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Info Systems in Healthcare

1. Do some research on your own into ERP or EHR failures, specifically in the area of healthcare. You’ll probably find good stuff just by googling “ERP or EHR failures healthcare”. You may also know of one from your job. Find a failure that piques your interest, then discuss what went wrong. Make sure you identify the main problems using the taxonomy of critical success factors provided in our ERP article from this week. (5 points)
2. Compare and contrast the critical success factors article with the “Journey through Grief” EHR reading. For at least three issues discussed in the Journey through grief reading, identify their respective categories in the ERP critical success factors reading. Which of these two articles do you think tells a better story around the challenges of implementing these systems? (5 points)
3. EHR and ERP systems are so large and so omnipresent that they fundamentally change the healthcare organizations in which they are implemented. For example, after examining the readings this week you should be able to appreciate how ERP and EHR implementation has driven the phenomenon of Hospital consolidation in recent years. This restructuring of the industry has no-doubt impacted our Covid-19 response. Therefore, I’d like you to relate the Covid-19 crisis to the benefits and challenges presented in the Seven Years after meaningful use reading. How have EHR and ERP helped? Where have they hindered? You might also discuss how “workarounds” and the “culture of silence” are showing up in Hospitals handling of Covid-19.
4. The WSJ recently ran a piece talking about how Clinics Owned by Large Insurance Companies are Challenging Doctors and Hospitals. These types of articles offer interesting opportunities to further your understanding of the content in this course, because while the article never specifically mentions any technology, it is fundamentally related to the topics we’ve covered this week. Discuss why this is so. This is not an easy question, but I will grade your answers gently. I want to read your ideas and see what connections you can see without any hints.