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International Development homework help

International Development homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on Overview of the FTSE 100 company’s corporate strategy. The paper also provides additional information to write in the assignment paper.,Overview of the FTSE 100 company’s corporate strategy,Assessment task details and instructions, As a group, (Comprising of a minimum of 3 members and maximum of 5 members) you are required to write up an analyst report of no more than 4000 words. In your report, provide comments and analysis on the financial statement of a FTSE 100 company to address the following points:, 1.      Firstly, the broad business area of the company, its competitors and the nature of the industry it operates within,,2.      Secondly, provide an overview of the selected company’s corporate strategy. What are the key risks of the company’s strategy?,3.      Thirdly, present an analysis of the company’s financial statement to cover all categories of ratios discussed in class.,4.      Fourthly, comment on the firm’s accounting policy(ies). In the last five years has there been any change to the accounting policy(ies)? Comment on any impact of such changes in accounting policy(ies) on the selected company’s financial performance and financial statements for the selected period.,5.      Also, present an evaluation of the selected company’s ratios for the past five years, making use of both financial statement data and segment data.,Analysis on the financial statement of a FTSE 100 company,6.       Additionally, what are the primary drivers of the company’s performance? How does the company’s performance compare to those of similar companies within it’s industrial sector? (Download this data from the databases available on the library webpage. Attach your data as a file and send by email to the lecturer ahead of your final group submission),7.      Summarize the key findings of the financial analysis in a format and structure suitable for presentation at a board meeting.,8.      Taking into account the five-year analysis, comment on the suitability of the company as a potential investment for an international hedge fund.,9.      Comment on any relevant information to assist the hedge fund manager in his decision making (Consider among others, profitability, liquidity, dividend policy, and market risks).,10.  Comment on the company’s disclosure on ethics and corporate governance., ,Attachments,Click Here To Download,International Development homework help
PCN 610 Grand Canyon University Organizational Psychology Discussion Questions.

Answer the following 2 discussion questions separately…with concise and complete answers of at least 200 words each. Questions should be answered from a perspective and vernacular consistent with a professional counseling graduate student. Use appropriate in text citations with appropriate peer reviewed references. A list of references has been provided.Why is it important for the client to collaborate in the creation of the treatment plan? Who owns the treatment plan? What if your goals are different from your client? Provide an example to support your response.This discussion question meets the following NASAC Standards:11) Tailor helping strategies and treatment modalities to the client’s stage of dependency, change, or recovery.77) Facilitate the client’s engagement in the treatment/recovery process.2. Are culturally sensitive treatment plans possible? Why or Why not? How does the developmental stage of the client influence the treatment plan? Please include at least two scholarly journal articles in your posting. This discussion question meets the following NASAC Standards: 12) Adapt treatment services to the client’s level of cultural and language literacy, acculturation, or assimilation. 68) Understand and recognize culturally appropriate stages of change and other signs of treatment progress.
PCN 610 Grand Canyon University Organizational Psychology Discussion Questions

Technology in The Workplace Business and Professional Communication Essay.

Just a reminder that our formatting is formal for the paper (APA) but the writing is from a first person point of view.***Check out the RUBRIC located in the Writing Assignment so you are clear on how you will be graded!!!Just so we are all on the same page your paper should look like this:Page 1: APA Cover Page with running head (APA 6th edition), page numbering, your title, name and University. Author note is optional.Pages 2-3: Two pages of APA formatted double-spaced writing critically exploring your own experiences, goals and career path. You should discuss how the assigned readings could enhance your personal journey, your future career path and your professionalism. Use APA formatted in-text citations whenever possible. (250-500 words)Page 4: References in APA format. (Cite textbook)
Technology in The Workplace Business and Professional Communication Essay

Read and Summarize Case Study AND ANSWER QUESTIONS

Read and Summarize Case Study AND ANSWER QUESTIONS.

The report is exactly 2 full pages long (12-point, Times New Roman, 1-point margins, double-spaced), not including cover page and references page. The report follows APA format and citation rules.Provide case study summary and develop practical and effective solution to the organizational issue based on theories, strategies, and best practices in organizational psychology.Please use the power points as a reference to answering questions it may help.I/O Psychology knowledge is needed for this assignmentPlease watch for spelling and grammatical errors! ALSO, you can use other sources just make sure you put them in apa format on the work cited page!
Read and Summarize Case Study AND ANSWER QUESTIONS

Fake news in the media

python assignment help Fake news in the media. Paper details file:///Users/shelbygonzalez/Downloads/Lindner_Controlling the Media in Iraq (1).pdf file:///Users/shelbygonzalez/Downloads/Mooney_Fake News and the Sociological Imagination.pdf For this assignment, you will write a short paper (3 pages) that uses key sociological concepts to analyze your own personal experiences with one institution covered in Part 3 of the course: (a) education, (b) family, or (c) media To be successful, your essay must: • Briefly describe your experiences with the institution of your choice (approximately 1 paragraph) • Use sociological concepts to analyze your own experiences with this institution • Include at least one reading from Part 3 of the course (which began on April 6) and a second reading from any part of the course (two readings in total)Fake news in the media

“The Smiling Proud Wanderer” a Story by Jin Yong Essay

Table of Contents Introduction: When the Going Gets Tough Yue Buqun: When the Violet Twilight Sets in A Member of the Unmatched Ning Family The Power of Dugu Nine Swords: Feng Qingyang The Master of Improvisation: Linghu Chong In the Heat of the Fight: Why Being so Elaborate? Conclusion: The Acme of Skill Footnotes Introduction: When the Going Gets Tough There was a time when the entire world was fascinated by the incredibly artistic stories about noble samurais and the fearless warriors who made Japan famous and honorable all over the world. However, as time passed by, the legends old as time started to wear off, to much pity of the fans. Nevertheless, the really worthwhile novels stood afloat, among them the fabulous story by Jin Yong, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, which not only was a mastermind of depicting the battle scenes and giving the fighting styles sonorous names, but also managed to reinvent people’s perception of the whole idea of the Japanese martial art, making the characters more three-dimensional and giving them not only the abilities to learn fast enough and fight well, but also the chance to develop as the story progressed. With the help of the idea that stands behind each of the martial arts style, and the character that stands behind it, the author manages to convey the specifics of the given character’s features and outline the stages of his/her development throughout the novel, which added vivacity to the novel and contributed to the credibility of the characters and the world that Yong depicts. Yue Buqun: When the Violet Twilight Sets in The man who founded the school and started teaching the students the secrets of the martial art of gongfu, Yue Buqun deserves considerable attention. He is one of those wonderful clichés that the whole generation of novels about the Japanese martial arts teachers is thankful to him for. Yue Buqun is the image of a perfect teacher, sympathetic, wise and fearless; the author makes his nobility obvious, offering an all-embracing description of the character: Mu Gaofeng immediately recognized him. He was indeed “Righteous Sword” Yue Buqun, Head Master of the Huashan School. Mu had always been in dread of him. Now, since Mu had been caught bullying a junior who basically had no gongfu skills and because Yue even gave the youngster a helping hand, he felt very awkward.1 However, these are not the peaceful scenes that characterize Yue Buqun the most, but the scenes of fight, where he, despite the rage, manages to keep honor and dignity. And, as he fights, he resembles a shadow sliding in the twilight across the street. Taking a closer look, one will see that the author does not actually give the descriptions of Yue Buqun’s movements, in contrast to the other characters, whose motions are described in the most detailed way – the Master himself simply does not need any comments on his art. He sees the injustice, he joins the fight for justice – and “Mu Gaofeng knew well that once Yue Buqun stepped in, things would not go as he wished.2” The author leaves it to the defeated enemies to comment on Yue Buqun’s martial skills: “Mu Gaofeng saw the change and felt his heart shudder. “So that was indeed the ‘Violet Twilight Gongfu’ of the Huashan Sword School!” he thought.3” A Member of the Unmatched Ning Family Weirdly enough, there is a woman in Yong’s story, even though martial arts ate supposed to be the prerogative of men. However, the author decided to give her a specific weapon, which was rather clever. With the help of the swords that she used to combat the foes, not only did she look more perilous, but also more feminine and gracious. Whenever she makes a move in the fight, it is always the right one: “Madam Yue turned to her side and drew a sword hanging at the waist of one of her female apprentices and commanded, ‘Use the fast knife-chops!’4” The Power of Dugu Nine Swords: Feng Qingyang Another character that possesses the most mysterious features, Feng Qingyang is one of the noble and chivalrous followers of the Master. With the help of a Zorro-style build-up, the author allows the reader to understand that Feng is a master of gongfu: “The words ‘Feng Qingyang’ were carved on the left side of the wall. They must have been carved using a sharp blade – the vigorous strokes were almost a half-inch deep.5” However, it is only the teaching process where the skills and the soul of the noble warrior come into the open. Swearing to never fight anyone6, he might seem too mild, yet it is simply the compassion and love for people that motivates him. However, most of the time, Feng simply teaches Chong the martial arts along with the Master, which also allows the reader to see his character pretty well as a wise and a proud warrior. He teaches Chong, and he leaves – to be mentioned again further on. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Master of Improvisation: Linghu Chong The last, but definitely not the least, Linghu Chong is one of those students that every teacher could only dream of. Mastering each style of gongfu with an amazing ease, the warrior manages not only to master every single style that he sees someone performing, but also perfect it to the point of utter brilliance. “He continued working at gathering his inner energy, using Violet Twilight Gongfu in an effort to break open the sealed points.7” Moreover, Linghu Chong also possesses that specific nobleness that the Master of gongfu himself, Yue Buqun, has: “Yue Buqun was livid. He remembered how Linghu Chong had put an act of stabbing himself on Mount Hua, not wanting to kill Tian Boguang.8” Born to follow the footsteps of his teacher, he is, doubtlessly, in the focus of the novel. In the Heat of the Fight: Why Being so Elaborate? The scenes of the fights that the author makes the readers go through are, therefore, not only successful attempts to make the well-paced story more action-packed, but also the means to show the way in which the characters’ personalities developed, and mark the stages of their further progress. One of the most striking examples is the one of Linghu Chong, the man who starts out as a humble student ad turns out to be an incredibly fast learner who manages to become even more successful in the art of fighting than his own teacher. Moreover, the moral development of the character has been shown well enough; among all the scenes in the book, the one where Linghu Chong is filled with bitter regret about his forced lying – that is, keeping forced silence, which is even more dreadful for him – and cannot help feeling the overwhelming sorrow: Not daring to reply, Linghu Chong kept kowtowing as thoughts raced in his head. ‘If I don’t tell them how Grand Uncle-Master Feng taught me sword arts, Master and Master-Wife will certainly not forgive me. But a true man must keep his word.9’ The rest of the characters also display considerable evolution from the state of being captured by a certain idea to slowly transmitting to a more tolerant vision of the world. Therefore, the fighting scenes are not only the gems to decorate the novel. These are the landmarks of the characters’ development. Conclusion: The Acme of Skill Introducing each character of the story with the help of the battle style that suits his/her character precisely, Jin Yong does a miracle of characters portrayal and the depiction of their development. It is quite peculiar that not only the strengths and the positive features of the characters, but also their negative features and the obvious weaknesses are exposed to the reader with the help of the battle descriptions. When giving the reader the details of the battles, the author shows clearly that one chooses to fight and die the way (s)he used to live, which is rather impressive when it comes to confronting the main villain of the novel. We will write a custom Essay on “The Smiling Proud Wanderer” a Story by Jin Yong specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Rather unexpectedly, the latter turns out not the numerous enemies and opponents that the leading characters are supposed to fight with, but their own fears and weaknesses, which adds to the symbolism in the novel. When giving detailed descriptions of the acme of the skill that the leads possess, the author compares the battle to the actual life, which makes the novel truly gripping and fills it with the specific philosophy of the East. Footnotes 1. Jin Yong. The Smiling Proud Wanderer, (Lanny Lin, 2011), 136. Web. 2, Jin Yong. The Smiling Proud Wanderer, (Lanny Lin, 2011), 136.Web. 3. Jin Yong. The Smiling Proud Wanderer, (Lanny Lin, 2011), 137. Web. 4. Jin Yong. The Smiling Proud Wanderer, (Lanny Lin, 2011), 198. Web. 5. Jin Yong. The Smiling Proud Wanderer, (Lanny Lin, 2011), 205. Web. 6. Jin Yong. The Smiling Proud Wanderer, (Lanny Lin, 2011), 267. Web. 7. Jin Yong. The Smiling Proud Wanderer, (Lanny Lin, 2011), 361. Web. Not sure if you can write a paper on “The Smiling Proud Wanderer” a Story by Jin Yong by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More 8. Jin Yong. The Smiling Proud Wanderer, (Lanny Lin, 2011), 361. Web. 9, Jin Yong. The Smiling Proud Wanderer, (Lanny Lin, 2011), 362. Web.

The Legal Environment for Assessment The legal landscape influencing the use of assessments for employment decisions has changed substantively over

The Legal Environment for Assessment The legal landscape influencing the use of assessments for employment decisions has changed substantively over the past thirty years. Summarize the contemporary legal and professional standards that guide the use of assessments in the workplace, and describe the implications of these standards on organizations that decide to use assessments as a basis of employment decisions. Then, integrate your understanding of these standards to evaluate the steps outlined by authors Scott and Pearlman (2010) for using assessment to facilitate organizational change. How do the steps Scott and Pearlman proposed help an organization avoid the potential for liability when using assessments to guide personnel decisions during organizational transitions? Explain your answer, referencing course readings and other academic sources. Your initial post should be at least 300 words.

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