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Info Graphic

Using create an info-graphic. Canva is a free website with templates and is pretty user friendly.
Create an infograph that
Discusses how consumer characteristics influence buying behavior.
Explains organizational buying.
Examines the differences between marketing in a Developing vs. a Developed market.
The creativity is left up to you, just make sure the above information is presented. Attach infographic to assignment when finished.
What Is an Infographic?
Well, let’s start with the word itself. “Infographic” is a portmanteau of the words “information” and “graphic.” In essence, an infographic is a form of visual communication meant to capture attention and enhance comprehension. In this era, “infographic” has become the broadest descriptor of a specific type of visual communication that includes graphics showing data (Links to an external site.), copy (Links to an external site.), or both (Links to an external site.). You’ve probably come across infographics in magazines, online, or on the wall at your doctor’s office. (Links to an external site.)
Example: This educational infographic for the American Heart Association (Links to an external site.) is an overview of atrial fibrillation.