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Information Security Risk

Information Security Risk. I’m studying for my Computer Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

The author proposed one methodology as an example of how risk can be understood and rated fairly easily.
However, there are other methodologies, would you use the proposed methodology at your organization and explain why in comparison to other methodologies .
Faced with the need to deliver risk ratings for your organization, you will have to substitute the organization’s risk preferences for your own. For, indeed, it is the organization’s risk tolerance that the assessment is trying to achieve, not each assessor’s personal risk preferences.
What is the risk posture for each particular system as it contributes to the overall risk posture of the organization?
How does each attack surface – its protections if any, in the presence (or absence) of active threat agents and their capabilities, methods, and goals through each situation—add up to a system’s particular risk posture?
In addition, how do all the systems’ risks sum up to an organization’s computer security risk posture?

APA style paper minimum of 1000 words
Information Security Risk

Study of Impact Shocks in Fencing. Abstract Fencing is a high intensity sport involving dynamic movements which expose the musculoskeletal system to high impact forces that may lead to overuse injuries. One of the most frequently used high impact movements is the lunge. With many different types of sports footwear available providing different levels of midsole cushioning, selecting the most suitable for a sport may be a factor in preventing the onset of injury. The aim of this study was to investigate the magnitudes of the transient axial impact shock experienced at the tibia between traditional fencing shoes and standard athletic footwear during the impact phase of the fencing lunge. Peak tibial shock was measured in 19 male fencers in 4 different footwear conditions using an accelerometer placed on the distal aspect of the tibia. The standard footwear resulted in significant reductions in peak impact shock in comparison to the traditional fencing shoes. Thus the reduction in impact shock found suggests that running or squash specific footwear may reduce overuse injury occurrence. However, despite this, the majority of participants indicated that they preferred fencing specific footwear for fencing. The results of this study suggest that there is justification for a re-design of fencing shoes. Introduction Competitive fencing (foil, sabre and epee) has experienced a rapid increase in participation rates during the past decade (Harmer, 2008). The sport places unique demands on the athlete and is characterised by asymmetry and the incidence of rapid motions which have the potential to generate large forces (Geil, 2002). In particular, the frequently used lunge which is the basis of most attacking motions is a high impact movement (KopetkaStudy of Impact Shocks in Fencing
Legal Aspects of Employee Selection Discussion.

Legal issues related to personnel law represent an important aspect of employee relations, beginning with the recruitment and selection process. Using the job that you have chosen for the Work Samples activities, discuss the legal issues that you must consider and on which you must advise your company during the selection process.In your post of at least 300 words:Briefly state the job and company you have chosen.Identify and describe at least three legal issues that could impact the selection process. Be thorough and specific. Relate these issues to the specific job under consideration.Offer suggestions for ways in which the company can ensure legal compliance during the selection process.Remember to cite your sources.Return to this discussion activity throughout the module week and reply with meaningful comments to a minimum of two of your colleagues.
Legal Aspects of Employee Selection Discussion

ELM 35 CTU Different Writing Genres to Present to Your Class Lesson Plan.

Assignment ContentChose 2 different writing genres to present to your class. Find an example of each in a book, an article, a short story, or other written format.Create an interdisciplinary lesson plan incorporating social studies with your 2 chosen genre examples for the grade level of the students in your clinical experience.Use ideas from this week’s readings and multimedia.Include the following in the lesson plan:How each genre example applies to the content areaThe purpose of each genre exampleSpecific content area(s), using academic language from that discipline at an accessible level for your learnersActivities for reading, writing, speaking, and listeningVocabulary development activitiesGlobal learning and/or digital citizenship activitySelect media or technology that aligns with the content area(s)Materials, resources, or supports neededDifferentiation strategiesEnd product that students create (e.g., a model, drawing/painting, or project)
ELM 35 CTU Different Writing Genres to Present to Your Class Lesson Plan

Issue of Impression Management Report (Assessment)

Introduction Within the past three decades, organizational theorists and researchers have been focusing on the issue of impression management (IM) and its role in business corporations. The outstanding objective behind the adoption and implementation of this concept is to influence the image of a specific company and meet the needs of both external and internal stakeholders. Brennan and Merkl-Davies (2013) define this concept as a conscious approach aimed at influencing the perceptions and ideas available to other people about a specific event, situation, company, or object. This means that firms can pursue it to deliver desirable messages and ideas to specific stakeholders who have the potential to influence performance and reshape future activities. A positive brand image becomes a powerful tool for tackling the problem of competition and taking companies to the next level (Highhouse, Brooks

MGT 311 SEU The Nature of Operations Management in The Woodart Factory Essay

research paper help MGT 311 SEU The Nature of Operations Management in The Woodart Factory Essay.

Assignment Question(s):(Marks 10) Describe the nature of operations management in the following organizations. In doing this:Take a tour of the Woodart factory answer the following questions: Describe the operation process of the production system ( input, transformation and output). Identify operations decisions (process, quality, capacity, inventory and supply chain). A Plastic manufacturing An external accountant office (Marks 8) (word count maximum:500)Take a tour of the Woodart factory answer the following questions:a)
the process used? (Marks 1)a)
What alternative process can be used in Woodart
factory? (Marks 1) (word count maximum: 100)
MGT 311 SEU The Nature of Operations Management in The Woodart Factory Essay

Is Privacy Obsolete? 2-3 pages APA please add an abstract

Is Privacy Obsolete? 2-3 pages APA please add an abstract. Need help with my Law question – I’m studying for my class.

For this assignment, assume that, in fact, science has been able to identify the particular gene that is associated with an increased risk of adult antisocial behavior in that persons with this gene are four times more likely to commit a felony from the ages of 18–30 than are persons who lack this gene (call the culprit gene ASF, short for AntiSocial Factor). What should you do with this information? For this task, you may want to research how governments have used genetic information in the past (e.g,, phrenology was routinely used in the 19th century in America and Europe, and has since been discredited).
Specifically, you are to create and justify a policy regarding how this knowledge should be used. Should people be tested for ASF? If they test positive for it, what should be done? It is permissible to answer in the negative: you can argue that people should not test for ASF and should not use that information for policy purposes.
Your response should address the following:

Should the government mandate testing for the ASF gene? Why or why not?
Answer the following questions even if you believe that the government should not test for ASF:

If the government does test for the ASF gene, what should be done about people who test positive for the ASF gene? For example, should they be denied a security clearance for sensitive jobs? Explain and justify your position.
What additional conditions or safeguards would you want in place if ASF testing were used?
If a person with the ASF gene is convicted of a crime, should his or her ASF status be considered as part of his or her sentencing? If yes, how so?

Include a title page, abstract, and separate reference page.

Is Privacy Obsolete? 2-3 pages APA please add an abstract

FIN 423 Business Plan Finance Essay

FIN 423 Business Plan Finance Essay.

want someone to rewrite these papers in new different words so I don’t get detected or get a plagiarism Fantastic Manufacturing Inc. Strategy PaperMr. Rose and Mr. Turner are seeing great success in their home appliance business selling ceiling fans. However, their success is growing at a very rapid rate. With Fantastic Manufacturing’s current business plan, they are not able to actively keep up with customer demands. In order to help cut costs in the manufacturing process, they will have to devise or update their relationships with their current business partners. Mr. Rose and Mr. Turner are also questioning their process of forecasting accurate numbers for the company’s future.As stated in the case, forecasts for a few months would quickly become outdated to their growth. However, at the rate that Fantastic Manufacturing is growing, monthly forecasts would be the most accurate way to calculate future sales, demand, and cost of sales. Doing so will help reveal any trends that could possibly be improved or changed. To analyze Fantastic Manufacturing’s effectiveness, we can calculate average days in inventory (inventory at start of year/daily cost of goods sold), average collection period (receivables at start of year/average daily sales), and average payment period (payables at start of year/daily cost of goods sold). With this data, we can find the number of days for the cash cycle, which reveals the amount of working capital required by the company. Mr. Rose and Mr. Turner should create a cash budget, which will indicate both inflows and outflows. The inflows will track how much receivables, sales, and collections the company has. As shown in Exhibit 3, their company has very little cash, but instead relies heavily on accounts receivable. However, their outflows are where most of their revenue is being weighed down. Starting with operating expenses of 800 thousand beginning in 1979, it has increased 2.5 times in just only one year. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration such as advertisements, customer comments, and target demographics. As seen in Exhibit 2, the months of May through August have the most sales throughout the year. In this case, Mr. Rose and Mr. Turner can focus more of their company’s resources into this busy quarter. In the other three quarters, maybe they don’t have to focus on ordering as much supplies and holding as much inventory. During winter, they have the lowest of their sales from 3.9% in December to 2.8% in January. This will help create more accurate forecasts month to month. In addition to their troubles in accurate forecasting, Fantastic Manufacturing is also concerned with their current agreements with suppliers and banks. According to Exhibit 4 and 3, they have three different agreements with three different capital lenders and $1,000 worth of shareholders’ equity. Since this company is so rapidly growing, I would suggest issuing more equity to handle their need for more funds. This will however reduce the amount of ownership for Mr. Rose and Mr. Turner. It was also mentioned in the case that new agreements should be created with the current material suppliers. If the current suppliers are able to produce more fans to keep up with the demand, a new contract with longer, cheaper costs would be more attractive to the company. However, by looking at Exhibit 6, the foreign exchange rates for Hong Kong and Taiwan have a substantial difference. Taiwan has a currency that is a lot weaker to the dollar, which results in cheaper costs to produqce fans. If Mr. Rose and Mr. Turner could limit their suppliers to only ones in Taiwan, this would greatly reduce some of their internal costs.
FIN 423 Business Plan Finance Essay