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Instructions Post one of the body paragraphs from your essay followed by a 1-paragraph explanation of what you think

Post one of the body paragraphs from your essay followed by a 1-paragraph explanation of what you think is working well and what areas you believe need revision.

Thoughtful, constructive peer responses are critical in this discussion. Respond to your peers emphasizing what is working well and offering constructive feedback for revision.

The body paragraphs from one of my essays.

(Unlike other writings such as essays, research papers are complex writings. First, research papers involve conducting a comprehensive analysis. A successful research writing process entails an in-depth search of information from various scholarly sources. The writer does not use their point of view; instead, they depend on other scholars’ work to develop their research papers. However, papers such as essays can be written based on personal opinions. Another notable difference is that the research paper involves a lot of writing and is usually long. However, other writings, such as essays, are always brief. The purpose of writing a research paper is different from the aim of writing essays. In research papers, writers aim to explore a particular topic and narrow it further, but with essays, writers are motivated by the urge to prove their writing skills.))

Also, this is the comment from my professor about this paragraph:
I do want to clarify a couple of points here. Where you say that for essays, writers are motivated to “prove their writing skills,” keep in mind that research writing also requires skilled writing.

Biomedical Ethics discussion.

Biomedical Ethics discussion..

Compare Watson and Arneson’s arguments. Are they consistently applying consequentialist or deontological moral reasoning? Given what you read in this and the previous module, which moral principle should we apply in this case? Using real-world examples, and defend your answer. and also comment on these two discussions 1- Watson’s outlook on why human international trial experimentations crosses the line of moral reasoning because of the lack importance of the patient’s consent in throughout the entire process. For human experimentations or for any procedure in the matter, a patient’s consent both verbally and a legally signed document should take place. Every patient has the right to be informed of any potential consequences or any effects that could take place before agreeing to have the medical procedure done. Arneson only provides examples third-world countries that could not help but benefit from human trial experiments. Arneson’s examples and arguments goes against Watson’s outlook showing the beneficial aspects of conducting human trial experimentations. The principle that I could apply in the case that there were an outbreak of pandemic disease such as cholera, or necrotising fasciitis is the act of consequentialism. If the patient knowingly wants to live then I would navigate every avenue to try to stop this disease from spreading. This is only due to the disease is a rapidly growing disease and if left untreated then the patient will surely die. However, with the slower progressive diseases such as cancer or HIV/AIDS I would let the patient choose what route they would like to take as far as treatment because there is more time allotted to make the decision. 2-Watson’s uses deontological moral reasoning with being against clinical trials. He states that some people are not in a state to fully understand the risks involved in the trials so therefore they are not able to fully give consent. Any one with enough charisma and a large vocabulary can influence people to do what could be potentially harmful for them. Conversely, Arneson uses a consequentialist view about clinical trials. He is specifically an act-consequentialist. He thinks that most of the ideas of Big Pharma harassing small African villages are not real. In the end, his point of view states that the success that is brought to humanity through these clinical trials will indeed help who ever is being tested more than they may have been hurt. This argument was hard for me to pick a side. I work in the medical field so everything I do once had a clinical trial before using it on everyday sick people. So in that case I would think consequentialist but I can’t help putting myself in the situation. What if it was I or a loved one who is being taken advantage of in the name of science and medical advancement? After giving some thought I believe we should take a consequentialist point of view. Dr. Barry Marshal discovered that stomach ulcers where caused by H. pylori bacteria because he used himself as a the clinical trial. Now I don’t believe ever clinical trial should take that big of a risk but I do think if one could get someone to fully understand the risks of clinical trials then it could be safer. Also if they did not target poor or less educated populations. Caplan, A. & Arp, R. eds. (2014). Contemporary debates in bioethics. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN: 978-1-4443-3714-3

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The Microbiome

Instructions Post one of the body paragraphs from your essay followed by a 1-paragraph explanation of what you think After reading the articles provided and watching the video about pre-and pro-biotics, please describe what change in health- or nutrition -related behaviors, might you recommend for yourself or someone close to you to improve gut health? How are these recommendations based on what you’ve learned about the role of the microbiome in promoting health (provide specific examples)?

Does the exchange rate of your data appear to support the theory of Purchasing Power Parity?

Does the exchange rate of your data appear to support the theory of Purchasing Power Parity?.

My country is Peru • 2 page descriptive analysis; • Graph of Nominal Exchange Rate and Relative Prices over time (Figure 16-2 from text, “The Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate and Relative Japan-US Price Levels, 1980-2012,” is a good model. It is on Google) it must have thesis, citations, real interest rate, nominal interest rate, and lending rate. Only use the sources below for data: World Development Indicators International Financial Statistics If you cannot find the data in either of these, you may look at St. Louis Federal Reserve database (FRED) This paper should be written based on my previous paper which I will provide.

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