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What would you do if you receive a notice from your Credit Card Company or bank informing you a store or restaurant where you Just recently used your card had a breach which involves the credit and debit card data being stolen? Unfortunately this incident became a reality to several patrons that shop at Home Depot, Target, P. F. Changes, and other locations B. The situation I Just informed you about is Just one of many examples of Cybercafé.As of 2013 Symantec reported on their website the lobar cost of cybercafé is accountable for 113 billion dollars in loss. In an attempt to stop these malicious attacks, government agencies along numerous companies are implementing a Cyber Forensics department C.

To inform my audience about 1 . History of Cyber Forensics 2. Methods and Techniques of Cyber Forensics 3. Importance of having Cyber Forensics II. Cyber Forensics can be traced back to as early as 1984 when technical crimes where on a rise. A. The F.

B. I laboratory along with other law agencies started to create programs to assist with computer evidence. . C. A. R. T was the answer to investigators and prosecutor’s increased demand for examining computer evidence.

2. As computers continue to become more widespread the risk of computer related crimes is inevitable. As a result requiring a large number of Cyber Forensics. The areas in critical need of these services are Federal, State, Local, and military Law Enforcement agencies. Ill. Cyber Forensics uses several methods and techniques to extract evidence. A.

Incriminating evidence can be gathered by a method called File Analysis. B. Volatile Data Analysis is used to extract evidence that is time sensitive. V. The importance of Cyber Forensics is not limited to only protecting major corporations, but it also is used to serve the average person such as you and me. A. By the use of Cyber Forensics law enforcement is able to get harden criminals off the streets.

B. Cyber Forensics also play an important role in protecting our future generations V. Conclusion A. Restate your three main points 1. History of Cyber Forensics 3. Importance of having Cyber Forensics. B.

The rapid growth of digital crimes forced the F. B. I to form C. A. R. T a Cyber Forensics department in 1984.With computers becoming more prevalent the number of hypocrisies also increased.

Causing multiple law enforcements agencies worldwide to open their own Cyber Forensics department to meet the high demand to retrieve evidence from digital devices. To do this Cyber Forensics has a number of methods and techniques whether it be with deleted file or volatile data analysis. Cyber Forensics is here protecting finances, helping get Killers off the streets, and defending children from having their innocence violated.

Effect of modern device in human life

Effect of modern device in human life.

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