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Insurgentes by Steven Wilson college admissions essay help Science essay help

What might this be our fifth review of any Steven Wilson project? Yes it is, thank you for noticing that. Steven Wilson is pretty much the king of the modern prog scene and hails from the Ye Ole England much like many of his biggest influences like Pink Floyd and Yes. This a man of many different faces in terms of inspiration from his Porcupine Tree project to his collaborations with Mikael Akerfeldt in Blackwater Park and Storm Corrosion. I see no sign of him stopping his career anytime soon, and I hope he doesn’t either.
Insurgents is his debut solo project which started post Porcupine Tree, and can reveal many emotions and show Wilson`s musical capabilities very, very well. While Porcupine Tree was literally more proggy, it seems his solo project is a bit more ambient and atmospheric, combine that with his soft and soothing voice and you go anywhere from happy and fluttery to haunting and creepy. That is one of the many reasons why Steven Wilson is so respected amongst the prog and hard rock community. Some moments are pure epicness, some moments are incredibly freaky, but everything is absolutely mindblowing. Sure it isn’t The Raven nor is it Hand. Cannot. Erase. but then again this is the first album in his solo project so I can cut some slack, plus from what I know, he’s never done this before. The result is something that can be on the tongues of many prog fans for ages on end, that is why I think Steven Wilson is the biggest revolutionizer in modern Progressive music, even more than Mikael Akerfeldt and Mike Portnoy combine.
I give this a 9/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.