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Increasing the Minimum Wage in America

Increasing the Minimum Wage in America. Raising the lowest wages in America has always been a controversial topic. The Federal Government establishes the minimum hourly wages that a worker can be paid and as such, these standards of income impact the entire nation. These standards of income or minimum wages were written into law to control the unfair practices of sweatshops and other capitalistic, manufacturing firms. However, minimum wage laws of today ensure that the employee being paid is provided with enough money to afford necessities (Edward and Gilman, 1999). Nevertheless, with rising energy costs, no real affordable heath-care system in place and rising fuel and food costs the minimum minimally covers the average Americans necessities. The controversy and or problems associated with standard wages stem from both the positive and negative impacts that it imparts upon society. For example, as minimum wages increase companies are less likely to hire new employees, to train or retool current employees or to offer incentives and or job advancements. In reverse, as wages decrease firms began to experience higher levels of employee turnover rates, incidents of accidents and often are left with less qualified applicants (Doyle, 2017). Seeing that much of this countries workforce is made up of hourly employees these minimum wage imbalances typically disrupt the main source of income for many households in America. Technology and various factors of life have changed over the years and has greatly advanced. However, what has remained stagnant; is the increases to minimum wages. As such, many people in America are unable to properly provide for their families. Poverty rates have increased as well as the number of the homeless, yet the Federal Government reports that our economy is improving. Nevertheless, many of this great, Nation’s citizens are unable to provide good and nutritional food for themselves and their families. Because of this we are now facing a rising epidemic of poor health and illness in this country. Due in part to the; depression, obesity, poor nutritional lifestyles brought on by poverty (T.H.G,2014). Throughout the years there has been research that has proven that workers who make more than minimum wage tend to be well and in good health. However, the Federal Government feels that by increased minimum wages create heightened levels of unemployment and that if minimum wages were increased above ten dollars per hour that these rates would elevate drastically. Truth be told, if minimum wages could increase as much as $25 an hour and firms and organizations would continue to grow and prosper because their inputs would always be higher than their outputs. Thriving companies like Amazon wouldn’t stop hiring and neither would they have to raise the prices on their goods to compensate for increased wages. Ideally, if wages were raised it would essentially grow the middle-class and low-income worker would be less reliance upon government assistance programs. As a result, hard working Americas are speaking out and protesting for a substantial increase to the minimum wages. This in essence is warranted because over the last few year’s inflation has increased however income has not. According to different reports given by the Labor Board, “2007 amendments increased the minimum wage to $5.85 per hour which took effect on July 24, 2007; $6.55 per hour effective July 24, 2008; and $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009.” Throughout much of this time America was fighting 3 wars, losing several companies to foreign barters, dealing with a real estate crisis as well as an extreme recession. So, these relatively menial increases were not in alignment with gas prices, inflation nor overall citizen expenses. Statics show at the beginning 2017, twenty-nine states have a higher minimum wage than the standard federal rate. Implementing a minimum wage increase would promote equality among the nation, while also paying workers a living wage which will aid in one being able to live a decent and healthy life. Despite the hesitation from employers, many American households live off minimum wage, for this reason lawmakers should increase it; which will aid American families with the ability to afford the cost of living. Problem The bare minimum of anything is less than average and as such is subpar! Minimum wage in supposedly ‘Greatest and Strongest Nation’ in the world falls closer to the wages extended to citizens in less developed countries. America is ranked number 9 and has a greater military and infrastructure than at least two of the countries that out pay their citizens. Australia which is ranked number one as it relates to highest minimum wages paid to it’s workers and citizens yet this country founded in 1901 and America was founded in 1776, a whooping 275 years earlier (Papworth, 2012). America’s Minimum wage institution was established in 1933, and upon its inception citizens were paid twenty-five cents an hour. Eventually the wages were raised regularly in the years after, with the time between increases generally ranging between a year, and up to five and six years. On Jan 1, 1981, the minimum wage increased to three dollars and thirty-five cents and it remains at the level until 1990. The current federal minimum wage has remained the same for the same amount of time. It was last increased on Sept. 1, 2010 at seven dollars and twenty-five cents. (Pollin, Robert; Wicks-Lim, Jeannette,2016). Currently there are eighteen other states including the District of Columbia who have a higher minimum wage than what is typically required by federal law. However, there are still six states that don’t even participate in minimum wage. The reason why this is a global societal problem is because approximately half of the people earning the minimum wage or less are younger workers who are under the age of twenty-five. Many of these worked still live with their parents. Statistic show that forty-one percent stay with their patents while fifteen percent are adults, who are raising a family and twenty-three percent are adults who are barely able to take care of themselves. Although, poverty has been a huge problem for many decades (for all types of families), government officials feel that raising wages would have little effect on these group of people. Researchers have proven that various states across America have a minimum wage that is higher than what is required at the government level. However, the federal government gives each state an opportunity to manage their minimum wage by law, but the worker will get the higher pay of the two. “Many economists do not like minimum wage for the simple fact it puts a stop to low-income workers who essentially cannot produce enough monetary worth in their work to cover the minimum wage. Often during various years such as 2008-2012, a worker in these situations has to consider the government, by looking at one’s neighborhood, education level, race, and age (24-65)” (Greory,2014). Another factor that could be essential to help increase minimum wage is the coast of living. Although each state has the authority to have its own minimum wage, some states are less cost efficient than others which require more than the standard minimum. “Most of the global labor force, in any case, is the developing markets. In addition, for some of these nations, initiating a minimum wage or raising it is unequivocally on the policy agenda. Yet, little is thought about the effects of minimum wages on labor and expectations for living standards in developing markets” (Gregory, 2014). “The cost of living takes in to account the prices of different goods and services; whereas, housing affordability considers how expensive home prices are in relation to the median family income” (Cooper,2015). However, everyone feels that things are expensive and cost a fortune. After doing research, the states that have major metro areas (such as New York and San Francisco), often gain attraction for tourist and other perks which can make it least affordable. If the cost of living is higher than minimum wage, it increases the ability to get another job or ask for government assistance. Statics also show that 30-50% of one’s income is spent on rent and utilities, which in some cases it is 90% of their household income. “Although some people are rent-burdened, and cannot afford basics necessities, such as fresh fruits and vegetables; so alternatively, they consume un healthy food that eventual causes health problems”. (Tsao et al 2016). Most minimum wage worker due to the lack of income cannot afford the health benefits that they need to stay healthy. Nevertheless, their ailments worsen and often time an individual may start to have feelings of depression or feeling down about their situation, this type of mindset is also unhealthy for low income Americans. Solution A probable solution to increasing minimum wages is to guarantee basic income programs like Housing Urban Development also known as HUD. “HUD is a public housing program for all sizes and types of families, which provides housing from houses to apartments, even for the elderly. This program was developed to provide housing and community development assistance and to make sure everyone has access to “fair and equal housing” (Reich,2015). Another opportunity for low-income families is the government assistance program that helps provide food for low income families also known as the SNAP program. This program aids with food purchases for low-income or no income families; living in the United States. SNAP benefits cost about seventy billion dollars a year and provide for about forty-four billion people. This number represents about fourteen percent of the population, which adds up to be $125.51 per month for each person. SNAP is one of the largest nutrition programs in American; for low income families. After reviewing the article The Effects of Minimum Wage on Food Stamps, many government officials feel that one should not have it both ways, they should not be able to collect on both benefits. Their rationale is that if minimum wages increases, that the Snap benefits decrease. This would have an adverse effect on one’s health or possible affect the children in that household. Government officials have spent numerus of time on discussing the issue for the welfare plan. However; since 2014, there has been an estimated increase on minimum wages and a decrease in SNAP participation, by 3.95 percent. These results indicate that the government is going in the right direction in saving taxpayer money (Reich,2015). Although these individuals receive SNAP benefits some households still are facing the greatest hardship and most likely face a decrease in food security, rather than people who are not receiving SNAP benefits. However, SNAP enrollment seems to increase in periods of prosperity. Another solution to increasing minimum wages could be raising the child tax credit. Families with children could really use the extra money that is provided form the benefit from child tax credit program. Many government officials are in favor of increasing the child tax credit, they say it is highly unlikely that it would be and increase in minimum wage. However, this strategy would help struggling families with children with the benefits and necessities that they need. Although most federal governments oppose of the minimum wage law they feel that there better solution for helping workers that only make minimum wage such as the earned income tax credit. This tax credit is set up for a person who is poor and has earn a certain about due to his or her wages throughout the year. The earn income tax credit has several advantages for the poor and it favors those who make minimum wage. “One argument often made by minimum wage advocates is that higher minimum wage is necessary to prevent or mitigate the reduction in market wages associated with the labor supply response to a more generous EITC” (NeumarkIncreasing the Minimum Wage in America

Anti-War Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum Est” and Dylan’s “Masters of War” Essay

War has always served as an object of ardent discussions and reflections among politicians, philosophers, and theologians. People of art have not stood aside, which has brought about a number of paintings, books, movies, and other pieces representing or examining war. The poem “Dulce et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen is considered as one of the most powerful images of war ever created by a poet. In his work, Owen condemns those who do not get involved in the deadly fight by themselves, but. At the same time, encourage others to do so. Bob Dylan’s famous song, “Masters of War,” has a similar meaning. Both Owen and Dylan express the emotions of disgust and hatred towards war through the use of word choice and poetic forms, such as emphatic structures, similes, repetitions, and word choice. In the time dimension, there is a gap of several decades between the poem and the song. Owen wrote “Dulce et Decorum Est” at the end of the 1910s, whereas Dylan created “Masters of War” in 1963 (Araujo 326; Førland 340). Still, despite half a century between them, the two pieces have much in common in terms of the authors’ choice of stylistic devices for conveying their views. There are instances of similes in both writings, which Owen and Dylan employ to describe soldiers and those sending them to war, respectively. With the help of similes, Owen depicts those returning home from war “like old beggars under sacks (1) and “like a man in fire or lime” (12). Meanwhile, Dylan uses similes “Like it’s your little toy” (12) and “Like Judas of old” (17) to describe the rulers who send young men to participate in atrocious battles. The moral connection between the poem and the song is evident. Dylan’s criticism of capitalists who are ready to do anything to become richer is reflected in Owen’s description of how those exploited for such enrichment look after the war is over. The word choice in the song and poem is similar to a great extent, although Owen’s vocabulary is much more sophisticated than Dylan’s. Still, there are some striking parallels between the two pieces, the closest one being in the description of young soldiers’ bodies upon being wounded. In Owen’s poem, it is mentioned that “Many had lost their boots, / But limped on, blood-shod” (5-6). In Dylan’s song, the masters of war hide at the time “young people’s blood / Flows out of their bodies / And is buried in the mud” (30-32). Thus, both authors make an emphasis on how bloody the war is. They show that many young people suffer unjustly, not quite sure what they are fighting for, and why they have to lose their health and lives. A prominent place in both pieces is given to repetitions. In Owen’s poem, there is one instance of consecutive repetition: “Gas! GAS!” (9). Dylan repeats some phrases at the beginning or in the middle of several successive lines: “You that build” (2-4), “You that hide behind” (5-6), “I see through” (21-23), “You might say” (41-44). Although the structure of repetitions is different in the poem and the song, both authors pursue the same goal: the reiteration helps them to intensify certain ideas in the written pieces. Another common issue pertaining to the poem and song is the mentioning of children. Owen uses children as a hypothetic object of addressing for the one who may try to persuade young people to go to war: “children ardent for some desperate glory” (26). Meanwhile, Dylan speaks about children as “Unborn and unnamed” generations due to the fear of people to procreate in this cruel world (38). Both poets blame those who are afraid to enlist but urge others to do so. Owen says, “you too could pace / Behind the wagon,” which means that they have not actually followed any of such wagons (17-18). Dylan, too, accuses the elites of being cowards, but he does it more directly. He says that the authorities “hide” (5), “never done nothin’” (9), ‘put a gun in my hand” (13) and “hide from my eyes” (14). Hence, both authors blame and condemn the system that destroys the lives of thousands of people while not helping them in any way both during and after the war. Finally, it is relevant to note that anti-war views expressed in “Dulce et Decorum Est” and “Masters of War” have been acclaimed both by contemporary critics and those from the following generations. Day Lewis remarks that Owen was the only poet who rose above the “the sadly pedestrian rabble” (qtd. in Araujo 333). What concerns Dylan, he is regarded as the personality whose “footprints” were “so impressive” that his lead was followed by “a whole generation” (Førland 337). Both authors’ loathing of war is clearly depicted not only in the lyrics but also in the titles. Owen divides a famous Latin phrase into two parts so that someone seeing the title may think that his poem is going to be patriotic, which turns out to be the opposite. Dylan’s referring to the people ruling the wars as masters is also not void of irony. Wilfred Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum Est” and Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” have much in common. The use of similar stylistic devices makes it possible to draw common features in the two seemingly different pieces of poetry. Both authors have employed repetitions, similes, and emphatic structures to make their writing more impressive and expressive. However, what unites the poem and the song most of all is the mutual hatred of war and the cowards who hide behind soldiers’ backs. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Works Cited Araujo, Anderson D. “Jessie Pope, Wilfred Owen, and the Politics of Pro Patria Mori in World War I Poetry.” Media, War and Conflict, vol. 7, no. 3, 2014, pp. 326-341. Dylan, Bob. “Masters of War.” Bob Dylan, 1963, Web. Førland, Tor Egil. “Bringing It All Back Home or Another Side of Bob Dylan: Midwestern Isolationist.” Journal of American Studies, vol. 26, no. 3, 1992, pp. 337-355. Owen, Wilfred. “Dulce et Decorum Est.” Poetry Foundation, 1921, Web.

MGT 403 SEU Knowledge Management Cultural Issues in Aviation Question

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ASSIGNMENT-1Knowledge Management (MGT-403)2nd Semester (2020-2021)Course Learning Outcomes-Covered1Demonstrate understanding of overall knowledge management concepts, goals and strategies within the context of organization2Explain issues pertaining to work with tacit knowledge & support its sharing3Explain processes of knowledge management in companiesSubmission Guidelinesv All students are encouraged to use their own words.v This assignment is individual assignment.v Be very specific and focused on the issue while answering a question.v Student must apply Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines and review at least three (3) scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles to support their answer for each question.v A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource without referencing it.v No marks will be given for irrelevant details.v It is strongly encouraged that you should submit all assignments into the safe assignment Originality Check prior to submitting it to your instructor for grading.v If the assignment shows more than 25% plagiarism, the students would be graded zero.Assignment 1.This Assignment is based on the Material covered in week 2 to week 4.The focus of the assignment is to evaluate the understanding level of students related to basic concepts of knowledge management. Students are required to:Read the material covered in week 2 to week 4 thoroughly from book as well as other sources.Based on your readings answer the following questions.Assignment QuestionsQuestion 1:Explain the concept of Knowledge management. Discuss the role of knowledge management in present day organizations. (1 Mark)Question 2:a.Describe how the major types of knowledge are transformed in the Nonaka and Takeuchi knowledge spiral model of KM. Use a concrete example to make your point. (1 Mark)b.Which transformations would prove to be the most difficult? Why? (0.5 Mark)c.Which transformation would prove to be easy? Why? (0.5 Mark)d.What other key factors would influence how well the knowledge spiral model worked within a given organization? (0.5 Mark)Question 3:a.In what ways is the Choo and Weick KM model similar to the Nonaka and Takeuchi KM model? In what ways do they differ? (1 Mark)b.Why is it difficult to directly codify tacit knowledge? (0.5 Mark)Answer:1.2.3…
MGT 403 SEU Knowledge Management Cultural Issues in Aviation Question

CMOS layout using Microwind, engineering homework help

CMOS layout using Microwind, engineering homework help.

An electronic character recognition systems is required to detect the presence ofcharacters ‘a’, ‘b’, ’c’ and ‘d’ in texts. The characters are coded as given below in thecoding table. The system process 4 bits of data at a time from an input stream ofdata.Coding Characters0000 a0001 b0010 c0011 dDesign an electronic system that performs the above detection from the characterstream for this specific application:1. The design should include the following:i. Development of the logic for the above detection.ii. Stick diagram as per the standard conventions.iii. Complete coloured layout for the design.iv. Simulations showing the specified output for the given inputs.2. Critically analyze and compare this design, with the design that can beobtained through implementing the system on Advance Programmable logicdevice like the CPLD’s and the FPGA’s.Note:1. This coursework should be an individual work and outputs should be shownfor verifications to instructor.2. Suitable assumptions about lambda (λ) can be made, otherwise usedefault/180nm process.3. Results to be analyzed critically and compared with the theoretical value.4. Screen shots of graph must be attached for the simulated output.All report must be submitted for turnitin checking. The project report should be neatly typed on A4 sizepapers. The following shall be the structure of the report:a. Title sheet,b. Acknowledgementsc. Turnitin – Similarity Index Report sheet.d. Abstracte. Table of contentsf. Introduction ( Problem statement, Problem Analysis)g. Design of Logich. Proper layout, stick diagrams and simulation graphs.i. Result Analysis and Inferencesj. Conclusionk. ReferencesThe maximum word limit is 2500 words1. Should use their initiative to find suitable material from the followingsources:a. Textbooks, Reference Books, Lecture Notes etc.b. The Library and Electronic library.c. Learned and Popular literature, relevant magazine, articles etc.d. The Internet.3. A coursework report not conforming to the above specified will not beaccepted.4. While preparing the report, please care to see that there are no grammaticalerrors or spelling mistakes.
CMOS layout using Microwind, engineering homework help

Documents of American History, history homework help

Documents of American History, history homework help.

What needs to be on the pages?
document will be taking up two pages (A left and a Right) Below you will see
the layout of the pages. The top left needs to have the title of the document.
The title needs to fill up the box and must be colored. The top right has a
list of questions that you must answer for each document.  Your answers need to be complete sentences.
The bottom left is a picture that represents the document. Each picture in this
book needs to be different. You can’t have the same picture for each page. The
bottom right is your translation of the document. In your own words tell me
what the document says. The right side of the page is a copy of the document.
You will need to find the document online and print out a copy of the document.
Some of these documents are long so you will need to find a copy that is not
too lengthy. DON’T staple the document into your book. Each page will be used
and staples will make this look sloppy.
Documents of American History, history homework help