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We can pay electric bills,water bills and summon online without going to pos office . We can do payment of credit card besides checking online statement . In addition,we can check the request of cheque, cheque confirmation , stop cheque and account opening -Finally we can do fund transfer via online such as International transfer and subsidiary transfer . Eg:ClMB clicks ,Maybank2u 2 E-learning The Instructor may place course notes on Web pages, may create a video recording of live lecture for viewing on the Internet.

Eg:MMLS,Prezi 3 Online Tracking System A system to track the location of your goods on the world map by specifying your shipping details. Eg:Kangaroo Worldwide Express online tracking system,Container Tracking system , Track& Trace Pos Malaysia 4 Online shopping The act of purchasing products or services over the Internet. This is what is so convenient about online shopping, because you can see If an Item Is In stock before you buy. Your entire order will be processed electronically and then sent to the istribution warehouse where someone will put those items in a box and send them to you.

Eg:Zalora,Taobao,Groupon,Reebonz Online movie downloader The most visible component Is the web site where you shop for movies. You can search for specific titles, browse dfferent genres or use ratings and reviews to help you decide which movies you want. Once you make a decision, some sites require you to use a download manager to get your movies. Eg:Youtube downloader,Keepvid Online newspaper Online newspaper provide news about a country’s crime, rape, protestation, current nation news, politics, economics and world news Instantly .

They are helpful to find out what is happening around the world without having to watch the television or t Of2 Duy a newspaper. Eg : I ne star newspaper,New straits 7 Search Engine Search engines help in searching and matching of documents in the system. Searching the inverted file for documents that meet the query requirements, referred to simply as matching, is typically a standard binary search, no matter whether the earch ends after the first two, five, or all seven steps of query processing. Eg:Yahoo , Google ,Bing 8 Youtube We can create animated videos within minutes on Youtube. an simply go to Editor and edit all your content online adding effects, transitions and cropping your videos as needed on your timeline. You can even choose from Youtube’s library of approved songs to add to your video legally. We can watch video streaming directly via Youtube. 9 Social Networking Social networking. A social networking service is a platform to build social networks or ocial relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections.

Eg:Twitter,Facebook,Weibo 10 Social Communication We can share information or ideas between two or more individuals. We can enjoy the conversation itself, sharing one’s information and views, and learning new things and getting fresh information. 11 Online Market Stock We can check about the online market stock company whether the price of its stock goes up or down.

How does the KONY 2012 movement complicate the ideal of social media as a public sphere?’

How does the KONY 2012 movement complicate the ideal of social media as a public sphere?’.

How does the KONY 2012 movement complicate the ideal of social media as a public sphere?’

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