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information on the cultural makeup of the country (UK)

) ii) Music iii) Drama, ballet, and other performing arts iv) Folklore and relevant symbols Language a) Official language(s) b) Spoken versus written language(s) c) Dialects

Case Study on Double Ink Printers Ltd (DIPL)

Case Study on Double Ink Printers Ltd (DIPL).

You are a senior manager with Stewart and Kathy and you have been approached to undertake the audit of Double Ink Printers Ltd (DIPL). For the year ended 2015, taking over from the small audit firm of Jay and Associates. DIPL print books, magazines and advertising materials for the publishing, educational and advertising industries on a print-on-demand basis. Printing on demand means that publishers can print the exact quantities ordered by retail outlets, rather than estimating in advance how many books are required and often printing too few or too many. The average printing turnaround time for DIPL is two business days for small orders and five to ten business days for large orders. In addition, five years ago, DIPL further expanded its earnings base by having publisher’s titles available as searchable ‘ebooks’ that could be downloaded directly by readers from DIPL’s website. 

Question 1: As an auditor, you are conducting your preliminary analytical procedures based on the background information for DIPL contained in the case. Apply analytical procedures to the financial report information of DIPL for the last three years. Explain how your results influence your planning decisions for the audit for the year ending 30 June 2015 (10 marks).

Question 2: You are conducting your risk assessment of DIPL, as part of the planning for your audit for the year ended 30 June. Identify two inherent risk factors that arise from the nature of DIPL’s business operations. Explain why it is a risk and how it may affect the risk of material misstatement in the financial report (5 marks).

Question 3: As part of your audit of DIPL for the year ended 30 June 2015, you are considering the risk that fraud may have occurred (a) Based on the background information for DIPL contained in the case, identify and explain two key fraud risk factors relating to misstatements arising from fraudulent financial reporting to which DIPL may be susceptible. (b) Explain how the risk factors identified in (a) above would affect the conduct of the (a) audit. (5 marks).

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Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study

information on the cultural makeup of the country (UK) Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study.

Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study 

Hello, The only new thing is the calculation and Excel spreadsheet( provided in the file section) and a summary of various scenarios. You need to do some calculations for different scenarios. (All details will be in the file section) Also, for the previous case study, I just want to add more page of writing because I did not request a single-spaced last time. I think one extra page with single-spaced will be ok. Please let me know if you need any further information.

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Innovation in Recovery and Social Inclusion Theory and Practice.

Innovation in Recovery and Social Inclusion Theory and Practice..

Compare and contrast two different approaches to recovery and social inclusion highlighting the implications of the approaches for innovative practice development.

(Maximum 4000 words) 

Based on evidence and the previous appraisal of the wider literature the student will develop an analytical comparison contrasting two approaches to recovery and social inclusion. The student will highlight particular strengths and weaknesses and reflect upon the implications of these features upon innovative practice development (4000 words). 

1. Identification and rationale for the selected approaches. An evaluation of the evidence base for recovery. 
2. Critically discuss and contrast two key approaches for recovery and social inclusion in detail
3. Reflect upon the implications of the selected approaches on innovative practice development.
References should be in line with School Referencing Guidelines: Spelling and grammar should be checked and assignments proof read carefully

The essay should include an international perspective as evidenced by some useful articles uploaded. The client recommends the following articles, Mike Slade (Professor of Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion).

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Public service values can be a powerful force in motivating public servants.

Public service values can be a powerful force in motivating public servants..



Public service values can be a powerful force in motivating public servants. When working in a stressful and high-pressure job with few resources, limited funding, and often ambiguous and even conflicting goals, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of what public servants do. Directions Consider this scenario and answer the following questions: You are currently the executive director of the Human Services Education Center, a nonprofit organization that offers free community seminars on various topics from parenting skills to healthy living. The seminars are currently well-attended by the individuals who reside in the low socioeconomic community surrounding the Center. While the seminars are free for participants, you have found that they are costing the organization money due to paying staff overtime to conduct the seminars. With the limited funding you currently have for the organization’s operational budget, you cannot afford this additional cost. As the leader of the Human Services Education Center, it is necessary to look at this scenario through the lens of both public service motivation and alternative funding when making a decision as to what to do about the free community seminars. According to the textbook, public service motivation is centered on the desire to serve the public and the public interest. These motives are related to factors such as loyalty, duty, citizenship, and values such as social equity. Although state funding for nonprofit organizations is often limited, there may be alternatives to funding or additional resources that can be tapped to cover the costs of running the community seminars. Of the decision-making techniques that were addressed in our textbook, cost-effectiveness analysis is a technique used to help decision-makers compare the program’s output to the costs encountered. Consider the possible costs that are involved in maintaining the free community seminars currently being offered at your organization. What are two alternative sources of funding or resources available that would offset the overtime costs of the employees needed to run the seminars? Provide specific examples and support with research. Reflecting on your own public service motives as the leader in this scenario, what motives do you see most being challenged and why? Provide specific examples. How would you overcome these challenges? 

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Rudyard Kipling, France at War, 1915; 24.3. Ernst Junger, Storm of Steel, 1920

Rudyard Kipling, France at War, 1915; 24.3. Ernst Junger, Storm of Steel, 1920.

 MUST FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS BELOW CAREFULLY PLEASE: Prompt: 1) 24.1. Rudyard Kipling, France at War, 1915; 24.3. Ernst Junger, Storm of Steel, 1920 Compare and contrast the war memoirs of Kipling and Junger. What both fail to expose? FOLLOW ESSAY RUBRIC CAREFULLY AS WELL PLEASE:  compliance with formal requirements (title, spelling, grammar, length, works cited, quotes), as well as on unity and coherence of your narration. Follow sound writing rules in composing your essay. Think of an original, attractive and specific title. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence, give examples and quotations from original sources in support of your ideas, conclude your essay with a paragraph that pulls the main arguments together. Font:Use a number 12, Times New Roman font, single space. Length:500 words minimum, excluding Works Cited & Title Block (information that precedes your work). It’s okay if the essay is longer than 500 words. Grammar & Spelling: 

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