Create Circuit button in the upper right corner of the page.On the left side of the page, find the Sources menu and select DC source. Place the source on the grid page. The default name of the voltage source is V1 and the default value is 12V. Next, find the Passive menu on the left side of the page and select Resistor. Place the resistor, somewhere to the right of the voltage source. The default name of the resistor is R1 and the default value is 1k . Use the rotate button to change the resistor orientation to vertical. Now we will use wires to connect the two circuit elements you have dropped on the page. To do so, hover your cursor over the top node of the voltage source until a spool connector appears. Left click once to generate the wire and lead it to the top of the resistor. Left click to establish the wire connection. Do the same to connect the bottom terminals of the two circuit elements.Next, we must establish a ground wire. To do so, find the Schematic Connectors menu on the left and select the Ground connector. Connect the ground to the bottom wire. Anywhere along the bottom is fine.Now your circuit is built, but in order to view collected data from the simulation, we must place meters. To place a meter, find the Analysis and Annotation menu on the left.Place an ammeter by selecting the Current meter. Attach the current meter to the top wire.Place a voltmeter across the resistor by selecting the Voltage meter. Connect the voltmeter to the top node of the resistor. If you click on the V- button, a reference probe will appear. Connect the reference probe to the bottom terminal of the resistor. Your circuit is now ready for simulation. Click the Play button in the upper left to begin the simulation. After a few seconds have passed, click the Stop button.Write the output of the Ammeter and Voltmeter:Name the circuit “Lab 1 Circuit 1” and save the schematic. To save, click on the small grid of 3×3 squares in the top left of the page and go to Export, then select Schematic image. This will download a .png image of your schematic. Be sure to do this step after you have run your simulation so the meters on the saved schematic show the generated circuit output. To view the plotted output, click on the Grapher tab at the top middle. You should see two constant functions plotted, one represented with a solid blue line and the other as a green dotted line. If you don’t see both lines, scroll to the bottom of the right menu and adjust the minima and maxima for voltage and current to make sure the ammeter and voltmeter values are within your viewing window.Now we want to save this output plot. To do this, go again to Export and select Grapher image. This will download a .png image of your plot.Include these two images in your lab report.Part 2 – Playing Around with Circuit 1*Include answers to these questions in your lab reportWhy do you think the voltmeter has a reference probe but the ammeter doesn’t? Any ideas?If you removed the bottom wire from your circuit and re-ran your simulation, what current value do you generate in the wire on top? If the value changed, what is the new value and explain the reason for the change.Replace the bottom wire but don’t reconnect the ground node. Re-run the simulation. Does it work? No? Okay, now you know to always ground your circuits before simulating!Reconnect the ground node. Grab the ammeter and relocate it to the bottom wire. Re-run the simulation and note any differences in the reading. If you did get a different current meter reading, what do you think is the cause of the difference?Part 3 – Drawing and Simulating Circuit 2Now go back to the 3×3 square grid and Select New file. Create another simple resistive circuit with a DC Voltage source of 9V, called Vs. (Recall that the default name of the voltage source is V1 and the default value is 12V. Double click on these fields to change the name to Vs and 9V. Place one resistor of value 250 . Place an ammeter and voltmeter in the appropriate places in the circuit, run the simulation. Save your schematic as Lab 1 Circuit 2 and save also your Grapher image with both current and voltage visible in the plot range. Part 4 – Lab ReportUsing either GoogleDocs, Word or the pdf generator of your choice, compile your images into one file. Include in your report answers to the questions in Part 2.Be sure to include figure labels for your images. Submit via Canvas as lab1yourlastname.pdf. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!
Introduction to Electric Circuits

Introduction There are no secrets that today’s workplaces are not as yesterday’s. With an increase in physical size and cultural diversity, the given assertion cannot be doubted. Passing messages between two colleagues speaking different languages can be a daunting task. In any given organization, Interpersonal communication forms a basic tool at the workplace. It assures proper coordination of activities and is based on the point of relating with others which forms a major aspect of relationships including both personal and business. We as individuals spent most of our time exchanging ideas with other people and this shows the importance of interpersonal communication. This paper will therefore seek to define interpersonal communication and examine a number of factors that influence our interpersonal communication. The focus of the paper is based on interpersonal communication at the workplace principle. Interpersonal communication is defined as the sending and receiving information between two or more people and the understanding of it through use of symbols or language. Interpersonal relationship is seen as the way a person communicates with another individual (Yoder, Hugenberg
Digital World to Propose Your Products and Services IKEA Company Case Study.

it is a presentation and paper all together. All project information you can find on the attached file. some information about my course:Course OverviewContemporary approaches to business emphasize the importance of adopting a consumer focus. Marketing begins and ends with the consumer, from determining consumer needs to ensuring post-purchase satisfaction. The primary goal of this course is to enhance your understanding of consumer psychology and behavior. After taking this course, you will come to better understand the consumer world and will see advertisements, product packaging, loyalty programs, and more in new ways. You will also come to better appreciate how a deeper understanding of the consumer can be used to develop effective marketing techniques and tactics.Course Learning Goals, Outcomes, and ObjectivesGoal: The goal of this course is to enhance student understanding of the science of consumer psychology and behavior and application of concepts to marketing.Objective 1: Students will increase their knowledge of current theory and practice in consumer behavior.Outcomes based on Objective 1Students will be able to:Recognize consumer behavior theories and concepts used in marketing.Summarize research underlying current theory and practice in consumer behavior.Explain how consumer behavior theories and concepts are used in marketing.Objective 2: Students will develop their ability to tackle marketing problems through application of consumer behavior concepts.Outcomes based on Objective 2:Students will be able to:Critique marketing strategies based on understanding consumer behavior.Predict the outcomes of marketing strategies based on understanding consumer behavior.Develop marketing recommendations based on understanding consumer behavior.
Digital World to Propose Your Products and Services IKEA Company Case Study

Application Lifecycle Management is the ability to manage the lifecycle of a software application

Application Lifecycle Management is the ability to manage the lifecycle of a software application.

Application Lifecycle Management is the ability to manage the life
cycle od a software application, including the specification, design,
development and the testing, throughout the birth of the application to
its potential retirement. ALM is a much needed tool that Sifers-Grayson
could easily take advantage of, simply because what it has to offer to
the company. ALM can be another way to make certain items be more
secure then others, protecting the overall integrity of a design and
having ways to complete the design faster then normal means.ALM Software has many capabilities that can make a company better in
the long run. No matter the method used, “it can help reduce your
product’s time to market.” (Application, n.d.) Overall, it uses three
phases to assist and manage app development: requirements, development,
and operations. ALM tends to help with the missed deadline process. The
issue Sifers-Grayson had was leaving the designs out in the open on a
simple USB drive. With ALM, everything is computer based, and there is
no need to swap the plans around to different people, as the tool allows
access like any computer based program does. There are plenty of tools
on the market, and each can be used for different reasons. Some can
offer various ways of inputting source code and executables. “One of
the key attributes that distinguishes ALM suites from mere project
management tools or issue tracking systems is that they include the QA
part of the software development process” (What is. n.d.) Qaulity
Assurance is always needed when testing out a product to ensure it works
and figure out the bugs.There is also a way to improve overall security, and that is with
SALM. “SALM systems defines specific application security defects and
their corresponding preventative controls as relevant to a given
application by rules relating to the application’s underlying
properties.” (Introducing, 4) It is just another layer that increases
the overall security of an application or design for the company. The
implementation of access control and the proper need-to-know can
continue to be maintained, as all access can be monitored with proper
user access and login credentials. There are also ways to audit the
people who use it, to ensure there is no insider-threat as well, so long
as the IT department is monitoring the use of it.ALM would of helped prevent a successsful attack from the Red Team
had it been deployed sooner. However, just like any mistake,
Sifers-Grayson will learn from it and continue to move forward,
correcting the past issues in order to prevent it from happening again.
Application Lifecycle Management is the ability to manage the lifecycle of a software application

Marketing Research On Branded Shirts

assignment writing services In this assignment I was doing Marketing Research on branded shirts of Indian market to know recently which brands are on top among several brands and for this I was taking top five brands which is more popular and used by people. For this I took a decision to follow Questionnaire method to give best result to my assignment. so I made a Questionnaire and on basis of that my survey was through the medium of phone calls to know the views of customer and to know which brand is on the top as per my assignment topic and the aim of my assignment is also to make the companies aware about the growing competition in the garment industry and what their products lacks in comparison to their competitors products. TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEX PAGE NO. INTRODUTION…………………………………………………….4 LITERATURE REVIEW……………………………………………7 MARKETING RESEARCH……………………………………..7 QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN…………………………………….7 BENEFITS OF MARKEYING RESEARCH………………………9 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY……………………………………10 ANAYSIS OF QUESTIONNAIRE…………………………………11 PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED…………………………………….24 CONCLUSION………………………………………………………25 REFERENCES………………………………………………………27 APPENDIX………………………………………………………….28 INTRODUCTION Indian men are increasingly looking for newer trends and design in the outfits that they choose to spot. Earlier kurtas were preferable as essential Indian garb where as shirts considered as product of the western influence. But today, in the corporate world, shirts become the norms of formal attire almost universally across all nations. From the last twenty years the shirts garments industry has grown in thousand fold and it throws up an estimated turnover of 7 to 8 crores for every transaction day. The shirts market constantly attracts the largest no. of manufacturers and the estimated of Rs.200 crores businesses and continuously increasing day by day and not only this Indian host for the 5000 shirts manufactures both in branded and unbranded segments. The ready made shirts story began in the 50s triggered off by liberty and that was the first branded shirts in industry and since then the business continuously growing. (S.Kadiwala, 2004) And my assignment is to know recently which brands of shirts are on the top of the demand from the brands more commonly used by people. So there are five brands I have selected for comparison and they are as follows: PARK AVENUE Park Avenue was launched in 1986. Providing innovative

Accounts Receivable Question

Accounts Receivable Question.

Trails End Vacations has a $2,200 account receivable from the Sun City Kiwanis. On March 11, the Kiwanis makes a partial payment of $1,050 to Trails End. The journal entry made on March 11 by Trails End to record this transaction includes:Choose one answer.a. A debit to the Cash account of $1,150 b. A debit to the Accounts Receivable account of $1,150 c. A credit to the Service Revenue account of $1,050 d. A credit to the Accounts Receivable account of $1,050
Accounts Receivable Question

BBA 2551 Columbia Southern University ?United Nations Human Rights Council Essay

BBA 2551 Columbia Southern University ?United Nations Human Rights Council Essay.

Research the organizational structure of the United Nations Human Rights Council. What are the goals of the organization? How is it structured to accomplish those goals? Discuss if it is accomplishing those goals, and if it is not accomplishing those goals, suggest possible changes to streamline the organization.The essay should be three pages in length and properly formatted to include a title page and reference list. The paper should follow APA guidelines for all resources for in-text citations, paraphrasing, and references. Remember to use the CSU Online Library to assist you in the research for this assignment.
BBA 2551 Columbia Southern University ?United Nations Human Rights Council Essay