Initial Post This week’s discussion is a case analysis of Smithfield Custom Furniture developed specifically for this course. Your Essay

Initial Post

This week’s discussion is a case analysis of Smithfield Custom Furniture developed specifically for this course. Your posting should answer the questions posed using this week’s course materials to support your answers. It is important to write concisely and to follow the detailed instructions provided below. Include in-text citations and references in a reference list. For APA citation examples, follow the link to the Library under Resources on the homepage.

Case Discussion


It is 1901. Alicia Smithfield, daughter of the founder of Smithfield Custom Furniture, just inherited the company. She is the only surviving heir to the furniture empire her father built.

Headquartered in upstate New York, the company has grown significantly over the past 60 years. Began in a shed built next to his log cabin, Jonas Smithfield’s quality furniture developed a huge following among New York City’s wealthiest residents.

After being educated in the best business schools in Europe and America, Alicia has run the business side-by-side with her father for the past 15 years. When there were many issues confronting the business, a tree being felled took an unexpected route and brought Jonas’ life to a surprising end.

The company had just moved to a facility large enough to house its workers: 10 carpenters; 5 furniture designers; 5 wood finishers (varnish and dye experts); 10 machine operators to assist with the various equipment needed to cut the wood into various designs, polish and sand the wood; 5 mechanics to keep the vehicles (5 trucks) and boats (7) that transported wood from upstate New York and Canada to the work area in good repair; 15 lumberjacks who cut wood in nearby areas and moved it downriver by boat or over the rugged highway by truck; and 5 office personnel who assisted with filing, invoicing, drafting and responding to correspondence, handling customer inquiries, and performing other necessary office functions. More than half of these employees were hired in the past 5 years.

Alicia’s Big Issues

The major issues confronting Alicia Smithfield are these:

(1) The furniture manufacturing functions are very disorganized. It is not clear how to best organize these functions. For example, the varnish and dye experts each use a different method to complete their tasks.

(2) The production schedule is a mess. It is not clear which projects should be completed first to ensure products are being delivered to customers on time.

(3) The lumberjacks, both cutting trees down and shipping them by truck or boat, differ on the best methods to perform these tasks.

(4) Tempers are flaring as a result of the disorganization. The office, clerical, and support workers are rude to each other and can’t seem to act as a cohesive work unit.

(5) While the company is financially successful, as it has grown from a small family-owned business to a large and complex enterprise, the organizational structure has not kept pace. Few formal rules exist, and the keeping and maintenance of records are haphazard.

(6) Employees are feeling overworked and losing satisfaction in the work they are doing. They believe their basic needs are not being addressed.

Alicia’s Proposed Issue Solutions

Alicia Smithfield is familiar with all of the contributors (e.g., Weber, Gilbreath, Taylor, among others) to the management theory you have read about this week. She has decided to hire six (6) of those contributors to management theory from the week’s readings as consultants. (We shall now refer to those contributors (e.g., Weber, Gilbreath, Taylor, among the others) in this week’s readings as “consultants.”)

Each of the six (6) consultants selected will be assigned to solve only one of the six (6) issues listed above. Alicia’s problem is that she is unclear as to which of the six (6) contributors selected from the week’s reading to be her consultants are best matched to solve each of the six (6) specific issues listed above.
Your Task for Your Initial Post

You are to answer four (4) of the above-mentioned six (6) issues identified by Alicia Smithfield. Specifically, she has asked you to recommend a consultant to solve four of the six issues confronting her. You have been requested to explain to Alicia why you selected the four consultants you chose to solve each of the four selected issues. Each consultant will solve one of the four issues you identified that particular consultant to address. You must explain the major contribution/idea of the consultant selected and how that contribution/idea applies to the specific issue you have recommended that the consultant solve. You must identify the school of thought that each consultant represents.

Note: You may not use any of the individuals in the readings to solve more than one of the four (4) issues. If a person you select is deceased, do not let that inconvenience stand in your way. You may still use that individual to solve a specific issue.

For research associated with this discussion, you must use course materials only. You must provide APA formatted in-text citations and references for each of the four (4) issues you select.

Format for Your Initial Post

You must use the exact numbers and corresponding headings for your initial post for each of your 4 selections. For example, one student’s post may be numbered 1, 3, 5, 6; another student’s post may be numbered 1, 2, 4, 5; and so forth. Any four of the six issues listed that a student selects to answer will be acceptable.

1. Manufacturing Functions are Disorganized

2. Production Schedule is a Mess

3. Lumberjack Disagreement Methods To Cut Trees/Load Boat

4. Tempers Flare among Office Support Staff

5. Lack of Formal Rules/Record-Keeping Processes

6. Basic Needs and Job Satisfaction Overlooked

Reflection Paper over Ghost Maps.

Reflection Paper over Ghost Maps..

 You will write a personal reflection paper over Ghost Maps. The reflection paper should be 4 full pages double spaced and needs to answer the following questions: What was the main point of the reading? What information did you find surprising? Why? After reading the chapters, do you see the world differently? How? Why? How do you personally feel about what you read? Do not include the actual questions in your paper or indent your paper with 1. , 2. ….. to answer the question. This should be a 4 page essay that addressed those 4 questions. Reminder: All written assignments should be typed, double spaced, and in either Times New Roman or Arial 12 font. Use APA style for references. Spelling and grammar count. All assignments should have 1 inch margins (please double check this, as not all computers have this as the default setting). All assignments must meet the minimum page length requirements to earn full credit. All assignments should include your name and assignment number (on the same line) in the HEADER of the paper. Nothing aside from your typed assignment should be outside of the header. All references must be appropriate for research, which only includes peer reviewed sources, .gov or .edu websites. (.org, .com, and any news outlet is not an adequate resource)

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How does hubris work in ” Oedipus the king”

Initial Post This week’s discussion is a case analysis of Smithfield Custom Furniture developed specifically for this course. Your Essay How does hubris work in ” Oedipus the king”.

Write about: how does hubris work in ” Oedipus the king” and why hubris is important to us in our century today as a student living in Kuwait? 

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Leaders and Leadership

Leaders and Leadership.


Module 3 – Case

Leaders and Leadership Case Assignment Once again, we will be considering an experience which has personal significance for you as a means of understanding the material from this module. For this Case Assignment, think about a situation involving leadership that made a strong impression on you. Please structure your essay in the following format, using the subtopics as headings. Your paper should be 4–6 pages, plus a title page and a references page. Introduction: Discuss the topic of the paper and how you will approach it. It is best to write this section after you have written the rest of the paper. Concrete Experience: Objectively describe the leadership experience. It could be a situation where you were in a leadership position, or one in which you were working under someone else as leader. The situation could have been a good experience or a failure in leadership. The important consideration is that it is a situation which you would like to understand better. In this section, strive to be objective and stick to the facts—who, what, where, when, and how. Reflective Observation: Step back and consider the situation from different points of view. How did you feel— what were your thoughts at the time? It is also critical to consider the experience of others involved. How do you think they were feeling? Did they see things the same way you did? The key to this section of your paper is to understand the experience not only from your own perspective, but also to develop the ability to be able to look at the situation through others’ eyes. Use these different perceptions to add depth and meaning to your objective description. Abstract Conceptualization: There are many readings and other materials explaining various models of leadership in the background section of this module. Use at least three of them to help explain the behavior of the leader and the followers in this incident. How do the models of leadership and power presented in the background material help you understand your behavior as well as how others reacted (commitment, compliance, or resistance?) Use proper citations and referencing when referring to any material from the background pages or any additional outside research. (Outside research not required, but you may supplement the background material if you choose. It should not replace the background readings and videos, but acts as an additional source.)

(Remember: The abstract conceptualization section is the “heart” of your paper. Your ability to clearly and  logically apply concepts of leadership to explain your own experience is essential to demonstrating critical thinking.) Active Experimentation: What have you learned about effective leadership from this exercise? What have you learned about how the leadership style influences follower’s reactions and motivation? What actions would you take to revise or improve upon your own leadership style and practices to be more effective in the future? Conclusion: Sum up the main points of your analysis and the key learning you are taking from it. Reference List: List all references that you have cited in the paper using APA formatting. References include materials from the required background readings as well as any outside internet or library sources you used in researching and writing your paper. If you have APA questions, refer to the optional listings on the background page. Assignment Expectations Your Case paper will be evaluated using the criteria on the assignment rubric (see the rubric for more detail): Assignment-Driven, Critical Thinking, Business Writing, Effective Use of Information, Citing Sources, and Timeliness. 

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business; Interpretivism, Positivism

business; Interpretivism, Positivism.

– Interpretivism, Positivism: (Define, Differences, Example of Analysis) Outline, contrast and discuss the epistemological, ontological and methodological assumptions of Positivism and Interpretivism.


– Paradigm IIIIII: What is a paradigm according to Thomas Kuhn ? What is a paradigm shift? Do paradigms exist in social science? Illustrate all questions with examples


– research question: Decide on a specific RQ and discuss how you would design a case study to analyse this question.


– Qualitative Research Method vs Qualitative Research Method II. (Strength, Weaknesses, Compare Data collection and analysis by means of interviews vs Questionnaires. Explain Deductive vs Inductive approaches

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You will find the completed introduction and first chapter that you have written attached, I have done some editing and further reading. I will attach the new books and quotes that I would like you to use. We shall continue on to chapter two. We start off by talking about the fact that there are two options: 1) to try and avert the apocalypse; or 2) the UN states we only have 11 years before the damage done becomes irreparable, so we have to prepare for the apocalypse as it is 99% happening. This is something that everyone is too scared to talk about, but is what needs to be happening. In this chapter I hypothesise that of course there are many different types of environmental apocalypses (toxic gases, drought etc), but I look at if the majority of the earths surface becomes flooded and I will discuss the various consequences of this and the philosophy behind the end of the world. We will have to live with less possessions, less storage, smaller living areas etc. So we shall focus on just one element of the apocalypse (flooding). In the second half of this chapter I want to investigate various famous and also more obscure responses that have been developed to flooding in architecture, for example floating homes/on stilts/flooding defences. Will everyone live in individual small floating pods? will it be large walled off cities surrounded by water? Sources I would like you to look at and quotes to include (not necessarily all of them): 1)”Hyperobjects Philosophy and Ecology after the end of the world” by Timothy Morton, some interesting quotes: “The end of the world has already occurred…April 1784, when James Watt patented the steam engine, an act that commenced the depositing of carbon in Earths crust….the world also ended in 1945, in Trinity, New Mexico, where the Manhattan Project tested Gadget, the first atom bomb…” page 7 “…Global warming deniers deniers, who assert, rhitly, that one can never directly prove the human causes of global warming, just as I cannot prove that this bullet you fire into my head will kill me …” page 7 “…since the raw machinery of capitalism is reactive rather than proactive, it might contain a flaw that makes it unable to address the ecological emergency fully. Capitalism builds on existing objects such as “raw materials”.” Page 21 2) The uninhabitable Earth, a story of the future” by David Wallace-Wells 3) 4) 5) 6)”Nothing Like New: Our Post-Apocalyptic Imagination as Utopian Desire” by Amy Murphy 7) ( in the third chapter I will design my own response,


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Pyometra in dogs

Pyometra in dogs.


** The grade is based on a written paper, due on the last day of the rotation August 20, 2019. Topics are the choice of the student but must be germane to veterinary clinical theriogenology. Reference material may come from any scientific source although refereed professional journals are preferred. Material from the Internet should be used with caution and examined for veracity. Electronic sources that might be helpful are: International Veterinary Information Service: PubMed: Papers are to be typed in a 12 pt font, double-spaced and must not exceed 2 pages in length. References may be listed on a separate page. Approximately four to six references should be the topic cited and should be in the style of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, which is American medical association (AMA) format. Grades will be based on scientific content, clinical relevance, appropriate use of terminology, spelling, grammar, and citation of pertinent publications in the proper style. 

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Social Interaction and Social Structure,Watch film Mean Girls: Please watch the film “Mean Girls” (the original starring Lindsay Lohan) and refer to the text on Chapters 5 and 6. This film assignment is worth 100 points.A Sociological Analysis (required

Social Interaction and Social Structure,Watch film Mean Girls: Please watch the film “Mean Girls” (the original starring Lindsay Lohan) and refer to the text on Chapters 5 and 6. This film assignment is worth 100 points.A Sociological Analysis (required.

Please watch the film “Mean Girls” (the original starring Lindsay Lohan) and refer to the text on Chapters 5 and 6. This film assignment is worth 100 points. For this assignment you are required to answer the following questions in paragraph format. Please make sure you use a lot of detail and use scenes as examples to support your statements. You are required to refer to the characters by their names in the film. I expect specific details to be used in your answers. Students who describe scenes using “that guy” or other loose details will be marked down. Take notes while you watch the film to aid you with using detail. In order to get full credit you MUST cover all points discussed in the questions below and refer to characters by their name in the film and scenes specifically. Please use examples from the film to prove your points and make sure you define the terminology in YOUR OWN words. Please do not copy and paste material from the textbook. Remember this is not a review of the film and your opinion regarding the film is not necessary. Please write in third person perspective and not first person Questions to consider while watching the film: 1. How does Marxist theory apply? Think about how the popular girls in the film (Regina George & her followers) oppress the characters that are considered “losers” or less popular. What would Marx say about the unpopular group (proletariat)? Do they revolt? Why or why not? 2. How does social interaction at the high school lead to phenomena such as groupthink? 3. How do the popular and unpopular groups in the film define their social reality differently? Discuss the elements of social structure such as status (achieved and ascribed), social roles, role conflict, and role strain. 4. Think about the in-groups and the out-groups in the film. How does the out-group experience alienation. 5. How does the Iron Law of Oligarchy apply? How does Regina George and her minions maintain their strong leadership?



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Approaches to Physical Education in Schools

Approaches to Physical Education in Schools.

The course is first year university INTRODUCTION to asian studies requirement will be provided. topic MUST choose from the list and IMPROVE on it. the outline i need it nov 5 ONE PAGE. the final can be deliver around NOV 15. please deliver quality work and select ONLY from my preferred writer thank you for your service. i need this done properly. thank you only 5 sources are needed for outline and all 8 for the final essay. please do well thank you for your work please ONLY

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