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Inflation:1960-1980 devry tutorcom essay help Software Development coursework help

Causes, effects & trends, focusing on Reagan years & impact of his policies on drop in inflation.

Inflation, the tendency of prices to increase from year to year (or, to put the same thing in different terms, the steadily declining purchasing power of the dollar) has for some years been a preoccupation of Americans, in their daily lives and in public policy. Middle-aged Americans can remember a time when a family of four could eat out for ten dollars, and a new car could be bought for $2500. In general, consumer prices when John F. Kennedy was President stood at little more than one-fifth their present-day level.
After some years of near stability in the 1950s and early to mid 1960s, prices began to increase in the later 1960s. By the end of the 1970s, prices were increasing by ten percent or more each year. For consumers, it seemed that every trip to the grocery store meant paying more for the same products. Wage and…

conduct research on software

For this activity you are required to conduct research on software testing tools and do the following and identify 5 software testing tools. for the each tool answer the following:
Is the tool used for black-box testing or white box testing?
What type of software can that tool test (ie desktop application, mobile application or website application)?
What programming languages does the tool support?
Compile your work and references used in a PowerPoint slide deck