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International Business and Saudi Arabia Evaluation Essay

One international company that has remained on the successful path is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had set out different strategies that enabled it to succeed in numerous fronts. For instance, the company has edged its competitors by producing several brands of all its products. As a result, customers have been able to choose products from a wide range of substitutes hence satisfying their needs. This strategy has attracted and maintained customers in the premises as there are minimal chances of missing to purchase a product (What makes Wal-Mart successful?, 2013). A customer who wants to purchase a luxury watch has varieties like Omega, Rolex, Rado, and Cartier. From this scenario, a customer can choose a watch from the different brands of watches. In addition, Wal-Mart has adopted the cost-cutting strategy in order to offer consumers products of low prices as compared to their competitors in the market. The Company’s ability to provide customers with low prices has made it realize the value for their money. The move has also made the company gain massive buying power. The low costs have made Wal-Mart gain competitive advantage over its competitors. The cutting of costs on products has also assisted the company to save on expenses. Moreover, its employees think outside the box on service provision to customers. The culture has facilitated the building of strong relations between customers and employees. Organizations that have adopted this culture have realized success in their operations. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The logistics and distribution networks at Wal-Mart have been strong. The Company has ensured that it brings its products close to the customers as possible. The Company believes that effective management and strong creative decisions are the essential cornerstones it requires in strengthening its foundation and place as a chief actor in the business environment (What makes Wal-Mart successful?, 2013). A clear supply chain strategy improves customer service, increases profits, and continues to minimize the reduced costs of production and operation. According to Hill
Stanford University Uniform Commercial Code Discussion.

How has the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) changed the Common Law of Contracts? Do parties to a contact get to choose the Common Law or the UCC? Does the UCC apply to everyone? Do you think that the Federal Government should make a standard set of laws for Contracts?Just do make comment # 1 to 3 down below onlyPosted 1The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) has limited the scope of the Common Law of Contracts. Nearly all of the states adopted the UCC which governs commercial transactions. The main goal of the UCC was to standardize the laws for commercial transactions since they are often conducted across state lines. Interestingly enough, some of the UCC principles have actually had an impact on the Common Law of Contracts, meaning that courts have adopted these principles in effect in their rulings. For example, the UCC introduced the idea of unconscionability but the courts have also applied this concept in cases outside of the sale of goods/commercial transactions. The UCC does not apply to everyone. It specifically applies to transactions in which at least one party is a merchant. That said, “merchant” is determined on a case by case basis depending on the facts and circumstances, so the UCC has the potential to apply to anyone if they are conducting business in the manner of a merchant. One can always contract out of something, meaning the terms could be so clear and written in such a way to circumvent some of the provisions of the UCC. However, there is no actual choice to “opt out” of the application of the UCC.While the federal government does have the authority to regulate interstate commerce, I do not believe it should create a standard set of laws for contracts. Parties have the freedom to contract, and while a standardized laws may seem easier, it would encroach on that right and potentially interfere with economics.Posted 2Per my understanding, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was created to establish some specific rules to govern the sales of goods. These rules brought more efficiency and defined standards to the commercial transactions, specially for the transactions made across state lines. The UCC also brought more flexibility to the commercial transactions, as it has altered the mirror image rule’s application to merchants’ sale of goods in a way that an acceptance that is not exactly under the same terms as the offer can still be considered effective. The UCC also eliminated the necessity of having all the essential terms determined at the inception of the contract.But, the UCC is not applicable to everyone. It can be applied only to the transactions involving goods (tangible items). It excludes services, real estate and insurance transactions, which are governed by the common law of contracts.In my opinion, the Federal Government should make a standard set of laws for all type of contracts (including services, real estate, insurance, etc.). That would reduce the issues that the court commonly must deal with. But, considering that each state has its own rules and practices, I believe that it would be very difficult to converge all the different issues into a unified set of laws.lessPosted 3Common Law and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) have impacted each other over the years. Common law of contracts existed first and was essentially the foundation in developing the Articles of the UCC. Common law relies on definiteness of the contract terms, while the UCC relies on the intentions of the parties and is more relaxed. The UCC has helped modern common law tolerate a lower degree of definiteness. Parties to a contract do not get to decide which laws their contract falls under. The nature of the contract is the deciding factor. If the contract is for the sale of goods, UCC will apply. The UCC applies to commercial contracts, typically including at least one merchant. If the contract is not for the sale of goods, such as services, real estate, bonds, etc. then common law applies. The UCC seeks to find uniformity in contract law across the states. This allows interstate contract transactions to be easier to navigate without the confusion of individual state common laws. I believe if the Federal Government would expand the Articles to include services, real estate, etc. this would not only be easier on the parties involved by also on the court system as a whole.
Stanford University Uniform Commercial Code Discussion

Does Job Satisfaction Affect Job Performance? Essay. Introduction In context, does job satisfaction affect job performance? That is a question that revolves around variables that relates the two components. In this case, job satisfaction and job performance are strongly related as one affects the other in the context of the attitude developed by employees in an organization. Noteworthy is the fact that an employee who is satisfied shows higher levels of productivity than when not satisfied. That makes job satisfaction and job performance to have interdependent relationships. Job Satisfaction Studies show that job satisfaction is an attitude that has direct impact on job performance. In that context, job satisfaction is an attitude that is derived because it is affective or emotional response toward ones job. Job satisfaction revolves around effort and compensation, which in turn is based on the application of skills to improve productivity and work outputs. Effort is what one has input ones into work. The level of satisfaction is related to the kind of attitude a person has towards a job, and it correlates with the impact the attitude has toward influencing the performance of an individual. In this case, employee perceptions underlie job satisfaction which is critical in influencing performance. When an employee gets fulfilled because of the positive impact on their emotions, tendencies, and cognition, there is the likelihood of positively impacting on employee performance. In this case, low job satisfaction leads to low performance while high job satisfaction leads to better performance. Job satisfaction can result from either intrinsic or extrinsic factors or rewards. Intrinsic rewards for organizational employees including managers and other organizational professionals influence the level of satisfaction in an employee. Here, it is possible to create a strong link between performance and job satisfaction. Here, job satisfaction is the direct cause of job performance, where performance correlates positively with satisfaction. Typically, the underlying rewards directly influence job satisfaction and job performance. Satisfaction and Performance Once an employee gets satisfied in their workplace, performance is susceptible to be positive. That is because satisfaction causes an increase in efforts, which leads to commitments and positive intentions. In addition to that, job satisfaction is a direct cause of increased employee productivity, which affects an employee’s effort in their work. The underlying rationale for increased performance is the rewards provided to organizational employees. Core to improved and effective performance is job satisfaction. That shows that job satisfaction and performance are strongly interrelated. In this case, performance has been identified as being crucial to satisfaction in the relationship. Here, a reward system used in an organization and the approach used to reward employees are critical in influencing job satisfaction and job performance. Conclusion In conclusion, a satisfied employee is a better performer, implying a strong relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. Job satisfaction has been shown to be driven by underlying elements of affect toward a job. That is influenced by the degree of pleasure and satisfaction derived from a job which an organization can initiate and put in place to influence job satisfaction. Here, job satisfaction positively impacts on performance because of improved productivity that is evident in an organization. That is in addition to the strength of the relationship that exists between job satisfaction and job performance in the context of employees meeting their expectations. Here, there is an emotional link between job satisfaction and job performance, where the motivation to work is self-fulfilling and innate, influencing attitude and the performance of an individual. Does Job Satisfaction Affect Job Performance? Essay
Short essay on public obeying laws, their morality and ethic, religion, etc, needed ASAP! See details!.

After reading the required readings listed below, please address the following questions in 300-600 words:What obliges the public to obey laws? Their sense of morality and ethic? Religion? Social acceptance?REQUIRED RESOURCESBroeders, Ron, Kees van den Bos, Patrick A. Müller, and Jaap Ham. 2011. “Should I save or should I not kill? How people solve moral dilemmas depends on which rule is most accessible.” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47 (5): 923-34. Accessed June 11, 2016., Michel. “What is Enlightenment?” [1984]. Ethics: Subjectivity and Truth, ed. Paul Rabinow, pp. 32-50. New York: Pantheon Books, 1984. Accessed May 1, 2016., Immanuel. “What is Enlightenment?” The Art of Theory: Conversations in Political Philosophy. Accessed May 1, 2016., David. “How we Decide in Moral Situations.” Philosophy 90, no. 1 (Jan, 2015): 59-81., James E. “Kant on Lies.” Proceedings of the Eighth Annuan Harvard/MIT Graduate Student Philosophy Conference, Duke University, (2000). Accessed May 1, 2016., Joseph, Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public PolicyVolume 1, Issue 1 Symposium on Law and Morality Article 10February 2014 “The Obligation to Obey: Revision and Tradition”. May 1, 2016., Henry D. “Resistance to Civil Government.” (1849). Accessed May 1, 2016.
Short essay on public obeying laws, their morality and ethic, religion, etc, needed ASAP! See details!

NUR 318 DU Leadership for Quality Care & Patient Safety Nursing Leadership Discussion

NUR 318 DU Leadership for Quality Care & Patient Safety Nursing Leadership Discussion.

1- Analyze and critique this article in relation to your role as a leader or nursing leadership within your organization. The annotated bibliography should be brief and concise, two to three paragraphs double spaced.Analyzed article completely and accurately, showing outstanding understanding of the article with identification of issues, or concerns related to nursing leadership and communication challenges for 21st century nurse leaders 2-Information is presented in a logical and interesting sequence which audience can follow. Structured formal writing, flows well, basic transitions are used; Article summarized well, clear and concise, contains no grammatical, mechanical, or APA errors3- Develop one key question from the article you would like to present for the discussion
NUR 318 DU Leadership for Quality Care & Patient Safety Nursing Leadership Discussion

SW 2200 WSU Why Is Changing Health Related Behavior so Tricky Change Maker Paper

custom essay SW 2200 WSU Why Is Changing Health Related Behavior so Tricky Change Maker Paper.

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Paper GuidelinesThe change maker paper must exhibit your capacity to engage in critical thinking and evidence your ability to integrate your experiences, information learned, prior concepts and perspectives covered in class discussions, reading materials and films.The report must follow APA formatting guidelines: 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides. The paper must also include an abstract and title page. You will also prepare and submit a 4-5 page written report describing your experience. A minimum of 4 APA in-text citations (Links to an external site.) must be used to added to the paper strengthen your report, and must be listed on the reference page. The template is below.…Paper must have a minimum of 4 in-text citations to add to the strength of the report. Interviews are not included in the 4 references. Reliable sources only (journal articles, books, etc.). The four APA references must be cited in the paper (in-text citation) and on the reference page.20.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Written summary Interpretation (author/student), why/how diversity related, lessons learned, incorporating interview experience with social change experience, etc.?Paper 4-5 pages
SW 2200 WSU Why Is Changing Health Related Behavior so Tricky Change Maker Paper

McDonald’s Hot Coffee Law Case and Unfair Verdict Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Facts Argument Counter Argument Rebuttal Works Cited Introduction This primary goal of this memo is to argue that the jury’s verdict on the Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants case was not fair. This lawsuit had no legal merit, and should not have been won by the plaintiff. This memo will also address another perspective and will be ended with a rebuttal. Facts A 79-year-old lady has poured some of the coffee that she purchased at McDonald’s on her lap and received burns. She needed immediate treatment because the damage was severe and was disabled for a few years. She wanted a rather small compensation, but the company declined her demands. Such enormous numbers as $2,7 million were discussed. In the end, the amount of money that McDonald’s had to pay stays confidential (“FAQ About the McDonald’s Coffee Case” par. 3). Argument This is one of the best examples of unjustified and controversial lawsuits. The demands of the lady were unreasonable because she knew about possible injuries that may be caused by spilled coffee, and should be responsible for her actions. It should be understood that some products may be dangerous if a person does not use them safely. It needs to be said that the outcomes of some cases are unpredictable most of the time because it is a known fact that juries make questionable verdicts quite often (Lexington par. 6). It is especially true when it comes to huge corporations, and some of those decisions often shock society. Most firms think that it is wise to settle the cases right away because they may receive unnecessary attention from the public, and trial expenses are often quite significant and should not be disregarded (“Tort on Stills” par. 4). It is highly unlikely that the same decision would be made if a small company was involved. Also, it is paramount to note that the number of such cases has increased dramatically after this one, and most of them are incredibly absurd. Most companies are ready to make necessary changes to ensure that the customers are satisfied. Counter Argument There is also another point of view that needs to be discussed. The reasoning behind such a decision is that McDonald’s knew about possible risks that are associated with this product but did not take necessary measures to warn customers about potential dangers. The company has received numerous complaints from customers over the years but did not address this issue because it was not viewed as something significant. There is also an argument that the temperature should be lower by approximately 10 degrees (Stout par. 19). Other restaurants in the area served much cooler drinks. Rebuttal However, it needs to be said that a complainant should have realized that it is a foreseeable risk that she takes, and it is rather evident that she is at fault. She suffered the damage because of her actions, and she was not careful enough to make sure that the cup is not tipped. She could have avoided such harm if she wiped out the liquid promptly. Also, it is imperative to note that some restaurants serve coffee that is even hotter than the one that McDonald’s offered. Companies don’t need to warn customers about dangers that are as obvious as this one. McDonald’s had to agree with the decision to protect business interests, and the image of the company is of utmost importance. Works Cited “FAQ About the McDonald’s Coffee Case.” Hotcoffeethemovie. n.d. Web. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Lexington. “Law V Common Sense.” The Economist. 2009. Web. Stout, Hillary. “Not Just a Hot Cup Anymore.” The NY Times. 2013. Web. “Tort on Stills.” The Economist. 2001. Web.

Grossmont College Henry David Thoreau Civil Disobedience Essay

Grossmont College Henry David Thoreau Civil Disobedience Essay.

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Answer the following questions based on the file uploaded. make sure you format your packet correctly as shown on the formatting packet given to you at the onset of the semester. The font is Times New Roman with 12 point sizing and the packet should contain the following:Pre-Reading Questions1.What kind of government does Thoreau think would be most ethical and moral?2. What is the individuals ethical responsibility regarding supporting the government when it is wrong?3. How does Thoreau deal with unjust laws that seem immoral?Questions for Critical Reading1. To what extent do you think Thoreau’s intended audience agreed with him?2. What is the relation of justice to the moral view that Thoreau maintains?3. Thoreau provides us with a detailed account of his imprisonment (paragraphs 28-35).What is the ethical lesson that Thoreau learned in prison?4. One example of Thoreau’s use of irony is in paragraph 25. What other examples of irony seem effective in his argument?]5. In Thoreau’s view, what is the ethical responsibility of a government to a minority population?6. How clear is Thoreau’s position on ethics and morality? What is most convincing to you?7. Is it possible that Thoreau’s “Chinese philosopher” is Lao-tzu. How likely is it that Thoreau had read Lao-tzu and agreed with him?Calendar Questions1. In paragraph 11 Thoreau says, “All voting is a sort of gaming.” What does he mean by this?2. Is it true?3. What is the gaming aspect of voting?4. Why is Thoreau so harsh about voting?Journal ResponseThis will be your thoughtful first person response to the text. Do not write a book report that regurgitates what the piece says. What did you glean/learn from the piece? What is your interpretation and analysis? How is it applicable to today’s times? Can you find any correlations between this piece and other pieces you’ve read of viewed in our class thus far?
Grossmont College Henry David Thoreau Civil Disobedience Essay