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“Insecure” Comedy-Drama TV Series by Rae and Wilmore Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Issa’s Self-image Conclusion Work Cited Introduction Insecure is a tragicomedy chef-d’oeuvre highlighting the challenges that millennials are facing in the contemporary world. Throughout the sixth episode of season 3 of the series, different elements of the struggles of young adults after getting past the age of 30 emerge. Millennials have been accused of many things including the inability to find job satisfaction and form meaningful relationships among other social issues. The elements of dissatisfaction at work, yearning for unknown accomplishments, unprotected sex without minding the consequences, and the inability to solve differences amicably stand out clearly in this comedy-drama. However, one of the characters, Issa, handles all these pressures with grit and wisdom. One of the most interesting elements of the show is Issa deals with her self-image starting from work and friends to relationships. This paper explores Issa’s quest to find herself and preserve her self-image in a quickly changing world by exploring the themes of relationship, work, and friendship. Issa’s Self-image One of the challenges facing millennials is the inability to find job satisfaction in contemporary times. For instance, Lawrence finally manages to pay his bills because he is working with a tech company. However, he seems not satisfied, and to make up for that inadequacy, he engages in wanton sex, some of which is unprotected, and thus he contracts chlamydia in the process. However, even with all the sex and health insurance cover, Lawrence is not satisfied or happy with his life. He complains, “There has to be more to life than fucking and going to work” (Insecure). This feeling is common among millennials as they are always yearning for more. However, Issa handles her situation differently. While she is also dissatisfied with her life, she sets out to find meaning instead of complaining like Lawrence. She starts a non-profit organization as a way of giving back to society. Setting up this organization is complicated and Issa is frustrated by the amount of paperwork required for licensing and other documentation. However, she does not give up. On the contrary, she inspires herself by thinking creatively about how to deal with her situation. This approach towards life, especially among millennials, is recommendable, which makes this film worthy of analysis. Another challenge that millennials have to contend with is relationships. At the age of 30, one is expected to have married, advanced in career, and bought a house among other societal landmarks of achievement. However, in Insecure, the majority of the characters are in their thirties and they do not seem to have made meaningful achievements. In terms of relationships, most characters are struggling to have loving mates. For instance, Lawrence gets drunk and tries to call all the girls that he has slept with to inform them that he has chlamydia. Molly is not in any stable relationship and even though she likes Andrew, she refuses to go on a date with him. Chad only longs to be a husband, but he has not found a suitable mate to settle down in marriage. Similarly, Kelli is not in any serious relationship and she has been sleeping around with Nathan’s friend. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Most millennials have to deal with the reality of uncommitted romantic relationships. Even though Issa is caught up in this confusion of uncommitted relationships, she stands out as a mature individual who can handle issues logically. For instance, after breaking up with Lawrence, she does not start sleeping around irresponsibly. Besides, she does not go looking for Nathan. On the contrary, he comes to her when she has already moved on and started a charitable organization to help the poor in her community. This aspect preserves her self-image as she respects herself. Finally, Issa is sensitive to her friends. Tiffany is insensitive as she fails to appreciate Kelli’s efforts to organize a baby shower for her. She (Tifanny) chides Molly and Issa for failing to plan a baby shower for her in the presence of Kelli without being thankful for the one friend who tried her best to make the event happen. Kelli finally leaves unexpectedly because she is upset due to Tiffany’s insensitivity. However, Issa tries to salvage the friendship by telling Tiffany that Kelli left early because she had to run some errands. In another scene, Candice comes over to greet Issa and Molly, which makes the latter uncomfortable. However, due to her sensitivity to her friends’ emotions, Issa overcompensates for Candice’s presence to make Molly comfortable. Conclusion Insecure adheres to the audience’s expectation of the genre of drama-comedy by ensuring drollery throughout the episode. Audiences anticipate such genres to be funny, entertaining and informing and this episode lives up to the expectations. However, while the incidences of the episode reflect how millennials are struggling with different issues, it introduces another side of it – that some individuals can manage their lives responsibly without falling for emerging challenges. Issa represents this class of millennials who despite the struggles, have found meaning in life, approach relationships cautiously and responsibly, and are sensitive to their friends’ emotions. This aspect explains why episode 6 of season 3 of Insecure is worthy of analysis. Work Cited Insecure. Created by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore, performance by Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji and Jay Ellis, 3 Arts Entertainment, 2018.
UR Different Types of Objects Augmentative Communication Midterm Questions.

Please answer the following questions. Please use correct grammar.1. You read about the different types of objects (actual objects, partial objects, and miniature objects) that can be used as symbols. Reflecting upon that information (in the textbook and online in a content module), provide a critique of the symbol in the embedded photo below. To help you in answering this question, please note that this object is on a 4 x 6 index card. Please remember that you are critiquing the object in the photo (not the photo itself).1. Would you classify this symbol as a real object, partial object, or miniature object? Which is the one best classification?2. From your examination of the symbol in the photo, what characteristics appear to make the symbol a good representation and what characteristics of the symbol are likely to interfere with the interpretation of it? Remember you are focusing on the object in the photo, not the photo of the object.2. You read about the different types of objects (actual objects, partial objects, and miniature objects) that can be used as symbols. Reflecting upon that information (in the textbook and online in a content module), provide a critique of the symbol in the photo. To help you in answering this question, please note that this object is on a 4 x 6 index card. Please remember that you are critiquing the object in the photo (not the photo itself).1. Would you classify this symbol as a real object, partial object, or miniature object? Which is the one best classification?2. From your examination of the symbol in the photo, what characteristics appear to make the symbol a good representation and what characteristics of the symbol are likely to interfere with the interpretation of it? Remember you are focusing on the object in the photo, not the photo of the object.I will add all mateial after this has b een accepted. 12ptParagraph
UR Different Types of Objects Augmentative Communication Midterm Questions

Pitts Profitability and Improvement in Terms of The Cost Allocation Method Essay.

The Pitt Corporation has been outsourcing data processing in the belief that such outsourcing would reduce costs and increase corporate profitability. In spite of this, there has been no meaningful increase in corporate profitability.Previously, Pitt used a single-rate method to allocate data processing costs. A per unit cost for data processing was computed and compared to the price of the outside supplier. The price of the outside supplier was lower and thus, the outside bid was accepted.Discuss a possible reason why Pitt’s profitability has not shown improvement in terms of the cost allocation method used.
Pitts Profitability and Improvement in Terms of The Cost Allocation Method Essay

A Tragic Hero Things Fall Apart English Literature Essay

Things Fall Apart is an intriguing story of how an Indian tribe is cultivated and one man’s pride brings him down. Okonkwo is flawed but has a desire to do good for his clan. As the protagonist the clan’s conflict is sought out by Okonkwo and his excessive pride. Building his compound from nothing, Okonkwo demands authority and power amongst his fellow clansmen. By the end of the story Okonkwo is unwilling to compromise due to his pride and is brought down by it even though he has a good clan stature and power. Okonkwo is a tragic hero and fulfils all the qualifications to be considered one. There are four criteria of a tragic hero, which shape the character’s fate. The character must be flawed but have the potential or want to do good, and have a lot of pride. Conflict is attempted to be resolved by the hero because they are often the protagonist. A protagonist is a leading character that is used to influence the direction of the plot. The tragic hero has opportunity, wealth, or power. In the end the tragic hero’s quality of excessive pride will bring him down and the opposite of what the reader thinks will happen does indeed occur. Okonkwo is the son of Unoka, who was a very lazy and worthless man who held no tribe titles and did not look after his family. Many people knew Unoka as this and his name was soiled. He borrowed lots of money from friends and deceived them by not so much as attempting to repay them. Having been born at this disadvantage Okonkwo had to work extra hard to have a normal lifestyle or even to rise above that as a leader in the Umuofia clan. “Okonkwo did not have the start in life which many young men usually had. He did not inherit a barn from his father. There was no barn to inherit”(Achebe, 19). This quote exploits Okonkwo’s father as a failure and defines Okonkwo as a tragic hero not because of his low birth status but because of the internal hatred it creates in him. He becomes cold hearted to anything weak or lazy and can not easily be pleased with anything. Later his son Nwoye leaves him because of his harsh treatment, even though Okonkwo had good intentions. Nwoye attended the Christian church and was brutally beaten when asked where he had been. A neighboring tribe committed a crime against the Umuofia clan and Okonkwo was sent as a messenger to lay out options. “And such was the deep fear that their enemies had for Umuofia that they treated Okonkwo like a king and brought him a virgin who was given to Udo as wife, and the lad Ikemefuna” (Achebe, 59). Okonkwo is very strong and his chi agrees with him making him more powerful. He is aggressive and respected due to his pride and confidence that he carries about himself. This leads him to be uncompromising and violent, but he uses these qualities for what he thinks is good. Although Okonkwo turns to violence for many things he is the protagonist and attempts to face the conflict of the Christians pulling the clan apart. He takes authority to lead the clan against the Christians by killing a messenger. This shows his heroism to be a strong leader and do what is best for his clan. Okonkwo yearns for authority to head the clans direction and war activity. “In those seven years of he would have climbed to the utmost heights. And so he regretted everyday of his exile” (Achebe, 151). Being in exile kept him from leading the clan and acquiring maximum power over his fellow clansmen. With his desired authority he could face this conflict and be a great leader. The storyline closely follows Okonkwo and all his decisions and the events that he goes through. It covers all the minor conflicts such as the position he was born into, his ogbaine child, and his exile. As the protagonist he overcomes these minor conflicts and heads the plot. His final conflict with the Christians is the only conflict that he does not overcome. Okonkwo is not born with extravagant wealth or power, but he soon earns it at a young age by throwing the cat and becoming a famous and respected wrestler. He works hard farming and prepares land on which to grow yams. When he asks for yam seeds to start his own farm his name is already respected and he is granted more than what he expected. Okonkwo creates a great compound and begins to earn titles and wives, and soon becomes a very powerful man. “Dazed with fear, Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down. He was afraid of being thought weak” (Achebe, 59). Even when he faces losing a loved one Okonkwo does not bow to emotions and simply kills his so called son. The boy Ikemefuna called Okonkwo father and they respected each other, but Okonkwo still slays him. Also, Okonkwo did not have to be the one to kill the boy but he did so to show his strength and manliness to everyone so that no one will ever question his abilities and power. Clearly amongst the clan Okonkwo has risen up and beyond others and flaunted his strength and power. He has a large compound where he works diligently to increase his crop production and exceed needed amounts. In ceremonies Okonkwo leads and influences major decisions such as the white men. Amongst his large compound Okonkwo has an obi for each of his three wives. He keeps them in line and never lets any weakness or emotion give way to them. Everything is run in tip top conditions and things are never seen as done to him. In times of festivals Okonkwo feels weak simply because he is not working on his farm and is just sitting around or doing minor work for preparations. His status and power is very important to him and he continually trys to improve and keep it up. Authority is what Okonkwo lives for, it is a great life success and he wishes the same goals for his son. Nwoye is not as hardworking as Okonkwo but certainly is not lazy, but he is closely related to Okonkwo and so Okonkwo cares very much about what his son’s image is and how it will reflect on him. Okonkwo has a lot of power and wealth which he strives to withhold. Okonkwo is filled with pride and self dignity, which pulls him ahead in his clan but will bring him down in the end. This is a quality of a tragic hero which Okonkwo dills the description of. “In a flash Okonkwo drew his machete. The messenger crouched to avoid the blow. It was useless. Okonkwo’s machete descended twice and the man’s head lay beside his uniformed body” (Achebe, 188). When the messengers came and ordered the meting to stop Okonkwo because furious. As the big man with authority he took it into his hands to see to it that the clan’s affairs were uninterrupted. His pride and image of power forced him to stand up and be the line of defense and the spokesperson for the clan. With a swipe of his blade Okonkwo beat down the clan threat and pronounced his authority. However after leading the attack none of his fellow clansmen followed his lead. They did not think it was proper at the time or anytime now to physically stand up to the Christians. No one else had as much pride for their clan to be so unreasonable with the Christians so Okonkwo was left by himself with no support all because of his excessive pride. Okonkwo knows that the clan is doomed and so he hangs himself which is an abomination to the clan. By doing this Okonkwo throws out anything he has worked for in life. The clan will not follow him and now he will be tried by the white men. Nothing is worth living for because his people can no longer live up to his expectations and his standard of pride, which has made him an outcast and brought him down. Okonkwo is flawed by his excessive pride and need for everything to be perfect, but he has good intentions. As the white men come and spread Christianity amongst his people he faces them making him the protagonist. He earns tribal titles and commands authority, power, and wealth. When everyone else in his clan is compromising with the Christians, Okonkwo defies them and lets his pride run wild which ruins him in the end. Okonkwo is a tragic hero and leads the story of his clan.

3rd take home exam (4 pages maximum)

custom essay 3rd take home exam (4 pages maximum).

This is an open book exam, which means that you may consult your notes and the assigned readings if you wish. I advise against consulting other sources for this exam. However, if you do, you should attach a “References” page to your exam, with full citations for those sources. And you should also indicate on your exam (with a parenthetical citation) when you are using ideas and language from other sources. Failure to do so could result in a charge of academic dishonesty. Please review the policy on plagiarism for this class, on page 3 of the syllabus.Hopefully the commands on the last exam can help me understand what the Professor is looking for!Hope you doing well on this exam!Please answer the question directly! No FLUFF this time. The length of the answer doesn’t matter. Be able to answer the question and approve your answer are the most important
3rd take home exam (4 pages maximum)

Skin wounds

Skin wounds. I’m studying for my Nursing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Consider frail elder patients that you have assessed for skin wounds such as bumps, bruises, shingles, herpes, bullous pemphigoid, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, etc. Explain the consequences of these types of wounds for frail elders. Then, describe a patient case including the care plan for assessment, diagnoses, treatment, management, and patient education. Explain whether the patient’s care plan was effective. Include how you might proceed differently in the future.
Please use APA style, 2 pages, list at least 2 references.
Skin wounds

ASU Basic Predicate Logic Formal Logic Journal

ASU Basic Predicate Logic Formal Logic Journal.

I’m working on a philosophy writing question and need support to help me understand better.

Below are basic arguments in English. Choose one argument and translate the argument into the symbolism of Predicate Logic. Refer to the translation chart on page 481 of your text for help translating. Then, Use one of the Indirect proof techniques combined with Rules of Inference and Equivalence from Chapter 8 to demonstrate the validity of the argument.
Next, construct an alternate proof. In other words, if the proof was done using RAA, now use CP; if you used CP, now use RAA. Consider the following questions, as well, in your journal response:

Will a direct proof work for any of these (ie. a proof that doesn’t rely on making assumptions as CP and RAA do)?
Can the proof be performed more efficiently by using different Equivalence rules?


There are rights that cannot be waived. But alienable rights can be waived. It follows that some rights are inalienable. (Rx: x is a right; Wx: x can be waived; Ax: x is an alienable right)
All contingent beings are causally dependent. No necessary beings are causally dependent. Every physical entity is contingent. All atoms are physical entities. We may conclude that no atom is a necessary being. (Cx: x is a contingent being; Dx: x is causally dependent; Nx x is a necessary being; Px: x is a physical entity; Ax: X is an atom)
There is an entity that is more powerful than all entities. Therefore, at least one entity is more powerful than itself. (Mxy: x is more powerful than y)
All brain processes are physical processes. No mental processes are tangible. Therefore, every brain process that is a mental process is also an intangible process. (Bx: x is a brain process; Px: x is a physical process; Mx: x is a mental process; Tx: x is tangible.

ASU Basic Predicate Logic Formal Logic Journal