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One of the biggest debates in the respects of sociology and psychology is the debate between individualism and nationalism. Many believe that the human capacity, or ability to be great, is best shown by the individuality of a person, and that a person can serve as an individual to the rest of the society. The other side of the coin is that being human is not anything significant as an individual and that any kind of development is dependent upon nationalism. But, does being in a collective group actually hurt more than being an individual?

The general question of individual commitment to the social order is stressful. To fit into a collective group takes a toll on the mind, and being an individual seems less harboring. The urge to fit in is an unneeded duty that society requires to make everyone accepted because they then feel “normal. ” Simplified, when people want to fit in, feel accepted, and conform, problems show up. When I want to buy the latest trend of tights or leggings, I end up disappointing myself.

I can’t physically fit into most trends or they don’t look well on me. It mentally affects me. I put myself down, convincing myself I just can’t wear those really “cute” clothes. As a girl especially, to look “cute” is how many feel comfortable. Those who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin because of the glorified image of “fitting in” tend to be most critical to themselves ,and where suicide rolls in, on a personal stage. To understand how personal, suicide can be examined.

Many people have argued that suicide is a very personal act, so much so that it only involves the will and the thought process of just the individual who commits suicide. There are many social currents that could explain and predict a person’s tendencies to commit suicide related to individualism, such as the urge to fit in. The mental pain that comes along with not fitting in with a collective group drives people to hurt. So, does being, or trying to be, in a collective group worth losing happiness over? Collectivism is the idea of mob mentality.

Doesn’t sound too positive or happy when referred to as a mob, does it? When people are in a group, they sometimes stop thinking and just go with the wishes of their peers. When someone is unwilling to think for themselves, and accept the wishes of the people around them, it looks and smells a lot like a collective. So, stressing over becoming one with society is hurtful. Trying to fit in is hurtful. Suicide is hurtful. Not thinking for yourself is hurtful. If being in a group doesn’t lead to any of those things, then the group itself has already taken control.

Expansion of Weight-room and Fitness Center.

Expansion of Weight-room and Fitness Center..

For this assignment is going to be expansion of the Weight-room/fitness center. This week, the goal is for you to think about different levels of problems. The first is “annoyance-in-the-workplace” problems. These are the lowest level of problems. Imagine, to begin with, you had coworkers who called in sick too frequently and caused you to have more work to do. You might consider their chronic absenteeism a problem due to its impact on your work/life balance, but it would not be suitable as a problem to discuss in this course. The reason is that you could only discuss this problem’s applicability to your own life or to the lives of a small circle of your peers at your school. It would not be a problem that would be beneficial for your peers at other schools to learn about if you went to a workshop or conference. It would also likely be based on personal opinion and biased thinking instead of on research from reputable sources like journal articles, government websites or trade publications. So, let’s put the “annoyance-in-the-workplace” problem aside. Now consider the highest level of problem, namely the “research-worthy” problem that has some elements of what you need to do but is also not quite a perfect fit because it is beyond the scope of a MEd degree. If you were in a doctoral program at NCU, you would be choosing a research-worthy problem in education. You would prove that there was a need to research this problem, that it was of interest to other scholars as evidenced by the presence of enough peer-reviewed research on the topic, and you would be expected to add something to the scholarly conversation by filling in a gap in knowledge or adopting a problem that someone else had studied so that it was like the situation you were experiencing in your workplace.) This is too rigorous for a MEd Capstone because you only have eight weeks to complete the course, you have not had CITI ethics training, and you have not received institutional review board (IRB) approval to conduct research on human subjects. Despite those drawbacks, some of the guiding questions you will see in the assignment itself will look more similar to the higher level “research-worthy” problem than to the lower level “annoyance-in-the-workplace” problem We share the various levels of problems with you because we want you to consider the possibility of doctoral studies at NCU after your MEd or MEd-EdL and to see that the doctorate is something that is connected to what you are already doing and an attainable goal. Complete the following Spotlight on Skills if you need assistance with the tools used to complete your assignments. Spotlight on Skills: If you are having difficulty coming up with an idea for your educational problem, think of a few topics of interest and try them in the NCU Library’s Credo Reference database located at This is a really interesting way to start a search and to obtain background information on topics in several ways.

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