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By the time we reached the parking lot, I could barely contain myself. I was soexcited to see my favorite band for the first time.

The lights dimmed andHoobastank opened the concert, lead singer Doug Robb screaming, “Are youready, Philadelphia?” The crowd went nuts, and rightly so. Their performancewas energetic, and totally rocked. They played an amazing half-hour set, but itwas nothing compared to Incubus.

The anticipation kept building until thelights dimmed a second time and the faint sound of croaking frogs from”Aqueous Transmission” could be heard over the roar of adoring fans.The lights came up to reveal an arc, stretching across the back of the stage infront of a huge Jumbotron.

Finally we saw the band – frontman BrandonBoyd stood center stage with Mike Einziger to his right and Alex Katunich to hisleft. Jose Pasillas was seated at his drums, with D.J. Chris Killmore on histurntables amidst records.

As the crowd greeted the band, the openingchords of “Circles” filled the stadium. The music could barely be heardover the deafening screams of thousands of fans.

Their performance was,dare I say, “off the hook,” and the energy flowing from the band wasenough even to get mosh pits going on slow songs. Some highlights included”Stellar,” for which the giant screen sprayed images of shooting starsand jellyfish. Then they spiced it with “A Certain Shade Of Green,”where the flood of green lights set the mood for Boyd’s Congo drum.

Myfavorite was the acoustic version of “Pardon Me” and “Mexico”with their most elaborate set of two couches and a lamp on stage. Themellowed-out acoustic songs were made larger than life when the crowd could watchthem on the huge screen. Soon Boyd’s button-down shirt came off and the bandrevved up for the Congo drum-inspired “Vitamin.”

As the bandsaid good-bye, the audience begged for more. Finally, Incubus came back out foran amazing encore. Boyd said, “When the fans love you, you just give ’emmore.” So they did the crowd-pleaser “Are You In” and the audiencehappily sang along. Then, just when you thought you could not love Incubus anymore, they broke into their tranquil “Aqueous Transmission” and leftthe crowd in a dreamy haze of emotions.