Instructions With your specific argument stance (thesis/claim) in mind, locate one scholarly source with opinions that do not agree


With your specific argument stance (thesis/claim) in mind, locate one scholarly source with opinions that do not agree with your own stance. Using Toulmin’s model, demonstrate the use of concession and refutation to rebut an opposing viewpoint, keeping in mind the importance of a humble yet assertive tone.

Steps: In 2 rich paragraphs, answer the following as related to your stance for your argument essay:

Locate a specific opposing point within the article: Note one point in this article that opposes your stance, using proper source integration and citation techniques.
Concession: Although the point is in opposition to your own stance, describe the merits of the point. What elements of the point do you see as valid? Who in your own audience might agree with this opposing source and why?
Refutation: Although you are able to find merits to the point and to see that some readers may agree with this opposing viewpoint, how will you refute the point? What might you say and do to convince readers that despite holding some merit, the viewpoint is not as valid or useful as your own stance on the issue? How will your approach to this opposing viewpoint influence your audience’s reaction to your essay? Remember to use correct quotation or paraphrasing techniques with correct APA in-text citation.

Minimum of 1 scholarly source[supanova_question]

The NCAA needs to pay College Athletes

The NCAA needs to pay College Athletes.

 Description First off, this is a paper for sports economics. This paper is to be an argument as to why the NCAA needs to pay college athletes. The NCAA and its member colleges and Universities generate millions of dollars in revenue a year due to athletics programs. This revenue comes from Ticket/ concession sales for home events, merchandise sales, and probably the largest portion of revenue comes from television/broadcasting contracts. All of this revenue is generated due to the performances of the athletes that make up these schools athletic departments, yet the College athletes (Specifically football, basketball, and baseball athletes) do not see a dime of that revenue. this needs to change. This paper should include history about some past problems the NCAA has had with with this issue as it becomes more talked about and more relevant each year. Also, it needs to include how players have been affected by it. College athletes deserve financial recognition for the merchandise profit they generate, as well as the opportunity to pursue their own financial gains. As athletes, they work hard on the field every day to bring in fans and wins for their school; it’s only fair that they are rewarded for their efforts, at least in some small way. As far as sources go, The paper should leverage academic journal articles.

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Technology Stock (

Instructions With your specific argument stance (thesis/claim) in mind, locate one scholarly source with opinions that do not agree Technology Stock (

For this paper you must research the selected stock which is on yahoo finance or any other financial website: Technology Stock ( REQUIRED: 1) For the “technology” stock chose ( EBAY.COM) , provide an update of the stock price history through the last week. Compare to the broader indexes over the same time period (since the beginning of the Fall 2018) and discuss how your company performed as compared to the markets. Use more than one index to compare like or other related Stocks (1 – 2 paragraphs) 2) Review the quarterly earnings which were released during the semester for your company and summarize the quarter’s performance versus last year (minimum 2-3 paragraphs). 3) Based on the limited knowledge you have about this company, give this stock a buy, sell or hold recommendation. Compare with the analysts’ opinions for this company if possible. Discuss as fully as possible, using whatever information you can obtain to support your opinion.

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Auto Theft Investigation

Auto Theft Investigation.

This essay topic is on Auto Theft Investigation. This essay must be written using a specific format, which will be uploaded via PDF, and will explain specifically how the format of the essay is to be written and what should be included to successfully show knowledge and proven experience on the subject. The writer should not begin this essay until the PDF is completely read and understood. In addition, this PLA should be written to give a perception of my own personal experience, and not as if its a research paper. For the writer – I am in the law enforcement field, so please tailor the essay to reflect this. Also, the last paragraph should really tie everything up and show strong understanding and knowledge about Auto Theft Investigation.

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Economic consultancy for Pukah Herbs Ltd

Economic consultancy for Pukah Herbs Ltd.

Assignment Task

Report (max 2000 words)

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed

1.      Discriminate between alternative quantitative techniques in problem solving.

2.      Analyse Business & Economic theory using quantitative techniques

4.      Analyse Business & Economic data and justify conclusions based on the analysis

World Class Professional Skills Assessed.



Assignment Details and Instructions.

Economic consultancy for Pukah Herbs Ltd

Pukah are a Bristol-based company who make a range of health supplements and herbal teas. Pukah have been in business for 20 years but turnover has risen significantly over the last 5 years as their range of teas are now sold in major UK supermarkets.


The business is going from strength to strength but where do they go from here? Should they continue to grow their product range or should they seek new markets for their existing products? The large majority of Pukah’s revenues come from the UK market although they do export some of their ranges through, in the main, web sales to Europe.


Breakdown of Pukah Revenues for 2015 by Country:

Country Revenue £m’s % Revenue
UK 10.5 82%
Ireland 0.9 7%
Germany 0.7 5%
France 0.2 2%
Other European 0.5 4%
Total 12.8  


Two potential strategic directions have been identified as follows:

1.      Maintain sales in the UK & Ireland with their current product range, whilst expanding sales in the European markets where they already have a presence. As an extension to this, they are considering entering the North American market (US & Canada) plus Japan. Pukah believes that it could leverage its ‘Britishness’ as other specialist food companies have done. The recent falls in the value of the pound post-Brexit, could aid this strategy.

2.      Focus solely on the UK market and further increase their product range. In reality, Pukah have been struggling to make much headway in Europe in recent years due to the relative strength of the pound, differing tastes and habits, plus ongoing sluggish demand on the continent.

Pukah have therefore employed economics consultants to aid tactical and strategic decision making at the business. You are currently on placement at the consultancy. Whilst the more experienced members of the consultancy team will be advising Pukah on areas such as Brexit effects, competition levels, barriers to entry, trade support and finance, you have been tasked with providing both an overview of both macro conditions and analysis at the company/product level.

Specifically you have been asked to produce a report, of maximum 2,000 words, outlining your analysis and insight into the following areas:

1.      Providing a summary of the UK Macro-Economic environment in which Pukah have traded in the last 15 years.

2.      Summarising Pukah UK Sales Revenue performance over the last 15 years in the context of the prevailing macroeconomic environment, both in actual and ‘real’ terms.

3.      Summarising prospects for the UK Economy in both the short and medium term (no insight is expected on potential Brexit effects). Comment on the stability of forecasts produced over the course of 2015 for both the short and medium term.

4.      Modelling overall UK sales for Pukah, using an appropriate macro-economic variable as an explanatory variable.

5.      Utilising the model of UK sales to forecast overall sales for 2016 and 2017.

6.      Producing sales forecasts for Pukah’s three key product lines for the final two quarters of 2016 and the first two quarters of 2017.

7.      Analysing UK sales by regions and stores (excluding internet sales) in 2015.

8.      Identifying the demand curve for Pukah Green Tea (20 bags). You have been provided with sales and pricing data from Holland & Barrett, a key retailer of Pukah products.

9.      Modelling the total cost curve for the production of boxes of 40 Pukah ‘Matcha Green’ Teabags at their production facility in Swindon. The production manager can then be advised as to what level of weekly production will minimise average costs.

10.  Describing Sterling exchange rates with currencies relevant to their current and potential export markets over the last 10 years, in conjunction with a summary of the overall sterling index.

11.  Summarise forecasts for the sterling index in both the short and medium term.


Key points: The main thrust of the report will be the outlining of your findings from the above analyses. No further reading or research is needed into the domestic and target export markets. Pukah has supplied data for the above analyses. Relevant macroeconomic data and forecasts should be obtained from the ONS and HM-Treasury.


Additional Information


Students will be penalised if they copy material or re-use the work of others without full acknowledgement (your work must be written in your own words and referenced appropriately). Please refer to the university’s regulations for more details on plagiarism (


The report will be a maximum 2000 words in length.



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