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Inequality and the American Dream Essay & Reflection

Inequality and the American Dream Essay & Reflection.

This is a reflection on your previous paper for SenSFormattingRemember to use the typical formatting for this assignment: 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri font, 1-inch margins on all sides, and double spacing.InstructionsFor this assignment, please write one to two pages (approximately 250-500 words) on what you plan to do moving forward with your draft. You should reference specific feedback and its source provided to you through comments on your rough draft, office hour meetings, and peer review sessions (either that you have feedback on). You can also reference feedback given to you by the Writing Center. Focus your writing around at least two major areas of improvement (e.g., editing, clarity, evidence) that you have received feedback on.Since this does count toward your 4,000 word count, the paper should be edited and well thought out, with a brief introduction, a least one body paragraph, and a brief conclusion for improving your paper.Based on the feedback you have received, what are the steps that you plan to take to improve your paper for the final draft? Based on the paper check up and video discussing your final paper, are there any other aspects of the paper that you will improve as well?
Inequality and the American Dream Essay & Reflection

environmental issue

environmental issue.

Identify an environmental issue facing your community. (Air Pollution in California).Imagine that you have been asked to educate the members of your community on this environmental issue.Create a 12- to 14-Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation about your selected environmental issue. Include the following in your presentation:
An overview of your selected issue.
The effects of human activities on your community and the biosphere and how this has led to your chosen issue.
The biotic and abiotic environmental components involved in this issue and how their interaction has affected the diversity of organisms in your environment.
How energy and materials flow in your local ecosystem and how this is related to your selected issue.
Some actions those in your community can take to diminish the issue
environmental issue

Just change the citations to the ones I have provided

custom essay Just change the citations to the ones I have provided. I don’t know how to handle this Physics question and need guidance.

kindly revise according to professors comments
attached is my paper with the professors comments
also I have attached the sources you need to use for references and citations just use those ones

My professor says the following
I do not know what you are attempting to do, but I cannot grade papers like this. Every source that
your provide does not match what you said the author or authors said. This is unacceptable.
I have attached all of the articles I were able to find to prove my point that it appears you are writing the paper and then randomly applying articles to particular sentences because I cannot find a match.
At this point I cannot award you any points for this paper because of the falsities you present in your writing.
I would be willing to regrade this paper, but you have to adhere to the following conditions.
1.) If you are using an outside source you must provide the URL or a PDF of the article so I can reference
2.) If you cite the source, the author or authors must have written it or I must be able to understand how
you paraphrased it. You need to include the page and/or paragraph is the page number is not available.
3.) Please do not use any more than three outside sources for your paper. For a paper this size you
should only need to cite the text and maybe one or two additional authors if they are relevantant
I will send the sources to be used
Just change the citations to the ones I have provided

WST University of Arizona Women in the Workplace Essay

WST University of Arizona Women in the Workplace Essay.

I’m working on a white papers discussion question and need support to help me learn.

Your assignment is to write a reflective journal style essay. In this essay you need to write a minimum of 800 words following elementary English grammar, punctuation and organization style you should be comfortable with in the university. The journal style is unique in that you take what we have been reading/discussing and you relate the material to person life experience. The goal is to enhance learning through reflection. The concepts that we are discussing in the course are ones that we readily see in our daily life and can be very personal. There is no right or wrong answers that you can writing in your journal. I am looking to see if you understood the basic issues we are addressing and that you are able to relate the issue to your own experience. If you have completed the assigned journal entry in a sincere manner, you will receive full credit for the assignment. That credit will be lessened only if your entries are unacceptably brief or intentionally do not address the topic. The journal rewards effort and participation. It provides an opportunity to succeed no matter where you are starting from if you sincerely dedicate yourself. Journal entries are used as tools for student reflection. By consciously thinking about and comparing issues, life experiences, and course readings, students are better able to understand links between theory and practice and to generate justifiable, well-supported opinions. This kind of writing assignment is meant to be interactive, as students engage with ideas and experiences that bring about questions, comparisons, insights, criticisms, speculations, and tentative conclusions.For today’s assignment please discuss what was significant about the materials we are discussing related to women in the workplace and issues of Pay Equity. For example, should everyone doing an equivalent type of job be paid the same amount of money? There are laws in the US that require equal pay for equal work, but on average women in the US are paid 20% less than men. Over the course of a lifetime this low pay as a very large consequence.
WST University of Arizona Women in the Workplace Essay

You have been reading about what shaped early psychology along with the philosophical and physiological influences in Chapters 1-3. Discuss a person, discovery, or influence that stuck out to you in a

Discuss a person, discovery, or influence that stuck out to you in any of the 3 chapters as something that was very important to the history of psychology or how it has influenced psychology today. Make sure to mention why this person, discovery, or influence is important or interesting, and in what way did it shape the field.