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Intercultural Communication I

Answer the following questions and upload in a Word or PDF document by the deadline. Please provide the bibliographic references that apply. Two brief textual quotes per question are allowed. Minimum length: 350 words for each question.1. Utilizing the central ideas of “Cyberculture and Generational Change” and two other sections of the course, discuss how they all relate to each other, and to intercultural communication. Use a minimum of two videos from the list at the end of the MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY, AND IC class notes in addition to the readings.
2. The concept of community of practice, utilized by Ingrid Piller, focuses on common activities, goals, and norms experienced in small groups, with individuals typically belonging to several of them, simultaneously or sequentially. How can this concept be utilized in the study of culture, and what other levels of socio-cultural action addressed in the course’s readings could complement this approach? Provide two examples that are not taken from the course’s readings.
3. Utilizing the discussion boards, make a description of the class group, focusing on cultural backgrounds, interests, and findings of the term essay.
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